The End of Multiculturalism

Wyeth_William_WallaceIf indeed they can mix the blood of the heroes of Manassas with this vile stream from the fens of Africa, then they will never again have occasion to tremble before the righteous resistance of Virginian freemen; but will have a race supple and vile enough to fill that position of political subjection, which they desire to fix on the South.

– R. L. Dabney in A Defense of Virginia and the South


The lesbian Mayor of Houston, Texas recently threatened to subpoena the sermons of Christian
pastors to see if any of the pastors were condemning homosexuality. This aggressive move by the perverted mayor was not surprising—it would be more surprising to find a pastor who had condemned homosexuality—but it was significant. Such blatant, uncamouflaged acts of aggressive liberalism are becoming more and more commonplace. This indicates that the liberals no longer fear any white resistance to liberalism. They don’t have to take great pains to cover up the extermination of white people under the blanket of “civil rights”; they no longer need to explain away the slaughter of the innocents by citing “hard cases”; and they no longer think they have to hide homosexuality. The acceptance of pedophilia, incest, and bestiality will soon follow the acceptance of homosexuality. And why not? Can a man be morally superior to his god? Where the negro is god, there is no such thing as morality. There is only one sin in negrophile Liberaldom: The refusal to worship the negro.

The conservatives of the 20th century, who were not conservative enough, all predicted the demise of liberalism. Even some of the liberals, such as Lionel Trilling, predicted liberalism’s demise, but the demise did not come. Instead we saw, in the latter half of the 20th century, the complete demise of conservatism, which was devoured by liberalism as a smaller fish is eaten by a larger fish. Why was this? It was because of the passion factor. The conservatives intellectually supported God, family, and nation while running away from any passionate defense of Christ and His people. A telling example: Why, in a book that is supposed to tell us of conservatives, The Conservative Mind, does Russell Kirk leave out Robert L. Dabney, George Fitzhugh, and Thomas Nelson Page? The reason has become painfully obvious as we look at the ruins of the European people. Such conservatives were left out of the conservative tent because, as Burnham asserts in his book The Suicide of the West, they were “racists” and therefore outside the ken of civilization. But it was precisely that personal attachment to their own, which Kirk and Burnham would call racism, that gave the Europeans of the 19th century and all the Christian centuries prior to the 20th century the spiritual backbone to love and defend their people and their God against the attacks of liberals and colored barbarians. When white “racism” died so did Christian Europe. When the Kirk/Burnham conservatives treated conservatism as something that could be abstracted, bottled, and passed from one people to the next, they broke the bloodlines of the European people and left the liberals, who were ripe for the taking, masters of the battlefield, because they had no opponents.

Eliot, Kirk, Burnham, Tate, and the rest of the 20th century conservative thinkers were right in principle. We should defend God, family, and nation. But our passions are not ignited by an abstract God, an ‘idea’ of the family, or a generic nation. We need our one God, the Suffering Servant, and we need our kith and kin. Thomas Nelson Page, one of the castaway conservatives, described genuine conservatism, the conservatism of the heart and hearth:

On the instant stood revealed, as though he had blown down the ages, a pure Goth, unchanged in any essential since his fathers had left their forests and through all obstacles, even through ranks of Roman legionaries, sword in hand had hewn their way straight to the goal of their desires. He was a Goth in all his appetites and habits, a Goth unchanged, unfettered. True to his instincts, true to his traditions, fearing nothing, loving only his own, loving and hating, with all his heart – a Goth.

There is a great difference between an intellectual affirmation of an idea of God and a heartfelt attachment to God. It is the difference between St. Paul and St. Thomas Aquinas. Likewise with our people, a man can defend his race, as Anthony Jacob does, or he can defend an abstract idea of a nation as Burnham and Kirk do. The liberals survived because they revitalized their troops by adding the negro god, which gave liberalism a personal, passionate component that rational, common-sense conservatism lacked.

Though negrophile liberalism is now at the top of the world, it is ripe for a fall, because the passion for the negro is waning in the ranks of the younger liberals. A few Christian Goths could mount a charge that would shake the foundations of Liberaldom, but that which is necessary for such a charge, a passionate love for our race and a passionate love for the God of our ascending race, must be present before a European counterrevolution can occur. It is like Dickens’ Christmas Carol in which he tells us that it must be “distinctly understood” that Marley was dead “or nothing wonderful can come of the story.” It must be distinctly understood in our hearts that our racial home is our spiritual backbone before anything as wonderful as a Christian Goth can be seen cleansing the European nations of the barbarian hordes.

I’m not certain there are any Christian Goths left within the ranks of the European people. I hope there are. What I am certain of is that liberalism is entering a new era, the era of the mailed fist. The colored hordes the liberals have unleashed will have no restraints placed upon them, and there will be more and more liberals such as the lesbian mayor who will not care one iota for the rights of white Europeans. Polite debates will not stop the liberals and the colored barbarians from destroying the European people. Only the fighting spirit that comes from the depths of a heart that truly loves can defeat the liberals and their colored barbarian allies. Would a father who loved his children let ravaging wolves into his home in the hope that the wolves will not harm his children? Of course he wouldn’t. But the love that once was there has left the European conservatives. They want to conserve their systems, not their people. In fact, they are quite willing to let their people be devoured by the wolves of color if it means their system triumphs over their white opponents’ system. James II set the standard for the betrayal of one’s race in the name of a higher loyalty to a religious system that all subsequent “conservative Christians” have followed.

The sincerity of those converts who change their faith at a moment, when favour and power can be obtained by the exchange, must always be doubtful, and no character inspires more contempt than that of an apostate who deserts his religion for love of gain. Not, however, listening to these obvious considerations, the King seemed to press on the conversion of his subjects to the Roman Catholic faith, without observing that each proselyte, by the fact of becoming so, was rendered generally contemptible, and lost any influence he might have formerly possessed. Indeed the King’s rage for making converts was driven to such a height by his obsequious ministers, that an ignorant negro, the servant or slave of one Reid, a mountebank, was publicly baptized after the Catholic ritual upon a stage in the High Street of Edinburgh, and christened James in honour, it was said, of the Lord Chancellor James Earl of Perth, King James himself, and the Apostle James.   Walter Scott in Tales of a Grandfather

There’s a lack of depth in managerial men like James II who never ask themselves why the Word was made flesh and dwelt among us. Without the Europeans, the Word has no place to dwell. “We must be multicultural,” the liberals insist. On the contrary, we must not be multicultural, we must not let Ebola-carrying negroes, Moslem jihadists, and colored monstrosities from every corner of the globe into the white nations so that the white race will be exterminated and the Son of Man shall have no place to lay His head.

I love the H. V. Morton books on England, Scotland, Wales, and so on. In the Morton books we get poetical vignettes of old Europe from a man who seems to truly love the European people. And yet in his book on South Africa, a country he eventually made his home, Morton praises the white South Africans’ achievements but never takes a stand in favor of his people against the black barbarians. If you love a civilization and its people, then shouldn’t you want to defend those people and their civilization against those who would destroy them? The liberals hate old Europe and the God who dwelt among the European people, but what can we say about the conservatives who praise antique Europe but will not lift a finger to protect and defend the European people? They, the great betrayers, respond to accusations of treachery with the ‘replacement’ theory: The Africans, the Orientals, and the Indians will embrace the religion and culture of old Europe, and they will bring forth a better Europe, a “more vital, earthier, sexier Europe.” Is that what multicultural Europe has become? A bastion of orthodoxy that is more vital, etc., than old Europe? Nothing good comes from a white man’s betrayal of his people. The Europeans are the Christ-bearers. If the vast majority won’t bear that burden because they no longer see beauty on a cross, then the Christian hero must bear the burden alone until the rest of the Europeans see the vision again. It’s worse than foolish, it is satanic to turn to the colored races under the guise of keeping the faith. The liberals serve Satan, not Christ, and their negro gods are their conduits to Satan. This is why the formerly Christian churches are doing the work of Satan. The negro has become their lode star, replacing the Son of God.

When the Moslem jihadists killed defenseless Canadians this week, the Canadian grazers, like the grazers throughout the European world, asked, why? The answer is simple. The liberals and the barbarians of color hate white people while the grazers’ love for their own people is too lukewarm; it doesn’t inspire them to protect and defend their people. You can say you are broadminded, peace-loving, democratic, and give a thousand other evasions, but the reality is that a true European, a Goth, loves his people and hates those who would destroy them. It is not a civilized advance to love the stranger and hate your own. It is a return to barbarism and cannibalism in an intellectualized form. The liberals watch with a voyeur’s pleasure as the colored barbarians cannibalize the white race: “Europe must be multicultural.” No, we shall not be multicultural, we shall be true to our house, our race, and our God. +

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At the Poetical Core of the White Man’s Soul is the Cure for Ebola

Gilbert_King_LearPrithee, go in thyself; seek thine own ease.
This tempest will not give me leave to ponder
On things would hurt me more. But I’ll go in.
In, boy, go first. You houseless poverty,–
Nay, get thee in. I’ll pray, and then I’ll sleep.
Poor naked wretches, whereso’er you are,
That bide the pelting of this pitiless storm,
How shall your houseless heads and unfed sides,
Your loop’d and window’d raggedness, defend you
From seasons such as these? O, I have ta’en
Too little care of this! Take physic, pomp;
Expose thyself to feel what wretches feel,
That thou mayst shake the superflux to them,
And show the heavens more just.


On a television news panel this week I heard a member of the panel, during a “what’s to be done” discussion of the Ebola crisis, ask why we didn’t just ban all Africans from entering the country. The practical panelist’s suggestion was honored with stony silence from the other members of the panel, and the discussion moved on to what could be done to limit the spread of the disease once the Ebola infected Africans had come into the country.

Of course, what the naïve panelist suggested is the only solution to the Ebola crisis. But we know that such a policy, the policy of refusing black Africans’ entry into our country, will not be adopted by our government. And we will not adapt such a sane policy for the same reason that the gay bath houses were not closed down when the AIDs epidemic broke out: it goes against the liberals’ religion. In the case of the AIDs epidemic the idea of closing down the gay bath houses to prevent the spread of AIDs was viewed as a direct challenge to the liberals’ belief that sexual license is good and repression is bad. And in the case of the Ebola crisis, a proposed ban on African immigration strikes at the heart of liberalism, because it threatens the very pillar of liberal society, the liberals’ fervent belief in the sacred negro. How can any society that worships the black barbarian permit the exclusion of black barbarians from their nation? They can’t do so and still be true to their faith. Before this Ebola epidemic is over, there will be some liberal hypocrites who will secretly yearn for a ban on African travel to the United States, just as there are many negro-worshipping liberals who send their children to private, all-white schools in order to avoid the sacred negroes whom they are supposed to love and revere. But all religions have slackers and hypocrites in their ranks; the true believers will just have to work all that much harder to ensure that negro worship remains the supreme faith of the Western world.

The Ebola “crisis” is not a new crisis; it is part and parcel of the liberals’ assault on the white race. Just as whites are forbidden to protect themselves against the deadly assaults of black barbarians roaming the nations of Europe, so are whites forbidden to protect themselves from the deadly black Ebola virus. This assault on the white race, the Christ-bearing race, is wrong from the standpoint of the Christian faith, but it also goes against the liberals’ stated faith, which is to love the negro with their whole heart, mind, and soul. If they truly loved the negro they would have taken the trouble to know him. And then they would have kept him in captivity and not left him to his own devices. “Because of slavery,” the CNN reporter said. Yes, because of slavery the black man actually had a longer life expectancy than the white coalminers in the North, and he was made to stay with his family instead of roaming the streets, killing and raping white people and forming umpteen polygamous families.

What has Africa become since the liberals of the West “gave Africa back to the blacks”? In Africa: A Political Travelogue, Thomas Molnar points out that the most poorly developed, diseased-ridden, poverty-stricken nations in Africa were the ones that were outside white control and white influence. Independence? What is independence for the blacks? It is the absence of white restraint, which means blacks are free to destroy themselves and whites through murder, mayhem, and hideous diseases, which are the result of their desire for unbridled murder, mayhem, sexual depravities, and bestiality. If the white man does not control the blacks, they will destroy themselves and the white race. That is the reality that goes against the liberals’ faith. It is their utopian belief that once the black man is free from white restraint, he will “astound the world.” So said the late John Paul II who was not the first nor the last negro worshipper to occupy the chair of St. Peter. Shouldn’t a “Christian” whose Lord said, “I am the truth, and the truth shall set you free,” be interested in the truth? Yes, a Christian should be interested in the truth, but a utopian needn’t be interested in the truth at all. He sees everything in the light of his utopian vision. Hence the great divide between the anti-Christian Christian clergymen and the Christian Europeans. The former have exchanged Christ for the negro, and the latter are still connected, through their people, to the Christ, the Son of the Living God.

The Ebola crisis in Africa and its spread to the West is simply another hideous manifestation of the liberals’ revolt against the God of Christian Europe. In old Europe men and women suffered and died as they do today, as they have always done since Adam and Eve disobeyed God. But the men and women of old Europe, of Christian Europe, did not suffer and die without hope and without experiencing genuine moments of joy in between the suffering and dying. Because they had faith in Christ’s resurrection from the dead, they had hope that the joyous white moments here on earth were a prefiguration of an eternal life where there are only white moments and no more suffering and death.

The liberals’, in their desire to create a kingdom of god on earth, the negro god, have created a world without white moments. There is no joy amidst the pain and suffering, because there is no hope that there is a Savior who will redeem our pain and suffering and turn our white moments on earth into eternal white moments in heaven. A liberal cannot have white moments, because he has lost all contact with the God who lives in and through His people. The liberal can sneer at everything decent and honorable, which gives him a certain perverse pleasure, but it is nothing akin to joy. And the liberal can sing hymns of praise to his black gods who will rule over a new Babylon consisting of midnight trysts under the palms and endless wine and cheese parties. Is that not paradise? No, it is not. There is a certain unhallowed thrill in tasting previously forbidden fruits, but we have already seen how quickly forbidden fruits become bitter ones. The liberal has written his own death sentence, and like his devilish master, who also wrote his own death sentence, he is bereft of all joy here on earth; he’ll never have white moments of grace, and he is without any hope for the next world. Was Dickens so wrong for feeling that a Christ-centered non-utopian Europe was still better than Satan’s brave new world of sneering death heads?

Let us leave our old friend in one of those moments of unmixed happiness, of which, if we seek them, there are ever some, to cheer our transitory existence here. There are dark shadows on the earth, but its lights are stronger in the contrast. Some men, like bats or owls, have better eyes for the darkness than for the light. We, who have no such optical powers, are better pleased to take our last parting look at the visionary companions of many solitary hours, when the brief sunshine of the world is blazing full upon them.  –The Pickwick Papers

Life is nothing but dark shadows unless there are visionary moments of white light when we see the Europe that Dickens saw, an infinitude of provincial European hearth fires presided over by the Creator of those moments of unmixed happiness. Outside of those hearth fires is the black night of negrophile Liberaldom. It is an aggressive, malevolent force – the Ebola virus is just one of its many tentacles – that will, if whites abandon provincial, racist Europe, envelope Europe and her people in a death-in-life embrace. The future and the past will appear before the white man as one horrific vision of eternal night. The liberals tell us that if we embrace the negro, unmixed happiness will be ours. The Christian vision of our European ancestors tells us the exact opposite. Who would be married to hell? The liberals would. But do we have to follow them to hell?

The conservative reaction in Church and state to negrophile liberalism has been a non-reaction. This is because the conservatives of the 20th century were not conservatives, they were managerial bureaucrats who had an intellectual preference for the older governments, rituals, and documents but no feeling for their own people, without whom there can be no governments, rituals, or documents. The conservatism of Burke and Anthony Jacob, which was grounded in their love for their people, is the only type of conservatism that inspires us to love and protect our people instead of our systems. White people, my people, are not cogs in a managerial expert’s infernal system, whether it be a secular or a religious-based system. The devil, as Macbeth discovers, can tell us small managerial truths to win us over to the deeper lie. I’ve seen the devilish, sneering hatred of the European people on the face of the “conservative” theologian just as often as I’ve seen it on the face of the secular liberal. Did God dwell amongst the European people or did he not? If He did, then a trip to the Holy Land is unnecessary. We walk on sacred ground when we approach a European hearth fire where His people, the one’s who love much, dwell.

The Ebola virus is the result of a spiritual virus in the European people that has rendered them incapable of taking arms against a sea of negro-worshipping liberals and colored barbarians. The mystic flame, which consists of a burning love for the European hearth consecrated to Him, must be revived before Ebola and negrophile liberalism can be purged from the earth. Poor, bare, unaccommodated men? Yes, that is, and was the antique Europeans. But such men! They saw beauty in the cross and made the cross a reason for joy. If we feel as one with the antique Europeans at the deepest level, the poetical core of our soul, we will not be mesmerized by the sneering negrophile experts in church and state, nor beaten down by the multitudinous hordes of colored barbarians. It is not a little thing to see Christ’s blood upon the European rose. It is everything. +

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The Dark Night of Ebola and the Light of Europe

Gilbert_The_TempestHell is empty
And all the devils are here.

-The Tempest


Considering that Ebola has reached epidemic proportions in Liberia, it is criminally insane to allow tens of thousands of Liberian refugees into this country. But CNN recently aired an interview with the author of a book on Ebola who said we must let Liberians into the nation, “because of American slavery.” If you accept that obscene, twisted logic you are either a mad-dog liberal lay person or one of the legions of anti-Christian Christian clergymen who are busy making the churches fit for Satan to dwell in.

The American and European response to the Ebola “crisis” is what we would expect from liberals who regard negroes as sacred and their own people as vicious vermin that must be exterminated. If white people were a people again, we would never let one single Liberian into our nations: they would be prevented from entering by the only means colored barbarians are ever prevented from entering a nation. And that would be the Christian thing to do. When the survival of your own people is at stake, charity must begin at home. Once your family and home is secure, you can do what you can for others. But to turn your own people over to the colored barbarians, who can kill with Ebola just as easily as they kill with knives and guns, is to commit a sin that cries out to heaven for vengeance.

There is no question that the European people, in the main, have lost their protective instincts. They do not feel connected enough to the people of their racial or familial hearth to fight for them. This is only something I can understand from the outside; I can’t understand it from inside. When I was attending the Police Academy, an older police chief, nearing retirement after almost 40 years on the force, taught the section of the criminal code that dealt with sex crimes. While talking about child molesters, the chief paused and made a brief comment: “I have to tell you what the law says about this, because I’m supposed to tell you about the criminal code, but if any of those animals [pedophiles] touched my grandchildren, they wouldn’t live to be tried in court.” I didn’t have grandchildren, but I did have children, and the chief expressed my sentiments exactly. I didn’t regard what he said as controversial or unusual. Later another student came up to me and expressed concern that a representative of the law would recommend going outside the law. I didn’t understand that student then, and I still don’t understand such sentiments, even though I must acknowledge that virtually the entire white race feels that the instinct to kill in defense of your own and to strike home against those who have hurt your own, stems from some terrible prejudice best left behind in the unenlightened era of the European people.

Of course liberals do have a people for whom they will fight and kill, but ‘their’ people, the colored barbarians, are not their own as an antique European would define his own. But that is the point. The liberals consider themselves new, rarefied human beings devoid of the prejudices of the evil white people of the past. In reality the liberals are subhuman creatures devoid of all humanity; their sole reason for being is to strike out against all things human. Like Satan, the great hater of humanity, the liberals have focused their attack on the people who bore witness to the God with a human heart, a God who bleeds. In Kipling’s short story, “The Man Who Would Be King,” the pagan tribesmen thought that the proof of a god’s divinity was that the god did not bleed. That always has been and always shall be the stumbling block for the pagan and the Jew – a God with humanity, a God who bleeds. The negro-worshipping liberals, who seek to destroy the white by helping the negro transmit negro diseases and negro spirituality to the white race, do so to avoid the God who bleeds. Like the ancient pagans and the Jews who shouted, “Crucify him!” the liberals want a triumphant, natural god who will destroy their enemies and end all suffering in this world. They have no use for a God who does not end suffering on earth, but instead redeems our suffering by connecting it to the Cross, which is our salvation.

The devil has always, since Christ rose from the tomb, whispered in the ears of those who believe in Christ, “He is not risen; it is all a lie.” The liberal is someone who believes the devil. “Christ be not risen,” is at the heart of our negro-worshipping modern world. If Christ be not risen, we must look to another god, a more natural god. The liberal wants to return to Baal by blending with and worshipping the negro while demonizing the white. The white liberal’s refusal to fight the Ebola-bearing Liberians and the murderous negroes already amongst us stems from his religious faith: “Though He slay me, yet will I trust in Him.”

Try as he might, the post-Christian European, the liberal, cannot be like the barbarians of color. The colored barbarians never knew the God of the Europeans. Their blood is still barbarian blood. Their religion, no matter its local variants, always consists of sex and blood. The post-Christian European, whose people once worshipped the living God, cannot bring himself to participate first-hand in the barbarians’ sex-and-blood cults. So he participates in the colored barbarians’ religions second-hand by lending his technology to the colored gods in return for a voyeur’s privilege to watch the sex-and-blood rituals of the colored heathens.

After Macbeth caves into his wife’s ambition and kills Duncan, he has a moment of moral clarity:

Had I but died an hour before this chance,
I had liv’d a blessed time; for, from this instant,
There’s nothing serious in mortality.
All is but toys; renown and grace is dead:
The wine of life is drawn, and the mere lees
Is left this vault to brag of.

The European Everyman stood on the heath with the weird sisters just as Macbeth did. In order to acquire a place in the new Babylon, the land of negro worship and free sex, the European had to purge his blood of all things Christian and invite Satan to come into his heart to stay. At first there was remorse: “All is but toys; renown and grace is dead.” But then the white man became hardened to his fate. He now fights against the grace of God with the same satanic fury that drove Macbeth: “Lay on, Macduff, And damm’d be him that first cries ‘Hold enough.’”

The white man’s fall is a Shakespearean tragedy, but the final act has not yet been written. Europeans can, if they face the tragedy of King Lear, which means accepting the burden of race and faith, turn tragedy into a romance. The shipwrecked Prospero and St. Paul are one in vision. They both, amidst the ocean tempest, see the God of charity and mercy, and they call on Him to save. The mysticism of St. Paul and Prospero is the mysticism which never faileth, because it is rooted in charity, which begins at our racial and familial hearth fires and perishes without those hearth fires.

The liberals’ vision – really the absence of vision because their eyes see only the darkness of Babylon – is already losing its force. The older liberals (Chris Matthews is a good example) are still passionately attached to their utopian vision of a brave new world in which white Atticus Finches are loved and appreciated by the negro gods whom they serve.(1) The younger generations, whites who have grown up in the era of institutionalized negro worship, all know that you must fulfill your daily obligations and pay homage to the negro gods, but the passion is missing in the new generation of utopians. This doesn’t bode well for the future of liberalism, which is grounded in negro worship, because the poets are right about passion: it rules us all.

What will replace negro-worshipping liberalism? That all depends upon the passion factor. Spengler thought that civilizations, once dead, never came back to life. But Spengler did not believe that Christ rose from the dead. Just as He rose from the dead, so can a dedicated body of European Christians, passionately attached to His Europe, bring the European nations back to life. Only those whose vision has been too long diverted by the cesspool culture of modern Babylon can fail to see the light still shining over our racial hearth fire.

Negro worship will continue in all its ugly, diseased manifestations, so long as white people are without a passionate faith in Him who is the antithesis of the negro god. No appeal to reason or science will halt the onward march to complete white annihilation. Already the rational, scientific negro-worshippers of the West are discussing how to treat the Ebola-carrying negroes when they come to the West. There is no discussion among the rational men of science about refusing to admit any negroes into the white nations. Only when the white man loves much, in and through His people, will the black plague in its spiritual and physical aspects be removed from the European nations. +


(1) In To Kill a Mockingbird, one of the liberals’ sacred books, there is no negro problem. The problem is with prejudiced whites. Black men only commit rapes in the prejudiced imaginations of white people. What is evil is the white man’s protective instincts toward his own. That essential commandment, “Thou shall not protect they own people,” is what white school children learn from pre-kindergarten on through high school and into the unhallowed halls of academia.

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The Heroic Brood

rapunzelI tremble for the cause of humanity, in the unpunished outrages of the most wicked of mankind. –Burke

When the Oklahoman black Muslim was shot by a white male before he could chop a second woman’s head off, the liberals experienced one of their awkward moments. It is hard to defend public beheadings, but it is even harder to defend white males acting like knights errant, particularly when the knight errantry involves violent action against black barbarians. “So let’s just skip over that story and proceed to more important stories such as girls pitching on boys’ Little League teams and racist whites hiding out somewhere in the hinterlands of the United States.”

Once you know who a man’s heroes are you know what his faith is. And if a man has no heroes? Then he has no faith. He is the man Scott writes about in The Lay of the Last Minstrel – “The wretch, concentred all in self…” The white male Oklahoman protector cannot be accorded hero status in Liberaldom, because the heroes and heroines of Liberaldom are the people who move us upward and onward to a feminist, negro-worshipping utopia. The heroes of Liberaldom are always feminists and black men. A white male can only become part of the heroic march to utopia if he supports feminism and negro worship. This is why successful white athletes go to Haiti and adopt black children and give millions to important feminist causes. They want to be part of the brave new Babylonian world called Liberaldom.

In a thousand different ways, some subtle, most not so subtle, white children are told that the old heroes of Europe, men such as Forrest, Alfred, Havelock, my great grand sires, and your great grand sires, were not a heroic brood of men and women, they were in point of fact racists who must be condemned if mankind is going to proceed to the promised land. No man who loves the Lord God Jesus Christ, in and through the people of his own race, can enter the Kingdom of Liberaldom.

Simply saying that pure mind determines everything cannot change reality. The liberals, who condemn the antique Europeans for using human conduits – their kith and kin – to connect them to the living God, also use human conduits to connect them to their god. Through the unsexed, feminist harpies and the sacred negroes, the liberals enter their hellish holy of holies and come into the presence of their royal master, the archangel Satan, who, the liberals tell us, is not really satanic: that was an invention of the old racist Europeans. Sympathy for the devil? Yes indeed, the liberals love him and all of his works.

The hero culture of the antique Europeans is the culture of the Christ-bearing race. The new propositional culture of the modern Christians and their liberal brethren is the culture of Satan. Once you deny the divine link between a man’s racial home and his spiritual home, you have successfully separated a man from the living God. While affirming his intellectual faith in propositional Christianity, the New Age Christian forsakes his people, the people who kept him close to God. Pride of race? No, the colored tribesmen have pride of race. The antique Europeans accepted the burden of their race. They didn’t gnostically affirm the existence of a divine force; they lived, loved, and died enveloped in the benevolent shadow of the Cross.

A hero comes from the heart of his people and acts according to the blood faith of his people. So long as we are ruled by liberals in church and state, who condemn every action that stems from the blood faith of the European people, the right kind of heroism will either be down-played, as was the case in the recent shooting of the black Muslim in Oklahoma, or demonized, as was the case when Paul Hill executed the abortion doctor. Whenever the hero goes forth, he takes his people and the God of his people with him. Those two forces, commingled in his heart, help the hero to persevere against all the powers of hell that come against him. If the European does not have a people, or a God that comes to him through his people, he will not venture forth against the liberal or colored barbarian foe. Instead he will try to serve as an orderly or squire in the liberals’ army of colored barbarians and feminists.

The type of sustained heroism necessary to uproot and destroy liberalism can only come from heroes who are grounded in that charity-of-honor culture of the antique Europeans. Until that connection is restored, heroic acts against liberalism will be isolated and often tainted with the madness that comes from living and acting completely alone. White people today are in much more desperate straits than they were during the so-called Reconstruction period after the Civil War. The southern whites were disenfranchised from the official government, which was artificial and propositional, but they were not separated from their true nation, which was their race, nor were they separated from their God, who was the Man of Sorrows. The heroism of the original Ku Klux Klan members stemmed from the fact that they did not have to act in spiritual isolation from their people or their God. The modern white man, having lost a spirit-and-blood connection to his people and his God, finds himself unable to strike out against the liberals and their colored barbarian allies on a consistent basis, because he hasn’t the support from his God and his people that the white counter-revolutionaries of the Reconstruction Era South did have.

I just read about some white professor at a generic satanic institution of “higher learning” who claimed he was one in spirit with the black barbarian rapper shot and killed by a heroic white police officer. “We must do more to show our oneness with Michael Brown,” the great professor solemnly declared. And it struck me that the professor is right about one thing. He is one in spirit with the black barbarian rapper. Both men belong to Satan. The satanic armies of the abstracted-from-God-and-their-race academics and the barbarians of color are the satanic legions that must be defeated by Europeans with that charity of honor burning in their souls. St. Paul tells us that the last enemy who shall be destroyed is death. Shouldn’t we, so that we can encounter that last great enemy with hearts of faith, eliminate the great enemies of our people, the post-Christian, white-hating academics in church and state and the white-hating barbarians of color?

The academic germ has infected the European’s soul. The germ has grown into a virulent virus that destroys all things decent and honorable. Until that raging academic virus is purged, the white man will continue to follow the path of death-in-life oblivion all the way to his grave where he will reap the rewards of his pursuit of an academic paradise. There will be much less of a transition for the academic going from his soulless academic existence here on earth to his soulless academic existence in hell than there will be for the antique Christian going from this world, which is dominated by the ethos of hell, and the next world, which is dominated by His ethos, the ethos of eternal Europe. And that really is the issue. When we go to the core of their culture, were the Europeans of old right about the nature and the person of God? If they were not, we should look to another people and another culture. The liberals and the New Age Christians have done just that. But what if the antique Europeans were right? There is no ‘if’ about it: they were right, and we must defend that ancient Christian culture lest we become like unto the death-in-life academics of Liberaldom who, at the hour of their deaths, will defile hell with their presence.

I have no foreknowledge of the ending of the world. Our Lord said we know neither the day nor the hour, but what is glaringly apparent in our modern, post-Christian age is the openly satanic nature of the many modern, anti-European movements. It seems as if Satan, having destroyed the white Europeans’ connection to the living God, no longer feels he has to hide his intentions to destroy everything good, noble, and Christian. If white people have lost all sense of who they are and who God is, then who is left to oppose Satan? Certainly not the colored tribesmen.

Everywhere we see the blood-red tide of Satanism in all its hideous, naked fury. Feminists openly avow their love of Satan and their hatred of life in the womb. Men like Lindsey Graham and John McCain support the invasion of the European nations through massive Muslim and colored immigration while they insist on the complete annihilation of the anti-democratic nations “over there.” The anti-Christian Protestant Evangelicals support the secularized Jewish state of Israel against their own people. The Roman Catholic Church insists upon uniting all the religions of the world into one, great, white-hating, Christ-hating faith. Militant Islam and militant Zionism are on the march, fully confident that since there are no European Christians left, there will be no resistance to them. Homosexuals have stopped asking for forgiveness; they now demand acceptance. And the colored tribesmen, always the enemies of the white Christians, with the certain knowledge that whites will not strike back, have resumed their ancient ways: the torture, murder, and rape of white people. Is this the promised end? No, it is not. White heroes were born to fight and conquer the blood-red tide of Satanism. Without Him, it is hopeless; with Him, and united to that heroic brood of men and women, the antique Europeans, we shall conquer. +

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Returning to Our Home

Shepard_MrBadger_chapterPausing there a moment and looking back, they saw the whole mass of the Wild Wood, dense, menacing, compact, grimly set in vast white surroundings; simultaneously they turned and made swiftly for home, for firelight and the familiar things it played on, for the voice, sounding cheerily outside their window, of the river that they knew and trusted in all its moods, that never made them afraid with any amazement.

As he hurried along, eagerly anticipating the moment when he would be at home again among the things he knew and liked, the Mole saw clearly that he was an animal of tilled field and hedgerow, linked to the ploughed furrow, the frequented pasture, the lane of evening lingerings, the cultivated garden-plot.

The Wind in the Willows

There is an infinitude of atrocity stories on the Internet, every one of them featuring a colored barbarian tribesman beating, raping, or murdering a white. And all these atrocities fall under the label of “good violence.” If a white person ever responds with violence against the barbaric colored tribesmen, it is called “bad violence,” and it must be punished. We get that helpful distinction from the Swedish police, but it applies to all whites throughout the European nations. For instance, the recent self-defense killing of a black barbarian by a white police officer was labeled “bad violence,” and the usual collection of communists, black barbarian witch doctors, and liberal clergymen are demanding the head of the “offending” police officer, who would have been awarded a medal for valor in another and better time. One atrocity among the infinitude of atrocities caught my attention last week. The incident involved a white Dutch woman and three Muslim barbarians. The video, filmed and posted on the Internet by one of the barbarians, showed one Muslim punching the woman until she was knocked to the pavement, and then a second Muslim kicking her in the face while she lay on the pavement. There were also some white males standing by who did not come to the aid of the woman. I would like to use that incident, which was quite typical of what is taking place throughout the European world, as a mirror into the soul of the modern European.

If we take that incident back in time and place to Victorian England, in the mid 1800s, for instance, we see something different unfold. Of course we’re assuming, for the sake of comparison, that the Victorians would have let three Muslim barbarians walk the streets in broad daylight. What happens when they strike an English woman and start to kick her after knocking her down? All three barbarians would be killed with either sword canes or pistols. And then there would be a hue and cry, not against the men who killed the colored barbarians, but against the civil authorities for allowing such men to walk the street amongst decent women.

On the face of it, the modern European males seem very cowardly compared to their 19th century counterparts. And they are rather cowardly, but there are some mitigating circumstances. There no longer is, as there was in Victorian England, any institutional support for violent action against colored barbarians. In point of fact, the white man who acts on his own authority to prevent and/or punish the evil that colored barbarians do will face imprisonment. I think this, the fear of reprisals from his own government, more than fear of the colored barbarians, keeps the white everyman from responding as he should when colored barbarians strike. Of course the government’s disarmament plan is part and parcel of their anti-European pogrom. White men are not supposed to carry arms, because they might use them against colored barbarians in an effort to defend their people. But the greatest disarmament of the whites has been, and continues to be, their moral disarmament. From cradle to grave the white man is taught he must never act with violence against colored barbarians no matter how evil their deeds appear. The alleged evil deeds of the colored barbarians are not really evil, the liberals insist, because there is only one source of evil in the world and that is the white man. This absolute law of the liberals’ Godless faith has entered the bloodstream of the white man. Just as the Victorian Englishman would instinctively strike home when colored barbarians attacked an Englishwoman, so does the modern European cringe and retreat when white women, white children, or any white, is attacked by colored barbarians. It is now in his blood; he cannot make himself fight to protect his own people, because he has been taught that the defense of the white race is evil.

One thing is certain: neither the liberals nor the colored hordes will be eliminated managerially. We can’t work out a deal with them, a kind of ‘live and let live’ policy of mutual respect. Liberalism is Satanism, and Satan does not compromise; his colored minions and his liberal stewards have but one goal: to destroy the white race.

This new faith of the white man, which has entered his blood and made him a nonhuman, does not stop him from using violence. On the contrary, the white liberals and the white grazers are quite willing to use violence so long as the violence is not in defense of home and race. The U.S. and Britain will bomb Moslems over there, because that is in defense of Israel, democracy, and multi-culturalism, but they will not defend their borders, because that would be a defense of home and race, which is immoral. And throughout the European nations the same anti-white theology of liberalism is in the ascendency. Smaller European countries that lack the capacity to bomb them ‘over there’ still open up their homelands to the colored invaders. A small town in Switzerland (1,000 people) recently allowed a black African women with seven children to come into their town and be “taken care of.” Every single Switzer in the town has had to pay an extra five percent in taxes in order to sustain the African’s seven children’s medical, recreational, and educational needs. Why is it the right of colored barbarians’ children to displace white children? Is there no one in the West who will tell the colored barbarians to care for their own, in their own nations? No, there isn’t. When the European nations are no longer inhabited by Europeans there will be nothing left for the colored barbarians to feed off. They will have killed the European milch cow. If the liberals really loved the colored savages as much as they say they do, they would make more of an effort to keep the European milch cows alive. But their hatred has no bounds, and they will destroy the whites with the aid of the colored barbarians, who will then turn on the liberals themselves. The true-to-life To Kill a Mockingbird story is different from the Harper Lee story. The real story does not show us a bunch of grateful darkies idolizing Atticus Finch, it reveals a band of negroes, led by the rapist Tom Robinson, murdering Atticus Finch and his family after he invited them in for a post-trial victory celebration.

At the heart of the liberals’ story is a lie. Their story tells us that the evil Europeans enslaved the perfect, innocent, colored people of the world in the name of a perverse, fanatical religion. The liberals place themselves in the role of liberator. They will free the colored people and share the pleasures of a new world of endless wine and cheese parties and sexual license.

The liberals’ paradise on earth is here, and it is a living hell. The sacred colored people, those pure, innocent children of nature, turned out to be (when white Europeans ceased to keep them in check) fiends from hell. Had the Europeans kept their prejudices about the lesser breeds without the law, they would never have invited colored barbarians into Europe to torture, rape, murder, and destroy the European people. The blood faith of the ancient Europeans is the only faith that can purge the new blood faith, the faith of negro worship and the hatred of whites, from the blood of the European people. How will such a miracle occur? We really don’t know how, because God’s grace cannot be put in a test tube and studied. But we have seen it work before: the European story is true. Christ once lived by our racial hearth fires. Has He ever really left those fires? No, He hasn’t; we have left Him. He waits for us there. The liberals have placed sentries to guard our racial hearth fire so that we will be unable to return, but no liberal, no colored barbarian, can stop the white man whose heart longs to return to his people and his God.

The European grazers currently assuage their loneliness with their devotions to their sport teams, but such devotions are devoid of any connection to their people and their God. No grace flows through the blood of a man who worships at the shrine of multiculturalism. Sport, the greatest influence on the male, and the auxiliaries of sport, church and state, all support multiculturalism, because they are part and parcel of Satan’s brave new world. He doesn’t want the blood faith of the white man to resurface again. It is in his interest that the Christ-bearing people shall never again stand upright. His nightmare is the William Tell European, one man standing athwart the mountain pass through Liberaldom with his crossbow, ready and willing to kill the multicultural Gesslers who threaten his people.

St. Paul in I Corinthians 13 tells us of a better way than prophecy and speaking in tongues.

Though I speak with the tongues of men and of angels, and have not charity, I am become as sounding brass, or a tinkling cymbal.

And though I have the gift of prophecy, and understand all mysteries, and all knowledge; and though I have all faith, so that I could remove mountains, and have not charity, I am nothing.

And though I bestow all my goods to feed the poor, and though I give my body to be burned, and have not charity, it profiteth me nothing.

Charity suffereth long, and is kind; charity envieth not; charity vaunteth not itself, is not puffed up,

Doth not behave itself unseemly, seeketh not her own, is not easily provoked, thinketh no evil;

Rejoiceth not in iniquity, but rejoiceth in the truth;

Beareth all things, believeth all things, hopeth all things, endureth all things.

Charity never faileth: but whether there be prophecies, they shall fail; whether there be tongues, they shall cease; whether there be knowledge, it shall vanish away.

For we know in part, and we prophesy in part.

But when that which is perfect is come, then that which is in part shall be done away.

When I was a child, I spake as a child, I understood as a child, I thought as a child: but when I became a man, I put away childish things.

For now we see through a glass, darkly; but then face to face: now I know in part; but then shall I know even as also I am known.

And now abideth faith, hope, charity, these three; but the greatest of these is charity.

Only the European took that advice to heart and placed that charity of honor at the heart of his culture. Burke asked why there were no longer any French cavaliers ready to defend their queen. Then he supplied the answer. Where there is no blood faith, there can be no honor. An intellectual affirmation of God is a reed for every ill wind that blows, while a heartfelt affirmation of faith – “My Lord and my God”— from a man who has seen the living God in and through his people, is the faith that cleanses and purifies. Such a faith was our ancient faith: the man who has it possesses the only broadsword capable of defeating Satan, his liberal lieutenants, and their colored minions. The tragedy of the Dutch girl lying unconscious on the pavement while Muslims kick her in the head is a tragedy of faith. So long as Europeans remain in multicultural hell, separated from their God and the people of their own house and their own race, Satan shall reign in the European nations. +

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Why Europe Must Die So Liberalism Can Live

rackham_giant3 “Here’s a good world the while! Who is so gross
That cannot see this palpable device?”

Richard III


The late John Tyndall of the BNP once stated that he didn’t want to comment on the specifics of the American waterboarding torture of Iraqi prisoners because he was against the war to begin with. I’m not a white nationalist, I’m an antique Christian, but I often find myself, like Tyndall, so outside the mainstream (Burnham placed fascists and racists on the lunatic fringe), that I can’t enter any modern debate on a major issue without completely redefining the debate in order to put it into what I feel is its proper context. How could it be otherwise? If we truly believe, based on our Christian faith, that our modern European culture is demonic, how can we possibly expect to be at one with the people who frame and debate the important issues of our time?

One of the devil’s favorite ploys is to present us with two evils in the hope we will embrace one of them in order to combat the other. He does not want Christian men to say, “A plague on both your houses,” and then branch out on their own to form a third army opposed to the devil’s twin evils. World War II would be a perfect example of the twin-evils ploy of the devil – Hitler’s new world paganism or Stalin’s communist utopia, which will it be? The Western powers chose to side with communism, which was probably the greater evil, but that is not the point: we were not supposed to choose Hitler over Stalin because he was the lesser evil, we were supposed to – if we truly were knights of Christendom – steer our own separate course opposed to Nazism and communism. Of course when the ranks of white Christians have dwindled to a tiny minority, it is tempting to say evil is good and join a more powerful army than the Christian European one. Thus the evangelicals join the ‘Rapture of Israel’ army, the Roman Catholics join the ‘Ecumenical Liberal’ army, and on it goes: the good cause, the cause of Christian Europe, is left without a people to champion it, and the European people languish in the darkness of Babylon.

All the modern issues are debated today without taking the Christian perspective into account. The modern feminists, for example, have suddenly discovered that black football players like to beat their significant others. So the entire football establishment jumps on the anti-domestic abuse bandwagon and promises a no-tolerance program for any football player who physically abuses a woman. What is wrong with the pro football league tightening its rules on domestic violence? Everything is wrong with the policy, because it is driven by the feminist hell-hounds. I once read a neo-pagan’s column in which he said we should not refuse to join with feminists when our interests coincided. I disagree, because our interests, at the deepest level, a level the managerial neo-pagans never go to, will never coincide. The feminists want to use the domestic abuse issue to further the cause of feminism; they want women to have unconditional power over men so they can abort babies and use men as milch cows in support of whatever career they choose. I keep hearing from the suddenly outraged male football establishment, who are simply saying what the feminists tell them to say, that it is wrong to hit a woman. Is it? I think we need to make a distinction. A chivalrous Englishman from the Victorian era would not hit a lady; that would be the act of a cad. But the feminists have repudiated Christian Europe. They hate chivalry, all the males who once practiced it, and the contemporary males who still practice it. You can’t have things both ways, at least you shouldn’t be allowed to have things both ways. The feminists want the rights that should only be given to those Christian women to whom the European poets wrote sonnets and the Victorians placed on domestic pedestals. Is it wrong to hit a woman? No, it is wrong to hit a lady. There is a huge difference between the two. A man of the old school might defend a feminist virago from an equally ferocious black barbarian, but he would do so because of noblesse oblige (another ethos that the modern world can’t stand) and not because of some law that compels him to do so. In terms of the law, a feminist should have no rights, because like Lady Macbeth she has placed herself outside the only law that counts: God’s law. Why should we care about the domestic abuse of feminists when white ladies, white men, and white children of both sexes are being slaughtered throughout the European world by the barbarians of color? Let the feminists who have asked the devil to unsex them face the consequences of their demonic rejection of the Christian, patriarchal society.

Masculinity is not evil in and of itself as the feminists have been screaming for the past fifty years. Masculinity can be a source of grace if it is consecrated to the King of Kings. In old Europe, the true Europe, it was Christian males who took care of rogue males. They took care of them in the same way Shane took care of Stark Wilson. There is no escaping that very basic and very fundamental law of civilization. There must be good men and true to confront the rogue males who believe that what good people call civilization is simply a supply camp they can use to fulfill their predatory needs.

What is the alternative to Christian patriarchy? We are living with the alternative, it is called liberalism. This is how liberalism works – white males are subject to the rules of a fierce matriarchy. If they impregnate a woman, be she girlfriend or spouse, they have no right to stop said girlfriend or spouse from aborting that baby. Any manifestation of masculinity, be it the pagan kind or the chivalrous Christian kind, will be severely punished by the matriarchal powers of Liberaldom. But there is a devilish twist in our modern matriarchal system. When it comes to males of color, the matriarchal rules that apply to white males no longer apply. Males of color have free rein to murder and rape so long as they confine their murders and rapes to white women. To murder or rape a woman of color is bad, but to murder and or rape a white woman is good. So this utopian admixture of negro worship and matriarchy benefits the barbarians of color, but it does not ultimately benefit the white feminists who helped to create it. The feminists have outdone the fisherman’s wife: they didn’t know what they wanted, but they wanted it very badly. And now they have got it. They have a society in which there are no chivalrous white males, because white males have been trained since birth to never contradict a feminist and to never regard any form of black or colored behavior as wrong, no matter how barbaric or evil that behavior might be. The evil that blacks do is all in the racist minds of whites. There can be no evil blacks, unless they practice their evil on women of color. Wow, that seems like a difficult catechism to learn. It is, but that is what our educational system exists for, to teach white males there is no God of charity and mercy who bids us fight for His reign of charity, there are only the savage negro gods and the cruel matriarchal goddesses of feminism who must be worshipped and obeyed.

The neo-pagans seek to restore the white male to manhood by getting him to take pride in his genes, in his superior intellect. But the pride of intellect is what brought the white man down. The intellectual separation from all things decent and honorable in the name of a Nietzschean future is not the restorative we need. The white man needs to feel at one with William Tell, who was moved to fight when innocence was threatened. Pietas: that is the mark of the European male, that is the spirit Burke fought to keep alive in his beloved Britain, and that is what separates the Christian hero from the pagan hero. Blood lust is the mark of the pagan warrior; that charity of honor, which comes from pietas, is the mark of the Christian warrior.

Bill Bradley gave the keynote speech when Bill Clinton was first nominated by the Democratic Party for President. In that speech he outlined the essence of liberalism. He said that all true Americans (and all European liberals are like unto American liberals) refuse to accept the existence of tragedy. They believe that tragedy can be overcome by the proper (that is, liberal) management of peoples’ lives. Think about the stunning hubris of the liberals. Bradley, who spoke for all liberals, did not claim the tragedies of life could be mitigated, he said they could be eliminated. It is that promise, the elimination of the tragedies of life, which keeps the modern European grazers from becoming men again. They have sold their souls to the liberal managerial experts with the sure and certain hope that the managerial experts will eliminate the tragedies of life. Even if the liberals could actually win the fight against cancer, defeat heart disease, and AIDs, would such triumphs spare men from the ultimate tragedy? No, of course they wouldn’t. There is still death itself, the last enemy. But the liberals have an answer for death. If they destroy the image of God in man by pouring monkey vomit on the European people’s past, they will have successfully destroyed the Christian European’s belief that every personality is a universe, a universe deserving of eternal life, because He has made us, He has infused us with His divine spirit. Once that Christian belief fades away and is succeeded by naturalist universalism – which says that we are not individual personalities connected to a personal God but are instead isolated atoms connected to impersonal nature, the tragedy of death is eliminated. A part of nature returns to nature, why should that be tragic?

There was a romantic comedy called Houseboat made in 1958, starring Cary Grant, the king of romantic comedies, and Sophia Loren, a queen by virtue of her beauty. Most movies of that era reflected a Christian ethos while avoiding the question of, ‘who created that ethos?’ This movie couldn’t avoid the question, however, because Grant played a widower who has moved his young family to a houseboat after the death of his wife. His youngest son broods over the death of his mother. Grant’s character does not try to comfort his son by telling him of Christ’s promise, “I am the resurrection and the life, he that believeth in me though he were dead yet shall he live.” He can’t tell him that because he is a modern man and doesn’t believe such impossible things. Instead he takes a glass of water and throws it into the river. “That glass of water still exists,” he tells his son, ”but has just become part of the greater river.” Would such a “natural” explanation of death satisfy a son who truly loved his mother? What kind of people have we become who settle for such a casual dismissal of our honored dead? It must be all or nothing. Either Christ rose from the dead on the third day as He will one day raise us up from the dead, or else we plunge to the depths of despair, but to accept such naturalistic mush… Almighty God, forbid it.

This unceasing campaign of the liberals to laud masculine women, to demonize masculine white males, and to destroy all vestiges of whiteness is consistent with their new religion of nature. Anything that stinks of humanity, that distinguishes the human personality from the great compost heap of nature, must be eliminated, because human beings reflect the image of a personal God. We have left personality behind so that the ultimate tragedy of life can be defeated, not by a redeemer, but by absorption into a beneficent, impersonal universal called ‘nature.’ In the older European culture that contained white-skinned people who were white, pure white inside, there were masculine white men who were committed to the code of chivalry, and there were feminine white women who deplored feminism. The liberals will never allow such a spirit-infused world to come into being again, because such a world stands in direct contradiction to their soulless world of universal nature. This is the real War of the Worlds, a war between death in life liberalism and life after death European Christianity. +

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They Serve Us Still

Fleming_Loch_Oich_&_Invergarry_Castle_(Inverness-shire)-Looking_WestDeeper than speech our love, stronger than life our tether… –Kipling

I am dreaming of the mountains of my home,
Of the mountains where in childhood I would roam.
I have dwelt ‘neath summer skies,
Where the summer never dies,
But my heart is in the mountains of my home.

I can see the little homestead on the hill;
I can hear the magic music of the rill;
There is nothing to compare,
With the love that once was there,
In that lonely little homestead on the hill.

I can see the quiet churchyard down below,
Where the mountain breezes wander to and fro,
And when God my soul will keep,
It is there I want to sleep,
With those dear old folks that loved me long ago.

– W S Gwynne Williams

After my father’s death in the late spring, most of the family historical documents were given to me. I spent this last weekend going through old photograph albums, family records, keepsakes such as old Boy Scout caps, and other memorabilia that would only be of interest to me and my children. The word ‘bittersweet’ probably best describes my weekend immersion in my family’s history. It was very pleasant to see pictures and personal records of my parents, my grandparents, and my great-grandparents. Most of the pictures were taken on special occasions – birthdays, holidays, marriages, and vacations – all occasions where the clan was assembled and having fun. Funerals are not generally a time for family photo opps.

I also felt a great deal of sadness when looking at the old photos and family records, because all the subjects of the photos and the records have passed away. My hope is that my loved ones have not passed away, that death “will prove unreal at last,” but my faith eases the pain, it does not eliminate it. Possibly there are people of firmer faith who do not feel a sense of loss when they think of their honored dead, but I can’t count myself among their number.

When I look through my family records on both the maternal and paternal sides, I do not see anyone who won great honors and distinctions in this world. On the Welsh side, they were coal miners and on the German side they were craftsmen and farmers, not one member of the royalty or aristocracy in their ranks. And though many served in the military, none won medals for astounding feats of bravery. But they seemed to be, from my perspective as family historian, very great men and women because they were all white people. I’m not talking about just the outside: they were “white, pure white inside.” They lived and died close to their racial hearth fire and the God of their ascending race; the spiritual treasure that they passed on, a bred-in-the-bone faith in the living God, was of infinitely more value than any material treasure.

I still go to some of the same parks where my ancestors held family reunions. But I no longer see white people who are white, pure white inside, having family get-togethers there. Instead I see blended families of white, black, yellow, and every other color having a type of anti-white family reunion. They are celebrating their diversity, which translates to a celebration of everything that is not traditionally white and Christian. The mad-dog liberals say such new family gatherings are wonderful because the old, all-white families were evil. The propositional Christians say that there is no reason why an interracial family can’t be just as Christian and just as traditionally European as an all-white family. “Nothing has changed except the pigmentation of the skin, which is of no significance.” Is that true? — can a racially blended family still be Christian as our European ancestors were Christian? I say most emphatically that they cannot, because the Christian faith is passed on through the blood, not the head. The propositional Christian says that blended families can be wonderful Christian families, because pure mind, from which we receive our knowledge of the true God, has no color; therefore, there is no need for a familial, racial hearth fire.

The propositional view of faith and race is taken as a given by modern Christians, despite the fact that the Christian faith has virtually disappeared since the new non-“racist” version of Christianity has become the norm. Of course if you change the definition of Christianity to ‘How diverse are your families and your churches?’ then you are in line with modern liberalism and you can declare the modern age to be the most Christian age in history. You can ignore legalized abortion, the breakup of the patriarchal Christian family, and the ongoing assault on the white race, because such things pale in significance to the one essential sign of the true faith: “Do you worship at the shrine of the colored gods and do all homage and honor to them by offering your children up to them in loving sacrifice for the sins of the white race?”

This is why there is such consternation in the churches when there is not enough “diversity.” They must be diverse, because where there is no diversity there is no faith. The racist Europeans of the past believed, as St. Paul believed, that there could be no faith without charity, but that article of faith has been replaced by diversity, which is the supreme article of faith in the churches and in Liberaldom at large which encompasses, and its ethos rules, the Christian churches.

In Shakespeare’s Henry IV Part I, the mystic Owen Glendower claims he can conjure spirits from the deep: “I can call spirits from the vasty deep.” Hotspur will have none of that: “Why, so can I, or so can any man; But will they come when you do call for them?” We are ordered to believe that the new faith, which has not charity and has no place for our people, is the true faith. We are asked to make this mystic leap, against the dear-bought wisdom of our ancestors and against our hearts, which tell us to cling to one non-diverse people and one non-blended God.

There is a continuity in my family’s bloodline that ends with my parents. Until the time of the World II generation there were no liberals in my family tree. They were working class people who lived by their prejudices. Their faith was Kiplingesque: “This was my father’s belief, And this is also mine.” But both my father and my mother were the first of their line to go to college. They learned what they believed to be the better way, the way of enlightenment. They became progressive Christians. My own spiritual journey entailed, of necessity, what my parents considered a regression to prejudice and superstition. I think most children of modern parents must make a similar regression if they want to establish contact with the living God, who can only be known in and through our people. By rejecting my parents’ liberalism in order to reconnect with my grandsires, I became spiritually older than my parents. I viewed them as my beloved, but wayward children. Both became much closer to God by the time of their deaths, because of a lingering nostalgia for their people and an inability to accept the homosexual agenda of the modern churches. The strings of the past can often pull a lost soul back into the fold, which is why the liberals, at Satan’s command, seek to sever every single string connecting the Europeans to their past.

In H. V. Morton’s book In Search of Wales, he writes with amazement about the amount of good reading done by ordinary Welsh coal miners. They were poor, but they were not uneducated. This was the case with my ancestors, many of whom came from the Welsh coal regions that H. W. Morton wrote about. I saw many of what we now call the “classics,” which remain unread in our modern, more ‘sophisticated’ times, in the trunks and boxes of my grandsires – Dickens, Defoe, Scott, Cooper, the Brothers’ Grimm, etc. And the most important thing about their reading was that it was not done for a ‘class,’ the bardic European authors were not put through the academic ringer and found to be irrelevant fools. They were read for enjoyment and for enlightenment, but not the type of enlightenment that comes from intellectual speculation. The bards of Europe point us to the light of Europe, not to the light of a new utopian age.

The Greek system of education is a flawed system for the simple reason that it is a system conceived by abstract minds. The idea that a select band of men, isolated from the community, can sit around and think great thoughts, which they will then share with the world is nonsense. Look to the other side of Greek culture, where Homer sits by the hearth fire and tells stories of the Greek heroes and heroines. We, the “educated” Europeans, have lost contact with our bardic culture. The Christian European minstrels have been silenced, and all we hear at the European hearth fires are stories of liberals, which always amount to some type of Atticus Finch/Tom Robinson tale of the prejudiced whites, the sacred black man, and the unprejudiced, enlightened white man. We must reconnect with our older bardic culture and divest ourselves of our university educations before we can see the light that shineth in darkness.

The Europeans’ divorce from their bardic ancestors took place incrementally, but once the change took place, it became deeply rooted in the Europeans’ collective soul. It will take the spiritual equivalent of a blazing inferno to burn the intellectual speculation virus from the European people. It will take Christian Goths, loving and hating with all their hearts. It doesn’t seem possible to purge Europe of the liberals and their colored henchmen, but large fires are often started with very tiny sparks. The liberals still worry about their own demise, hence they squelch all opposition to their reign of terror. All negro atrocities are permitted, because such atrocities serve Liberaldom, but let one white man resist any part of the liberal agenda, and all the powers of Liberaldom are brought to bear against such an individual. Nevertheless, we can summon strength from our past and overcome our liberal overlords if we are willing to embrace the prejudices of our provincial, European ancestors, those “dear old folk from long ago.” +

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