Remembering Christian Europe

FezziwigsBall Having eyes, see ye not? and having ears, hear ye not? and do ye not remember?


Although there is no provision for political parties in the United States Constitution there has been a kind of tacit agreement amongst the liberal ruling elites that there shall be only two competing parties, both of which are liberal. At every election, they fume and fuss over minor differences and predict the end of the world if the opposing party wins. Dickens has described this phenomenon in The Pickwick Papers, in the chapter about the two political parties called the Blues and the Buffs who are located in the fictional English town called Eatanswill:

It appears, then, that the Eatanswill people, like the people of many other small towns, considered themselves of the utmost and most mighty importance, and that every man in Eatanswill, conscious of the weight that attached to his example, felt himself bound to unite, heart and soul, with one of the two great parties that divided the town—the Blues and the Buffs. Now the Blues lost no opportunity of opposing the Buffs, and the Buffs lost no opportunity of opposing the Blues; and the consequence was, that whenever the Buffs and Blues met together at public meeting, town-hall, fair, or market, disputes and high words arose between them. With these dissensions it is almost superfluous to say that everything in Eatanswill was made a party question. If the Buffs proposed to new skylight the market-place, the Blues got up public meetings, and denounced the proceeding; if the Blues proposed the erection of an additional pump in the High Street, the Buffs rose as one man and stood aghast at the enormity. There were Blue shops and Buff shops, Blue inns and Buff inns—there was a Blue aisle and a Buff aisle in the very church itself.

The Pickwick Papers by Charles Dickens

The liberals’ hatred for Trump has reached epic proportions. He is hated more than Richard Nixon was hated (the liberals never forgave Nixon for successfully prosecuting Alger Hiss), and he is hated more than Ronald Reagan was hated. Why is Trump hated more than any Republican candidate for president has ever been hated? Has he preached segregation? No, he hasn’t. Has he called for the expulsion of all Mexicans and Moslems from the country? No, he hasn’t, although he has called for the restriction of Moslem terrorists and Mexican murderers and rapists. Has Trump threatened to put a stop to the demonic movements called ‘gay rights’ and feminism? No, he has not. What has he done? He has called for the end of a global economy that is controlled “by a handful of global special interests rigging the system.” Trump’s attack on globalism certainly sets him apart from all the other presidential candidates and has earned him the hatred of the mainstream Republicans as well as the Democrats. But there is something deeper behind the liberals’ hatred of Trump, something that has to do with what Trump has not done. If Trump had attacked the global economy in the name of the negro, or in the name of some other non-white minority, the liberals who are all globalists (with the exception of the Ralph Nader types) would still have opposed Trump, but not with the vehemence with which they now oppose him. What the liberals hate about Trump is that he has not demonized the white race; he has included white people in his idea of a nation. In the name of white Americans and colored Americans he has attacked globalism. Trump, more the pity, is not a racist, but the liberals have given him the racist label, because they do not believe in genuine diversity; they believe in the dominance of the colored barbarians and the extermination of the demon white race, always excluding themselves, of course, because they have risen to the heights of Atticus Finch-dom and become spiritually colored and therefore part of the chosen people.

Behind all the Eatanswill bickering of the Republicans and Democrats there is one central principle that they all agree upon: The white race is evil and must be exterminated. The Republicans generally (Bush was more of a democratic mindset) advocate a slower liquidation of the white race while the Democrats always want to proceed at the fastest pace possible, which is why the Obama’s advisors have had him support the Black Lives Matter, White Lives Don’t organization, and in a similar vein they have advised him to go after Sheriff Joe Arpaio, who is trying to stop the flood of Aztec marauders into his nation. But despite differences about the timetable for the complete elimination of the white race, the Republicans and Democrats have been in virtual lockstep in their commitment to diversity, which means white genocide. Trump threatened to delay, not to derail, their plans because he is a 1950s liberal who wants all Americans to share in the American dream. But what is the American dream? The American dream is rooted in Jacobinism; it is part of the “Ye Shall Be as Gods” utopian heresy of all the anti-European ideologies that have been created by the minds of men to destroy the Christ-bearing people. A Trump victory will only benefit white people if it starts the white grazers on a journey back to their true roots. If they go back to the world where European men and women loved and hated with all their hearts, they will discover that faith, hope, and charity are more important than liberty, equality, and fraternity.

The late John Tyndale used to tell Britons that it was the eleventh hour, that they must act now to elect a BNP candidate or Britain was finished. But what happens when the eleventh hour passes and you have failed to win an electoral victory? Your people despair and die because you have put all your hope in the democratic process. Instead of trying to change men’s hearts, you have tried to manipulate men’s minds and you have failed miserably.

We are being told that this election is our eleventh hour. “If Trump doesn’t win, it’s over.” It’s been over for quite some time. And by ‘it,’ I mean the liberals’ attempt to become as gods through the democratic process. Instead of becoming as gods, they have become devils. What else can you call a people who have done what liberals have done: legalized abortion, legalized sodomy, and created a state religion dedicated to the deification of the noble black savage? Will a Trump victory put an end to American Jacobinism? No, it will not, unless that victory is also the beginning of the Europeans’ revolt against all things democratic and modern. And if the demon witch-woman should win the election, “it” is not over for white people. They still have the same war to fight, a war against the mind-forged hell created by liberals in the name of their colored gods.

There is nothing European about democracy. The European people, when they were a people, often elected their local magistrates, judges, etc., but when they did so they were voting for white people who would lead white people. They were not voting for a cabal of traitors whose express purpose was to exterminate the white race. Will whites ever become aware of the liberals’ intent? It does not appear that they will. But we do know, from the Europeans’ past that God does work through human hearts. So we can’t definitely say it’s over so long as there are white hearts.

I wasn’t able to get much information about the one piece of positive information that has come out of Germany in recent years. I read that someone or some group, I don’t know who or which, had planned the assassination of Angela Merkel. I also heard that the planned attack had been stopped before it started, which is a tragedy. But my heart soared to hear that some Germans have had enough. To shed blood is indeed a terrible thing, but there is a war going on right now, a vicious war of rape, rapine, and slaughter. And the Angela Merkels and the Pope Francises of the Western world are the leaders of the enemies’ shock troops. The blood of millions of white victims, innocent white victims, is on their hands. It is far more terrible to allow that bloodletting to go unchallenged than to kill the men and women who have ordered the bloodletting.

The darkness of Babylon once enveloped the entire earth. Then the Light came into the world, and one people, as a people, made that light part of their world. And they spread that light all over the world. A man who says anything good about colonialism (witness Pope Francis’s recent rant against colonialism) is deemed a moral reprobate by the liberal powers that be. But from a Christian standpoint, a non-utopian standpoint, would there ever have been any light in the non-European nations if the Europeans had not entered those nations? And where is the light now that the Europeans have left the colored nations? And likewise, where is the light in Europe now that the European people have invited the colored Babylonians into their nations? There is no light; the darkness of Babylon has enveloped Europe and the world once again. The liberals, for the last century, have been trying to get the European people to accept the darkness of Babylon as the only reality. “There never was a light, and even if there was a light that light was evil, only darkness is good.” They have all but succeeded in making the European people believe that lie. But there is always one, who will become many, who does not believe the lie:

Of course a lot of things darted into Jill’s head at once: Experiment House, Adela Pennyfather, her own home, radio-sets, cinemas, cars, airplanes, ration-books, queues. But they seemed dim and far away. (Thrum—thrum—thrum—went the strings of the Witch’s instrument.) Jill couldn’t remember the names of the things in our world. And this time it didn’t come into her head that she was being enchanted, for now the magic was in its full strength, and of course, the more enchanted you get, the more you feel that you are not enchanted at all. She found herself saying (and at the moment it was a relief to say):

“No, I suppose that other world must be all dream.”

“Yes, it is all a dream,” said the Witch, always thrumming.

“Yes, all a dream,” said Jill.

“There never was such a world,” said the Witch.

“There never was any world but yours,” said they.

Puddleglum was still fighting hard. “I don’t know rightly what you all mean by a world,” he said, talking like a man who hasn’t enough air. “But you can play that fiddle till your fingers drop off, and still you won’t make me forget Narnia; and the whole Overworld too. We’ll never see it again, I shouldn’t wonder. You may have blotted it out and turned it dark like this, for all I know. Nothing more likely. But I know I was there once. I’ve seen the sky full of stars. I’ve seen the sun coming up out of the sea of a morning and sinking behind the mountains at night. And I’ve seen him up in the midday sky when I couldn’t look at him for brightness.”

The Silver Chair by C. S. Lewis

It only takes one man who has not forsaken his European home, which is in his blood, to start a European counter-revolution. No electoral victory will have any significance if it does not signify an awareness, on the part of the European people, that their ancestral home and their racial hearth fire is their strength and their hope, because that home and that hearth fire is connected to their God. We are told that human beings have no instincts. But we do have instincts. And tragically the only people whose instincts connect them to Christ have abandoned their instincts in order to be absorbed by the colored races who have a blood connection to Satan. For what is voodoo, what is the religion of the Aztecs, the Hindus, or any of the other religions of the colored heathens, but religions of Satan? The liberals must have no blood connection to their people because the Christ, the Son of the living God, lives in the blood of the European people. It is better, the liberals cry, to live a second-hand life and worship the dark races who have a flesh-and-blood connection to the devil. One thinks of the swine in the Gospel every time the liberals invoke their negro gods. They are fleeing from the Son of God in order to plunge over the cliff with the colored swine. Scott captured the essence of the pagan’s pride of race when he described Saladin’s boast, to a Christian knight, of his proud descent from the devil:

Naturally unsusceptible, however, of fear, he crossed himself, and stoutly demanded of the Saracen an account of the pedigree which he had boasted. The latter readily complied.

“Know, brave stranger,” he said, “that when the cruel Zohauk, one of the descendants of Giamschid, held the throne of Persia, he formed a league with the Powers of Darkness, amidst the secret vaults of Istakhar, vaults which the hands of the elementary spirits had hewn out of the living rock, long before Adam himself had an existence. Here he fed, with daily oblations of human blood, two devouring serpents, which had become, according to the poets, a part of himself, and to sustain whom he levied a tax of daily human sacrifices…

The Talisman by Walter Scott

It is of absolute importance, it is of eternal moment, that the European people should return to their racial home and become, once again, the Christ-bearing people. Liberaldom was built to destroy the image of God in man. It is the task of the true European to destroy Liberaldom. If an electoral victory in the upcoming election constitutes a baby step toward the destruction of Liberaldom, then that will be to the good. But win or lose, it is the destruction of Liberaldom and the renewal of the European people’s covenant with the Son of God that is all in all. +

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Light and Darkness

dore_st_john_at_patmos_and_vision_of_death Liberalism represents an attempt to superimpose on reality an artificiality, to substitute that which is sham for that which is real. In its determination to obliterate distinctiveness (Aldous Huxley said somewhere that “Good is that which makes for unity. Evil is that which makes for separateness”) and reduce everybody and everything to a grey uniformity, Liberalism reveals that it amounts to nothing less than a war against Life itself. Liberal intellectuals are all intellect and no instinct. They have no ‘ground’ and no compass to guide them. This is why they habitually use words and expressions without any meaning, because they have no meaning in themselves. They perform cerebral circles in a spiritual desert and end by dying of thirst. And this is excellent, except that tens of millions of white people are persuaded to accept them as guides; and along with their ‘guides’ are led deeper and ever deeper into the waterless deserts of Liberalism, there to perish with them.

Due directly to Liberalism, we are the only race in the whole world that is being taught to despise itself.

–Anthony Jacob, White Man Think Again!


That England, that was wont to conquer others,
Hath made a shameful conquest of itself.

-Shakespeare, Richard II

  Certain 20th century conservatives have made reference to the cultural war, and they are right — there is a cultural war that is raging. But it is not the cultural war that the 20th century conservatives thought was taking place. The 20th century conservatives, the TCCers, thought that the cultural war was between the liberal left which supported the dechristianization of Europe through the various radical -isms – Jacobinism, socialism, and communism – and the conservative right, which supported the Greco-Roman, Christian traditions of Europe. The problem with the TCCers’ assessment of the cultural war was that they overestimated the power of their own intellects and they underestimated the subtlety of the devil. The devil is quite capable of getting the zealous anti-Christian liberals to take the direct path to hell while, at the same time, getting the liberal conservatives to take the indirect route to hell that is disguised with the false outer façade of the heavenly city. What the TCCers failed to comprehend was that rationalism, whether it was rooted in the thought patterns of the ancient Greeks, the medieval scholastics, the 18th century philosophers, or the 19th and 20th century scientists, was part and parcel of the wizardry of liberalism. No matter that a man professed an intellectual preference for theological Christianity or a philosophy of the ancients, so long as his professed admiration was of the mind and not the heart, that conservative was part of the wizardry of Liberalism, which gets its inspiration and ethos from the devil.

Chateaubriand, who was a befuddled atheist before the French Revolution (his family was wiped out by the Jacobins) and a committed Christian after the Revolution, cut to the heart of the Europeans’ fall from grace when he delineated the eternal conflict between the devil’s appeal to rational wizardry and Christ’s appeal to the human heart:

…Adam wanted to know every thing at once. Observe, too, what is very important: man had it in his power to destroy the harmony of his being in two ways, either by wanting to love too much, or to know too much. He transgressed in the second way; for we are, in fact, far more deeply tinctured with the pride of science than with the pride of love; the latter would have deserved pity rather than punishment, and if Adam had been guilty of desiring to feel rather than to know too much, man himself might, perhaps, been able to expiate his transgression, and the Son of God would not have been obliged to undertake so painful a sacrifice. But the case was different. Adam sought to embrace the universe, not with the sentiments of his heart, but with the power of thought, and advancing to the tree of knowledge, he admitted into his mind a ray of light that over-powered it. The equilibrium was instantaneously destroyed, and confusion took possession of man. Instead of that illumination which he had promised himself, a thick darkness overcast his sight, and his guilt, like a veil, spread out between him and the universe. His whole soul was agitated and in commotion; the passions rose up against the judgment, the judgment strove to annihilate the passions, and in this terrible storm the rock of death witnessed with joy the first of shipwrecks. –The Genius of Christianity

The culture of magic is Satan’s world. When the European conservative talks about our Greco-Roman/Judeo-Christian democratic traditions, he is not being true to the European tradition. He is merely adhering to another part of the “pride of science” alchemist tradition of the anti-European, utopian element of the European people. “You shall be as gods,” is the promise of Satan. He is forever encouraging mortal man to turn to a system which contains God, instead of looking to the vision of God that the antique Europeans held in their hearts. That there is a deeper magic than the devil’s intellectual magic, a magic of the human heart, is what the Europeans, in union with St. John, who placed his head on Christ’s sacred heart at the last supper, and in union with St. Paul, whose heart saw Christ on the road to Damascus, discovered when they eschewed the magic of the devil for the love of the God-Man. “The love that once was there,” the love that comes from human hearts linked to His divinely human heart, is what is missing in modern conservatism. We can’t love a system. Only intellectual wizards such as the neo-cons and their liberal cousins in the mad-dog liberal ranks and in the liberal-conservative ranks can get excited about “our democratic traditions,” or “the workers’ paradise,” or “free market capitalism,” or any other of the –isms of liberalism. But we can love our people, through whom we learn to love the Savior, who is Christ the Lord. Look through all the conservative anthologies of the 20th century, and you won’t see the only real conservative of the 20th century, which was and is, Anthony Jacob. He didn’t love an –ism, he loved his people. Like Burke, who thought that whatever –ism went against the heart and soul of his people was evil, Jacob championed his people over systems. At the heart of all good governments is a particular, racially distinct people whose hearts are connected to His heart. All true conservatism then, according to Burke and according to Jacob, had to be rooted, not in the wizardry of Satan, but in the hearts of the people of Europe who had given their hearts to Christ. Burke and Jacob stand with those other great European poets such as Shakespeare, Scott, and Dostoevsky. They loved much, and gave of their heart’s blood in an effort to turn their people’s heart back to His Europe and away from the wizardry of Satan’s universalist death trap, which is often camouflaged by intellectual systems that promise paradise and leave us bereft of faith, hope, and charity.

If Trump wins the upcoming Presidential election it will be no more than an irritating mosquito bite on the body of Liberaldom, but it will mean something infinitely more if the Trump victory is a sign that a significant amount of white grazers have stopped listening to the voice of Satan as it comes to them through the churches, the government, and the mass media.(1)

The reason that it is so hard to get a grazer to resist liberalism by standing with the Christian Europeans of old Europe is because the modern Christians in the Roman Catholic and Evangelical Protestant ranks always side with the liberals. And they always side with the liberals because they are “deeply tinctured with the pride of science,” which is the eternal Achilles heel of fallen man. From that sin comes negro worship and the hatred of all things human – the European hearth fire and the virtues that go with that hearth fire, which consists of the love of one’s own, heroism, and the charity that never faileth. A world without the hearth fire virtues is not a culture, it is the absence of a culture. Whites who try to blend with the anti-cultures of the colored heathens soon become non-persons. They are not pagan enough to become colored, but they are not white enough to be Christian Europeans. They live in limbo. If and when Christian Europeans make their presence known as men who fight for charity’s sake against Satan and his minions, then, and only then, will the European counter-revolution begin.

How did it come about that everything stemming from Christian Europe is deemed evil, even by such “Christians” as Pope Francis, and everything stemming from modern Liberaldom is good? Is a society that legalizes sodomy and abortion better than a society that abhors such practices and makes laws against them? Is a society that worships negroes and encourages the extermination of white people better than a society that separates whites from blacks and supports the white race? Ah, there’s the rub! The liberals do claim that a society that worships blacks and hates whites is a superior culture. Every evil under the sun must be allowed to the liberal ruling elite, because they promote anti-racism. And white racism (not black, brown, red, or yellow racism, which is lauded) is the original sin in the liberals’ twisted theology. Pride of science, which views the natural world and the lord of the natural world, the negro, as superior to the Christian God is not seen as sinful, it is seen as the way to the kingdom of heaven on earth. That kingdom of heaven on earth is always in the future. It will come about when what the liberals call white racism, and what we call pietas, vanishes from the earth. When the white grazers finally realize that it is their loved ones, their kith and kin, whom the liberals want to murder, will they fight back or will they submit to the slaughter? They are submitting to the slaughter of whites in South Africa and in the city streets of the United States, so what makes us think that whites in other nations won’t submit to their own extermination? The whites’ shameful conquest of themselves began when they preferred Christian wizardry to the love of Christ Jesus. Such an assertion is always guaranteed to elicit a sneer from the liberal and the neo-pagan, but what or who, if not Christ, is the last refuge of the European people? If we don’t love where we should love, we will not hate enough to fight for our people. Dylan Thomas’s rage against the dying of the light was magnificent, but that rage must be directed against the liberal wizards in church and state, and the demon whom they serve, in the name of the Light of the world, if we are ever going to see the Europe we love flourish again on this earth.

Within the Catholic ranks there are warring groups of Catholics who play the ‘revelations from Mary’ game. The traditionalists refer to a revelation from Mary in which she condemns Vatican II, and the Vatican II-ers counter with a revelation from Mary in which she says we must support Vatican II. And in the ranks of the evangelicals the unrepentant Jews have somehow become the chosen people of God whom Christians are supposed to support without question because such support will bring about the coming of the Messiah. Excuse me, but I thought the Messiah had already come. As to His second coming, didn’t He say, “That day and hour knoweth no man, no, not the angels of heaven, but my Father only.”

What is going on within the Christian ranks? Why are Christians looking for a sign? I maintain it is because they have left the Christ, who can only be known in and through His people, the antique Europeans, to go whoring after false messiahs who can be made into the servants of some type of esoteric system that makes the Son of God more compatible with the minds of men who can’t abide the European Christ. In the modern church of Gnosticism I hear the voices of the acid-tongued rabble who said, “Thou that destroyest the temple and buildest it in three days, save thyself. If thou be the Son of God come down from the cross.” And I hear the mocking voices of the chief priests, the scribes, and the elders mocking Him and saying, “If He be the King of Israel, let him now come down from the cross, and we will believe Him. He trusted in God, let him deliver Him now, if He will have Him: for He said, I am the Son of God.”

Christ has come down from His cross, but not as the wizards wanted Him to come down from the cross. He has come down from the cross to enter the hearts of men. He has come down from the cross to abide with us at our familial and racial hearth fire. Is it His fault that the men of science did not recognize Him and then, because of their loneliness, they anointed the negro as the Savior of the world? No, it is not His fault, it is ours. Peter was forgiven for denying his Lord thrice, so will we be forgiven if we turn away from the false messiahs of modernity and turn to the Man of Sorrows who has been waiting outside on the doorstep of our racial home for an invitation to return to His people who once saw a great light. +


(1) Isak Dinesen once remarked that a man was never completely reprehensible if he was at least a man. That is Donald Trump. He is not a Christian hero from a Walter Scott novel, which is a great pity, because nothing good will happen to the European people until we once again start producing Ivanhoes and Quentin Durwards. But Trump is a man with some small vestiges of pietas left in his heart, which makes him a better man than all the presidential candidates this nation has put forward since the death of Teddy Roosevelt. Again, Trump has some good instincts – I intend to vote for him – but I wonder if a few good instincts will allow him to withstand the wickedness and snares of the devil. All the forces of hell have been loosed upon him. All the hell hounds came out to attack Reagan when he ran, but the attack on Reagan was nothing compared to the attack on Trump. One thinks of Maleficent in Disney’s (the real Walt Disney) movie Sleeping Beauty, who says, “Now deal with me and all the forces of hell.” We have reached a point in our nations’ history and in the history of the European people when we are quite literally acting out Disney’s Sleeping Beauty. Hillary Clinton is Maleficent, and she has called down all the forces of hell on Donald Trump, who wants to awaken the white grazers from their death-in-life sleep. But Donald Trump is not a Christian knight as Prince Phillip was, so he lacks the shield of virtue and the sword of truth. We, the Christian remnant, must supply that shield and that sword. God bless Donald Trump in the day of battle, in the name of Christ the Lord. Amen.

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The Lost European Chord

dore_babylon_fallen-jpg In which the old man launches forth into his favorite theme…

– The Pickwick Papers

Behold, your house is left unto you desolate. For I say unto you, Ye shall not see me henceforth, till ye shall say, Blessed is he that cometh in the name of the Lord.

Matthew 23: 38-39


That the French Revolution was a magnificent event that gave birth to a new era of liberty, equality, and fraternity is an article of faith for all modern liberals. It also was and is an article of faith for the intellectual Christians such as Priestly, Price, and Belloc. But from a genuine Christian standpoint there can be no compromise with the apologists for the French Revolution. Nor can there be any tolerance for those who want to find a middle ground: “There were some excesses, but there were also some good things…” No, either Burke was right when he warned us that the French Revolution was from hell, or the liberals were right when they said the French Revolution would usher in a new age of peace and brotherhood.

…if, in the moment of riot, and in a drunken delirium from the hot spirit drawn out of the alembic of hell, which in France is now so furiously boiling, we should uncover our nakedness, by throwing off that Christian religion which has hitherto been our boast and comfort, and one great source of civilization amongst us, and amongst many other nations, we are apprehensive (being well aware that the mind will not endure a void) that some uncouth, pernicious, and degrading superstition might take place of it.

– Edmund Burke, Reflections on the Revolution in France

Of course Burke, not the liberals, was right, but the liberals’ Jacobin ideals and not Burke’s faith have been institutionalized throughout the European nations. And the uncouth, pernicious, and degrading superstition that has taken the place of the Christian faith of the European people is negro worship. There are other articles of faith that go along with negro worship, such as the love of all the colored races and a preference for all the heathen faiths over the Christian faith, but negro worship is the cornerstone of the liberals’ faith, just as the worship of Jesus Christ was the cornerstone of the antique Europeans’ faith. Intellectual Christians who try to oppose Islam without opposing negro worship – “I oppose the Islamic invasion but I am not a racist” – and neopagans who oppose negro worship but sneer at the Christian faith of the antique Europeans are both doomed to failure, because both groups are trying to fight liberalism while retaining part of the liberals’ faith. The intellectual Christians want to blend Christianity and negro worship while the neopagans want to eliminate Christ and replace Him with their minds. The intellectual Christians are like the devotees of the mystery religions who made a rational decision to give themselves up to cosmic enthusiasm, much like the hippies of the 1960s and 1970s who wanted to get “lost in your rock and roll and drift away.” And the neopagans are like unto the Greek philosophers who thought they could dispense with the gods and make reason their god. The French Revolution started out as a rationalist rebellion against God and then, when rational atheism alone proved uninspiring, the Jacobins incorporated the rationalistic enthusiasm of the nature-based mystery religions into their system:

The conducting of this heathen mummery, which was substituted for every external sign of rational devotion, was intrusted to the genius of the painter David; and had it not been that the daring blasphemy of the purpose threw a chill upon the sense of ridicule, it was scarcely matched as a masquerade, even by the memorable procession conducted by the notorious Orator of the Human Race. There was a general muster of all Paris, (June 8,) divided into bands of young women and matrons, and old men and youths, with oaken boughs and drawn swords, and all other emblems appertaining to their different ages. They were preceded by the representatives of the people, having their hands full of ears of corn, and spices, and fruits; while Robespierre, their president, clad in a sort of purple garment, moved apart and alone, and played the part of Sovereign Pontiff.

– Walter Scott, Life of Napoleon Buonaparte, Volume 2

The combination of mystery, nature, and rationalism has been proof, so far, against all European counter-attacks. It is this old man’s contention that the Europeans have not been able to launch an effective counter- attack against the liberals because they have not put on the full armor of God. They have not used the shield of virtue, which is pietas, the passionate love of one’s own, nor have they wielded the sword of truth, which is faith in the vision of Jesus Christ bequeathed to us by our non-diverse, racist European ancestors.

There is a great divide separating us from the antique Europeans. Those ancient Europeans were a people, while the modern Europeans are a legion of Humpty Dumpties. “When I use a word, it means anything I want it to mean,” was Humpty Dumpty’s assertion. Such is the suicidal nominalism of the intellectual Christians. If you want to abandon Christ and your people in order to appease the liberal powers that be and still have a clear conscience, you simply invent a new Christianity. In the new Christianity a man’s sanctity is measured by the extent to which he loves and adores the black race. He doesn’t actually have to love blacks as human beings, he just needs to love the blacks in the abstract. And in that other hole-and-corner of Liberaldom, the neopagans hold onto their version of Humpty Dumpty logic. They love white brain cells while hating individual white people who believed that the foolishness of Jesus Christ was wiser than the brain cells of the philosophers, scientists, psychiatrists, anthropologists and all the other cosmic, universalist thinkers. It is this thing called intelligence that is the dividing line between the Humpty Dumptians of modernity and the antique Europeans. Does reason need to be illuminated by the human heart? No, it does not, say all the modern Humpty Dumptians, from the mad-dog liberals to the intellectual Europeans in the traditionalist and neopagan camps. But if human reason is self-illuminated, is it not illuminated by Satan? The light that shineth in darkness comes from His divinely human heart.

Europeans saw that light when their hearts were connected to His heart. The story of Christ’s nativity speaks to us still. The star of Bethlehem, that great light, came to earth through the heart of Christ. No man cometh unto the Father except through Christ. And no man cometh to Christ unless he comes by way of the human heart. The racial war is not, at least it should not be, a war about intelligence. The Europeans are not the Christ-bearing race because they are smarter than other races, they are the Christ-bearing race because their reason was illuminated by a heart-to-heart connection to Jesus Christ. The intellectual sneer at the sacred connection between the Christ Child and the European people is the mark of Satan, whether the sneer comes from the mad-dog liberal or from the neopagan. We are not the people of the blasphemous sneer, we are the people of the Christian hearth and the Christmas feast. Say not that the struggle does not availeth, it does availeth when it is grounded in His divine charity.

The proof that it is the heart that illuminates reason and not the reverse can be seen in the reality of our lives. Why did Reverend Price exult at the humiliation and execution of the King and Queen of France while the same spectacle made Edmund Burke weep? Why do our modern liberals exult at the presence of blacks and Moslems in formerly white nations while white Europeans of the old stock are sickened by the change? And why does the neopagan see nothing but a Jewish conspiracy in the faith that the European people gave their hearts and souls to? The answer is that reason can see only what the heart feels. The liberal hates, in his heart, the white Christ-bearing race so he exults in the triumph of the black barbarians over the white race. And the neopagan, in his heart of hearts, loves the idea of a world dominated by his giant brain. He hates all those who would put limits on his powers by bowing down to a sickening, weak-kneed God with Jewish antecedents.

The appeal to reason has not stopped legalized abortion, it has not stopped the liberals’ attack on the white race, and it has not stopped the neopagans’ assault on Christ-centered Europeans. We can’t reason the baby killers, the white-hating liberals, or the anti-Christian neopagans out of their maniacal hatred of all things Christian and European. Does that mean we give up? No, it means we give up rational debate and cling to what we know to be true — the antique Europeans’ vision of the living God, who presides over the hearth fires of the European people who have asked Him to abide with them, is the only life-sustaining vision that is worth fighting for. And it is the only vision that is grounded in reality. There is no truth or virtue in liberalism or neopaganism. Freud, Darwin, Marx, and company were men whose evil hearts darkened their reason and made them the instruments of Satan, just as the men of intellect, the Übermensches Nietzsche dreamt of, have cast their lot with the angel who would not serve. Is it really better to reign in hell than serve in heaven? That is only desirable to those who have never been touched by the Christ story. But of course that is the problem — the European people have become warring camps of Humpty Dumptians who have put their reason at the service of hearts that have rejected the Light of the world. Are there no Europeans willing to put on the whole armor of God and venture forth against the Humpty Dumptians of the hardened hearts? “Did not our hearts burn within us by the way?” But first we must have hearts of flesh. And then, and only then, will we find that “Lost Chord” of the European people – “that grand Amen” – which is preceded by the heartfelt prayer, “Blessed is he that cometh in the name of the Lord.” +

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A Tale of Two Towers


Of all the men who have ever taken pen in hand to put on paper what their heart felt, Shakespeare stands above them all. But he, even he, felt completely unequal to the task. In many of his sonnets he expresses frustration over his inability to adequately express his heart’s deepest sentiments. I think all the other truly great artists of the West, men such as Michelangelo and Handel, must have felt as Shakespeare felt – that what they wrote, painted, or composed was a mere stammering compared to the vision that was in their hearts. How could it be otherwise for fallen man? His heart sees the eternal light for one blessed moment, and then the things of this world darken that light and he sees through a glass darkly. And we lesser men, who are not Shakespeare, Michelangelo, or Handel, still have a vision of the light, and we still, like the great artists, try to stammer out our heart’s vision. Every human personality has a vision in his heart that is inspired by his God. Our vision as a people is contained within our race, because our race makes us a people with a local habitation and a name rather than an airy nothing or a formless universal that can be abstracted out of existence. The European people responded to Christ’s charity, and as a result His divinely human heart humanized their hearts. From the moment He came to their hearth fires, the European people’s stammerings reflected, collectively, the image of God. If we approach the European people in the spirit of a doctor who is just looking for disease, we will find nothing but disease in the European people. But if we look at their culture “feelingly” and not with the spirit of a dissector, we will see the face of God in the collective stammerings of their hearts.

We cannot reach out to His divinely human heart if we don’t have human hearts. “Out of the depths have I cried unto thee, O Lord.” If we don’t plumb the depths, if we forsake the tragedy of life for a Thomistic-Buddhistic escape into the land of the abstracted intellect, we will never transcend the tragedy of existence by fighting through the ever-moaning battle in the mist, as our Lord did. Instead we will forever seek to escape existence rather than conquer it through His Holy Cross. Having forsaken the Cross, we will never know the glory of the Resurrection.

The shadow of death hung over the European people until they saw “a great light.” Those people, those hearts who saw Christ through a glass darkly, were and are the Church of Christ. The false Aslans are the men of religion who have sought to make a church out of their man-made, mind-forged systems. At this point in the European peoples’ history the light seems all but extinguished and the shadows of death loom large. What else can we call the European nations that have become havens for the heathen faiths and the dark-skinned devils, other than the charnel houses of death? The liberals worship darkness and not the light. For this reason they have systematically attacked the people who saw a great light and infused that vision into their culture.

Will we ever again see the animation in the eyes of a European that stems from the light of a Christ-centered heart? Yes, we will, but first we will suffer as Job and King Lear suffered. Is that tragic? Yes, it is. But at least at the end of that tragic drama, the drama of the Europeans’ struggle against liberalism, there is light instead of darkness.

What vision of God do we see in the collective face of the people of color? We see the face of Satan. Yet the liberals want to blend with and worship those people. It’s no coincidence that the first atheist government within the heart of Christendom, the French Jacobin government, countenanced the massacre of whites in Haiti. The liberals’ utopia will always be built on blood, the blood of the white man. And the Christian utopians, the men who have forsaken the God of their ascending race for the great, gnostic god of the universal mind, often exceed their secular liberal brethren in their zealous hatred of the white race. In fact the hatred of the white Christ-bearing race has now become the secular liberals’ and the churchmen’s sign of election.

This fear of being racist (see The Fear of Racism) has paralyzed the European people. And it is not just the Western European people. I have heard the ‘We are not racist’ affirmation from stalwart eastern Europeans who courageously oppose Islam, but then quake before the racist label. I place the blame for this outrage on the unChristian Christian clergy. The better Europeans will oppose their liberal governments, albeit they will only oppose them democratically, but they will not oppose their church. They need to look past the church organizations who collectively represent the false Aslan, to the true church — the antique Europeans of provincial, racist Europe, whose stammerings from the heart bear witness to the living God.

Many years ago I saw the Scott Monument in Edinburgh. I suppose there are many monuments and sculptures more aesthetically pleasing to the eye, but the monument was a piece of moral beauty such as I had never seen before. It was such a moving tribute to one of Christian Europe’s greatest poets. Each carved niche of the monument contained one of the characters in Scott’s works or one of Scotland’s poets. It seemed to me then, and even more so now, that the monument captured the spirit of Scott. By placing the characters from his novels and other beloved Scottish poets in the niches of the monument, the man who made the monument was paying tribute to the stammerings of Scott’s great heart. The inner man, the vision that is in a man’s heart, is all in all. For me Walter Scott and the other great European poets such as Shakespeare pull back that veil, just for a moment, which separates this world from the next. And they bring us to that other world by way of the human heart. They reject intellectual systems and cosmic-mysticism for the one sure mysticism that St. Paul enjoins us to practice – the charity connected to His divine charity. I have no doubt that the Brits will soon tear down the Scott Monument, but haven’t the British people already done something worse than tear down a monument? They, like all the people of modern Europe, have forsaken the antique Europeans’ vision of the heart, as articulated and exemplified by Sir Walter Scott.

I frequently hear liberals and liberal conservatives saying that the Europeans must be diverse because the essence of a democratic society is diversity. Everyone, regardless of race, color, or creed must be welcome in nations that respect their democratic institutions and traditions. But we should not respect our democratic institutions and traditions, because they are not of Europe, they are not part of the European peoples’ heart. If you have a cancer in your body, you don’t strive to keep the cancer alive in your body because it is now part of your body’s history. You acknowledge that it’s there, but you strive to purge it from your body. The Moslems and the colored hordes are now part of the European people’s history, but that does not mean they must be preserved and protected (let alone worshipped) as if they are our people. They should be purged from the European nations because they are a cancerous non-Christian disease that will kill every last vestige of the light that shineth in darkness.

Let us not get lost in the theories of the secular and Christian utopians. Despite all the liberals’ raptures about the wonders of a world purged of white people and dominated by colored people, we see nothing but death, decay, and debauchery in the brave new world of techno-barbarian liberals and their colored barbarian gods. Is this the promised end? The antique Europeans saw beauty on a cross. Where is the moral beauty in the liberals’ brave new world?

George Meikle Kemp, the architect of the Scott Monument, was born in Midlothian, the scene of one of Scott’s greatest novels, and in his early years he was a shepherd on his father’s farm:

I gaze on thee, and one sweet memory tells
Of that strange lad who, all a summer’s day,
Herded his sheep upon the Pentland fells,
And read the mighty minstrel’s border lay:
And who, to echoes of the city bells
Blending with clash of arms and fierce foray,
Beheld thee there upon the hillside lone–
Brandished his crook and froze thee into stone!

-Ebenezer Charlton Black

Black’s ode to the architect who poured out his heart’s stammerings to the Scottish bard he loved captures the essence of Christian Europe. We are the provincial people who love a provincial God born in a manger. So long as we remain faithful to our provincial God, by loving Him in and through our kith and kin, we triumph over death and decay. But if we continue to aid the liberals in their attempt to rebuild the Tower of Babel, we will perish in darkness.

Two monuments, the one built by a loving heart in honor of a provincial poet who speaks to us all because he stayed with the provincial hearth-fire virtues, and the other tower built by blasphemers who sought to destroy the provincial virtues in order to satisfy their desire to become as gods. We shall not follow in their train. We shall place our hearts and our swords at the service of Scott’s provincial Europe. +

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The Non-Diverse European

Barton__Sailing-Boats on the Serpentine But let us consider these factors carefully. Racial segregation does not imply racial oppression or genocide or anything Communist like that, but means purely what it says. It means that the white race and the black race, the one advanced and the other primitive and polygamous, instead of mixing retain their widely disparate customs and identities. Basically it means only this: That the white race is determined to stay white. This, aside from the sheer impossibility of two such widely disparate races living on mixed and equal terms, is absolutely all that racial segregation means.

– Anthony Jacob

If I were a liberal, which by the grace of God I am not, I would be slightly worried about a few recent developments within Liberaldom. They are only minor problems, but if I were a liberal who wanted to see the complete triumph of liberalism I would not even want minor problems. The first problem is being caused by the black athletes who are refusing to stand for the national anthem. Don’t they realize – I am speaking for worried liberals – that we keep the white grazers in negro-worshipping trim by wrapping all our sporting events in the American flag? It’s all right to hate whites – in fact we encourage you to hate whites – but do you have to mar our negro-worshipping sporting events by baring your fangs at the services? We will cover up for you with accusations of racism against anyone who objects to your posturing, and then follow up the racism accusations with, “You must understand their rage,” but still you have made it difficult for us to fool all of the grazers all of the time. A few might slip away. What does that matter? It probably doesn’t matter, but having once been a white man I know that they can and will fight if they are stirred to the core of their being. So why push it when we are winning? Let sleeping dogs lie.

The second problem (still speaking as a liberal) is that loud-mouthed Hillary. The woman is constantly putting her foot in her mouth. Didn’t we have anybody else to run for President? That statement about the basket of deplorables is going to haunt us right up to election.

Still (no longer speaking as a liberal), the problem of stupid colored minions who don’t know when to leave well enough alone and the problem of running a woman for president who is too overt in her demonism is not going to put a major dent in the liberal machine. And such glitches will not put a major dent in the liberal machine, because when such glitches occur they only irritate a small number of white grazers, and those white grazers who are irritated are not moved to repudiate liberalism, they are simply moved to seek redemption from the devil. They will complain to the liberal hierarchy and ask them to correct what they feel is an aberration from liberalism. The grazers do not understand that what they see as an aberration is the essence of liberalism – the hatred of the white, Christ-bearing race. And how can the grazers understand the satanic nature of liberalism when they have been educated in liberal schools, they worship in liberal churches, and they live in a society dominated by liberalism? They can’t, because they have been seduced by liberalism just as Merlin was seduced by Vivien:

Then, in one moment, she put forth the charm
Of woven paces and of waving hands,
And in the hollow oak he lay as dead
And lost to life and use and name and fame.

Then crying, “I have made his glory mine,”
And shrieking out, “O fool!” the harlot leapt
Adown the forest, and the thicket closed
Behind her, and the forest echo’d “Fool.”

The white grazer lies prostrate before the liberals as one who is “lost to life and use and name and fame.” Of what use is the white man? He lives to serve the colored barbarians. What is his name? His name is evil. There are no evil men of color, all evil resides in the white male. And what is his fame? He has no fame, he only lives in infamy, soon to be exterminated.

The Moslem attacks in Europe and this country are not similar in the body counts, but they are similar to the anthem protests and the ‘deplorables in the basket’ remark of Hillary in this regard: They make the liberals nervous because they are so blatant. Will the white Merlin ever be stirred up enough to return from the dead? No, not in his former state. He was an intellectual Christian; for him Christianity was magic. And he who lives by magic can be seduced by magic. Vivien was not particularly smart, but she was backed by the devil who knew that Vivien had charms that could overwhelm an intellectual faith devoid of passion. Vivien offered Merlin the passion that his faith lacked. It is only Arthur’s faith, which is anchored in the love of his Lord, in and through his people, that sustains him in the day of battle against the flesh and the devil. Merlin can only be saved from without. His kinsmen must break his enchantment with the sword of Christ’s divine mercy. Then Merlin, having rejected the magic of intellectual Christianity, will embrace the miracle of the true faith – our Lord’s divine condescension, the charity and passion of His death on the cross, which has redeemed the world, and His resurrection from the dead, which gives us the sure and certain hope of our resurrection from the dead.

The white grazer is very far from the European people who believed that the Christ story was true. If some statement by a Hillary or an Angela Merkel, or some blatant act of ingratitude from the pampered and privileged black athletes, or yet another Moslem attack on the European people, were to trigger something in the white grazer’s soul that would make him take the first step back to his Christian, European hearth fire, that would truly be an event worth celebrating. But it hasn’t happened. The liberals circle the wagons around their colored and Moslem minions whenever they become too blatant in their barbarism, and they regroup and rephrase when one of their public officials misspeak.

In Matthew 5:3 Christ says, “Blessed are the poor in spirit,” and in Luke 6:20, He says, “Blessed be ye poor.” It seems that our Lord, in Matthew 5:3 means to suggest that a man does not have to be in abject poverty to be humble in spirit and realize he is completely dependent on God. Nor does the fact of poverty necessarily make a man humble in spirit and receptive to God’s grace. But in Luke 6:20, He does make the point that it is often only those who have been humbled by the loss of the things of this world who can come to know God. The modern European people have only a passing intellectual acquaintance with the God whom their ancestors knew in spirit and in truth. What will happen when the liberals’ fantasy world comes tumbling down, when they no longer can provide the sporting events, the health care, and the other basic human services? The prophetic voice of Anthony Jacob speaks to the modern European, but the modern European is not listening:

Kenya, we must understand, is a microcosm of the entire West. Therefore let us ask ourselves, What would have been our general White position today if the world had consisted only of Kenya, with no other place for us to go to and no other form of government for us to live under? What then? We, the White race, would already have been obliterated or reduced to everlasting serfdom, would we not? Yet however fanciful it might still seem to the white peoples of the northern American states and occupied Europe, the world today does in the most vital sense consist only of Kenya, for we cannot keep on being racially overruled and uprooted and moved on. Wherever we are now we are in effect in Kenya; for certainly the operations of the anti-White conspiracies, the techniques of the Communists, Liberals, and One-Worlders, remain significantly identical whether they be applied in Kenya or Alabama.

Africa is the world, particularly South Africa and Kenya. The blacks will not be practical and keep the useful whites alive. Most will perish and the ones left alive will live in squalor. Will that poverty ennoble the white? Will they turn to the European Christ? Some will. But poverty is not a magic formula for spiritual renewal; it often simply crushes the spirit. What Christ wants is our heartfelt love. He doesn’t require us to live in hovels in order to know His love. The people of Nineveh were supposed to be unconvertible, but when Jonah listened to God instead of the voice of this world only – the voice of practical, utilitarian logic – he went to Nineveh, and the people of Nineveh were converted. “O Lear, O Lear, Lear! Beat at this gate, that let thy folly in, And thy dear judgement out!” It is the heart that illuminates reason. If our hearts are right, our reason will serve the good. If our hearts seek a treasure other than Him, our reason will serve the devil. No plea for reason to prevail has ever stopped a war or arrested the headlong flight of a demon-possessed people from hurtling over the cliff.  Only a passion, grounded in His passion, that is passed from one heart to another can arrest the seemingly unstoppable fall of the European people into the deepest pit of hell – a Babylonian hell on earth.

The European fairy tales in which the third dumb brother wins the fair princess and becomes king because he has that charity of honor were stories that illustrated the Pauline Christianity, which tells us that “the foolishness of God” is “wiser than men,” had entered the blood of the European people. From that “foolishness” the European people derived their strength. Merlin and the white grazers have placed their hopes in intellectual systems, whether they are called magic or science; it is all one. Such systems will ultimately betray their adherents and leave them in a hollow oak bereft of their name and identity.

Why do young whites look for their identity in artificial recreations of what they think is the old Viking culture? I suppose it is because they feel it gives them an identity and a people to whom they can belong to. But the path of neo-paganism is the path to the dung hill. The Vikings and the other pagan warrior tribes bent their knees to Christ. If a European forsakes the European Christ, he forsakes his people. Oscar Wilde was wrong. Each man does not kill the thing he loves. The liberal seeks to kill the thing he hates – the Son of God and the Christ-bearing race. Likewise the neo-pagan, because he hates the Son of God, hates the Christ-bearing Europeans and seeks to forge a new Europe grafted on to the old pagan Europeans.

It is only the European with the heart of flesh, the European who loves much, who will endure to the end. The ‘isms’ (liberalism and Neopaganism) are aberrations, they are not of Europe. And it is only eternal Europe that will survive, all the ‘isms’ will turn to ashes. The indoctrination didn’t work. We reject their world of democracy, science, multiculturalism, and negro worship. We prefer the foolishness of St. Paul and the antique Europeans. +

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By What Right Do Liberals Rule?

Dore_St_Paul_at_EphesusThere is no safety for honest men, but by believing all possible evil of evil men, and by acting with promptitude, decision, and steadiness on that belief. I well remember, at every epocha of this wonderful history, in every scene of this tragic business, that when your sophistic usurpers were laying down mischievous principles, and even applying them in direct resolutions, it was the fashion to say, that they never intended to execute those declarations in their rigour. This made men cautious in their opposition, and remiss in early precaution. By holding out this fallacious hope, the impostors deluded sometimes one description of men, and sometimes another, so that no means of resistance were provided against them, when they came to execute in cruelty what they had planned in fraud.

– Burke in A Letter to a Member of the National Assembly

 When Richard II unlawfully seized the lands of Bolingbroke, thus setting off the War of the Roses, which would finally end with the death of Richard III at Bosworth Field, his uncle York warns him that he is only king by “fair sequence and succession.” If he violates fair sequence and succession to seize his cousin’s lands, does he not invalidate his right to be king? But Richard ignores his uncle’s advice, and he does indeed lose his crown and his life as a result:

DUKE OF YORK. O my liege,
Pardon me, if you please; if not, I, pleased
Not to be pardon’d, am content withal.
Seek you to seize and gripe into your hands
The royalties and rights of banish’d Hereford?
Is not Gaunt dead, and doth not Hereford live?
Was not Gaunt just, and is not Harry true?
Did not the one deserve to have an heir?
Is not his heir a well-deserving son?
Take Hereford’s rights away, and take from Time
His charters and his customary rights;
Let not to-morrow then ensue to-day;
Be not thyself; for how art thou a king
But by fair sequence and succession?
Now, afore God–God forbid I say true!–
If you do wrongfully seize Hereford’s rights,
Call in the letters patent that he hath
By his attorneys-general to sue
His livery, and deny his offer’d homage,
You pluck a thousand dangers on your head,
You lose a thousand well-disposed hearts
And prick my tender patience, to those thoughts
Which honour and allegiance cannot think.

KING RICHARD II. Think what you will, we seize into our hands
His plate, his goods, his money and his lands.

DUKE OF YORK. I’ll not be by the while: my liege, farewell:
What will ensue hereof, there’s none can tell;
But by bad courses may be understood
That their events can never fall out good.

Richard the Second

With the same arrogance of Richard, but without his Shakespearean poetic, the satanic Prime Minister of Canada recently announced that Canada was not a nation. If it isn’t, then by what right is Justin Trudeau the Prime Minister of Canada? By right of liberalism, the Canadian Prime Minister tells us. Canada is simply a group of people who believe in humanity. But what is humanity in the abstract? The liberals have told us the answer to that question through their deeds: ‘For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also.’ The liberals treasure the colored races and the heathen faiths. So humanity consists of the colored races and the heathen faiths in the aggregate. That is what Justin Trudeau fancies himself the leader of – an aggregate herd called humanity. But his title of Prime Minister is only valid because of an older rule of fair sequence and succession instituted by white Christian Europeans. If he violates that rule, he is a tyrant masquerading as a legitimate ruler.

The white Canadians, like the American Midwesterners, are more open about their liberal agenda, but they are no different than the liberals in all the other white nations. Liberals do not look on themselves as leaders elected to defend and protect the white citizens of their nations. They look on themselves as an elect group of men and women with the right and duty to exterminate the white people within their realms in order to advance the interests of the colored barbarians. And whites who petition and plead with the liberal elect for rights within liberalism will find, like Sisyphus, that they can never quite get the ‘white people have rights too’ rock up the democratic, multi-cultural hill of the liberals.

Bolingbroke knew that if he allowed Richard to divest him of his lands and title, he would lose his name and his identity, and his heirs would lose their names and identity. And he also knew that if he let Richard seize his lands and titles, Richard would feel free to take his life, so he fought back. But the modern Europeans, who have been robbed of their identity as a people by liberals who seek their lives as well, seem to have no desire to fight back. Why?

The first reason is that the modern Europeans have ceded a divine right of kings to those officials who are democratically elected. James I of England, Scotland, and Wales tried to foist such a right on the British people, but he, and his Stuart successors, failed to establish that right, because the European people had a bred-in-the-bone faith that put Christian limits on their sovereigns. ‘I serve the King, and the King serves Christ,’ was their rough-hewn code. And when a King didn’t respect the Christian faith and the Christian rights of his subjects, he was deposed.

Thomas Hughes, author of Tom Brown’s Schooldays, was of the opinion that if the new age of democracy failed to recognize that Christ, not the democratic process, was the ruler of Europe, then Europe would descend into the dark night of Babylon. And of course that is what has happened. The European laws that were grounded in our Christian faith were sacred, but laws grounded in liberalism are far from sacred. They are, in fact, satanic. Until Europeans rid themselves of the notion that any law decreed by men elected democratically must be followed as holy writ, you can keep digging those mass graves for the Europeans who refuse to fight.

The second reason that the modern Europeans won’t fight back against the techno-barbarians and the colored barbarians is that they no longer have an identity to fight for. What were the European people? They were the Christ-bearers. What are they now? The church men tell them that they are not the Christ-bearers; their ancestors worshipped a false Euro-centric Messiah that never was. The liberals tell them something similar – they tell them that their God was a racist, sexist, homophobic God as were the people who worshipped Him. ‘So who am I?’ the wandering European asks. ‘Where did I come from and wither am I going?’ The liberal’s answer – ‘You are an accident of nature, a loathsome boil on the body of humanity that must be lanced and then removed.’ And the white man accepts that piece of liberal doctrine, because he can’t defy nature. The old Christian Europeans could defy biological nature because they believed in a God above nature, but the modern European cannot defy nature because his God cannot transcend nature; he is bound, like Prometheus, upon that hard rock with the liberal and colored barbarian vultures attacking his entrails.

The Christian era of the European people was, according to the liberals, the age of superstition and unscientific thinking. But what could be more superstitious than the modern enlightened Europeans’ belief in science and democracy? What has been the end result of their belief system? The modern Europeans meekly submit to their own extermination as they chant the democratic-scientific litany: ‘We love the colored barbarians because they are natural and organic people, and we believe in the infallibility of the democratic process – onward and upward with democracy, science, and the noble savages of color.’

A Trump victory will not be a victory for white people. It will be a rearguard action that will give the white Europeans a little breathing time before their inevitable defeat. And their defeat is inevitable if they don’t reconnect with their past and learn to see existence feelingly. There is a passion gap between the modern Europeans and their ancestors. The antique Europeans had hearts of flesh that responded to any attack on His reign of charity. When innocence was attacked, when their people were attacked, they responded with the hatred that stems from love. You can’t sustain a long war – and a very long war is necessary to defeat the liberals – with a war cry of ‘We want our share of the Jacobin pie!’ The European people can only fight as they should fight, when they fight Jacobinism in defense of innocence – the aborted babies and the white victims of colored atrocities. No white candidate who does not make the abortion issue and the white genocide issue his main issues is truly a white candidate. And there never will be a white candidate, because Jacobin democracy is anti-white and anti-Christian. Break your democratic chains, ye men of Europe, and fight in response to your heart’s promptings. Surely it is better to be an antique European who loves and hates with all his heart than a modern intellectual something-or-other who has nothing to feel passionate about?

Burke, and later Richard Weaver, echoing Burke, tells us that our prejudices are our heartfelt intuitions about the nature of existence. If we purge our ‘prejudices,’ we have no touchstones of reality; we are reeds for every wind that blows. We can see the reeds blowing in the winds when we look at the new intellectual Christians who have divested themselves of the superstitions and prejudices of the antique Europeans. The new, unprejudiced, intellectual Christians worship negroes and all the non-white races regardless of what they do or believe. The new intellectual Christians believe in the sanctity of the Jews despite that fact that the Jews don’t believe in Jesus Christ. And the new intellectual Christians always side with the liberals, the great haters of Christ and His people, against those who believe in Jesus Christ and try to defend His people against the colored barbarians and the heathen faiths. What will it take for the European people to once again become prejudiced, ‘To hate the devil and all his works’?

What makes a man turn his back on liberal Babylon and seek that other world – His Kingdom come, on earth as it is in heaven? He must be touched, at the deepest level of his soul, by the love that passeth the understanding of the intellect. There is only one way to the Father, whose love passeth all understanding: It is through the Son of God. And there is only one way to the Son: It is through human hearts that love Him. There is no other Christ than the Euro-centric Christ. That Christ is not time-bound. He was and is at the center of the only truly human culture that ever existed on the face of the earth. Without a connection to the people who created that culture, in response to His divine love, there can be no faith, no hope, no charity, and consequently no resistance to liberal Babylon. “Seek ye first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things shall be added unto you.” Wasn’t the miracle of Europe a direct result of Europeans who did indeed seek, first and foremost, the kingdom of heaven described to us by the Son of God? The European people will never throw off the yoke of liberal techno-barbarism and colored barbarism by a utilitarian affirmation of intellectual Christianity. They must love the Euro-centric Christ who enters human hearts. Within those European hearts is the death warrant of liberal Babylon. The love that is rooted in His passion can never be defeated. Wither does the European wander? Christ is his King by fair sequence and succession. When he loves enough to fight for his king, he will reclaim his European name and identity – the Christ-Bearer – and he will be triumphant over the satanic liberals and their colored minions. +

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But of Thee, O Lord

von_carolsfeld_risen_christ_appears_to_his_disciples Viewing things in this light, I have frequently sunk into a degree of despondency and dejection hardly to be described: yet out of the profoundest depths of this despair, an impulse which I have in vain endeavoured to resist has urged me to raise one feeble cry against this unfortunate coalition which is formed at home, in order to make a coalition with France, subversive of the whole ancient order of the world.

Letters on a Regicide Peace

Let me pause and honor Phyllis Schlafly, who passed away a few days ago. I am not a ‘Founding Fathers,’ free market, democracy-loving Americanist; that aspect of Mrs. Schlafly’s agenda never held any appeal for me. Nor did Mrs. Schlafly take a stand against negro worship, which is one of the two great issues of our times. But on that other issue, the issue of “Unsex me here,” Phyllis Schlafly took her stand and held it, never yielding unto death. She opposed cop chicks, soldier chicks, infanticide, and the demonization of the Christian patriarchal family. For that I honor her and say, “God bless you, Phyllis Schlafly,” as I’m sure He will.

Speaking of death (“I didn’t know we were,” you reply), my body played a rather cruel trick on me this past August. After seven years without so much as a sniffle, I was plagued with an illness that I thought, at one point, was going to take me to that country from whose bourn no traveler returns. You can accuse me of hypocrisy if you want – “How can a professed Christian be so unwilling to die and be with his Lord?” – but I prayed the “Please, not yet” prayer. I remember making a similar prayer some thirty years ago when I received a head injury while working as a police officer. But there was a crucial difference between the two events. During the first, I didn’t want to die because I wanted to be there for my family, and because I still wanted to enjoy those thousand and one earthly things that our Lord has put on this terrestrial ball for our enjoyment. During the second, the recent illness, I did not want to die because I still wanted to be there for my family, but the desire to enjoy life had vanished and been replaced by a certain longing for death. That longing was nowhere near as strong as my desire to still be a stay and support for my family, but that new longing had definitely replaced the zest-for-life longing of thirty years ago. Because I’m a reflective, “melancholy Dane” type, upon my recovery I thought about what had changed inside me over the past thirty years to destroy those “joys of this earth” yearnings. And I concluded that it has to do with what Blake wrote: “Where man is not nature is barren.” The liberals have done such a thorough job of destroying Christian Europe that there is no living human remnants to be found. When our European culture was Christian, there were “sweet vale of Avoca” moments when God, man, and nature seemed one. Now, when Satanic Babylon has replaced Christian Europe, man, nature, and the devil are one. A world peopled by Cornwalls, Gonerils, Regans, and Calibans is not a world of infinite delight, it is hell.

The dying Laerte says,

The foul practice
Hath turn’d itself on me.
Lo, here I lie,
Never to rise again. Thy mother’s poison’d.
I can no more: –the King
The King’s to blame.

Yes, the King was to blame, but he never was the true king. Hamlet was the legitimate heir of his father, King Hamlet. And the intellectual Christians are not the true church, they are false prophets who preach a false Christianity envenomed with the poison of liberalism.  Christ left His church in the hearts of His people, and Satan’s allies have attacked that church by creating an anti-church alongside it, with all the outer accoutrements of Christianity but with a spiritual core that consists of a death’s head. Intellectual Christianity is Pope John reacting to the torture-murder of his own people at the hands of black barbarians with “loving forgiveness” for, and reverend worship of, the murderous black savages. Intellectual Christianity is Pope Francis placing Christ on the same level as Mohammed and below Allah. Intellectual Christianity is the betrayal of all things white and Christian by Christian democratic leaders such as Angela Merkel. Intellectual Christianity is the persecution of the white race under the banner of ‘fighting racism,’ while in reality it is Satan who has organized the attack. Never accept the anti-European lie. The European people are under attack because Christian Europe was a sign of contradiction to Satan. Our modern, inhumane, Christ-hating Europe is a sign of contradiction to the Man of Sorrows who once ruled Europe through the hearts of His people. While the intellectual Christians tried to make their man-made, mind-forged theologies the universal law, the true church was held together by the European people who loved the Savior in and through their kith and kin:

The writers on public law have often called this aggregate of nations a Commonwealth. They had reason. It is virtually one great state having the same basis of general law; with some diversity of provincial customs and local establishments. The nations of Europe have had the very same Christian religion, agreeing in the fundamental parts, varying a little in the ceremonies and in the subordinate doctrines. The whole of the polity and economy of every country in Europe has been derived from the same sources. – Edmund Burke

Yes, from the same sources, from the same wellspring – the blood of the Lamb who taketh away the sins of the world. Every European man and woman knew that their nation was a nation because His divine charity ruled over their racial hearth fires. A breach of custom or a breach of law was immoral because their customs and laws came from Christ. But when the laws and customs of the European nations come from Jacobinism, spawned by intellectual Christianity, the European people must oppose such laws and customs lest they become the subhuman servants of the liberals, just as the Eloi became the prey of the Morlocks in H. G. Wells’ novel The Time Machine.

Burke took great pains to show the people of Europe that the French Revolution was not a mere change in government, not the exchange of one ruling family for another. Nor was it the change of a Royal King for a Lord Protector. It was a change from a Christian commonwealth to a satanic commonwealth. For liberals, it was the dawning of a new day throughout Europe; for Burke, who saw with blinding sight, it was the beginning of the end. The “unbought grace of life” would disappear from Europe if Europeans allowed the Jacobin serpent to enter therein.

The history of Europe since the French Revolution has confirmed Burke’s prophetic warnings. All the European wars since the French Revolution, except the American Civil War, which was a war of Southern European loyalists against Northern Jacobins, have been wars between competing factions of Jacobins. The history of Europe under Jacobinism has been like the tale of The Shepherd of the Giant Mountains without a Christian hero to kill the griffin. Now, every European battle, political and military, spawns new, young griffins just as Jacobin and venomous as their ‘different in degree but not in kind’ enemy. The old right was not conservative in that they wanted to return to Christian Europe and side with the King against the Jacobins. All the old right wanted was a larger piece of the Jacobin pie. And the new alternative right is a very old alternative right. They are young griffins who want their share of Jacobin Europe. But whether it is the old right, which was never from the Right, or whether it is the new alternative right, which differs from the liberals and the old right in nothing except possibly the extent of their sneer against all things Christian and European, matters little.

Ah, the sneer. That seems to be the link between all the modern movements. The ‘smart ones’ sneer at the antique Europeans because they were noble whereas the modern sneerers are ignoble; the ‘smart ones’ sneer at the antique Europeans because they were dumb (why else would they worship a gloomy Gus who died between two thieves?). And on it goes – all that made life worth living, the romance that accompanied male and female relationships was deemed sentimental slop (maybe some of it was, but it certainly was superior to the ‘let’s do it in the road’ philosophy of the moderns); the faith that lessened and finally transcended the sting of death (Death, where is thy victory?) was replaced with macho existentialism and the ‘absorbed into the elements’ faith of the nature-loving liberals. And worst of all the charity of honor disappeared from the face of the earth because it disappeared from the hearts of the European people. No European political movement or organized insurrection can have any validity or worth unless it stems from that charity of honor bred into the bones of our European ancestors at their racial hearth fire.

“In the midst of life we be in death:” But what is death? Our Lord tells us that death is the beginning of life eternal. Why does that belief play no part in the grandiose schemes of the liberals, the conservative liberals, and the alternative right? Why must they kill old Europe? Our Lord said that the pure in heart would see the living God. Is that why the people who saw Christ and made Him the light of their culture must have no rights of memory in this distracted globe? They must not be remembered, because they remind us that “in the midst of life we be in death.” We can’t face that truth without faith; it is too horrible. Just as the man who knows only Lady Macbeths, the man who never had one whispering silken gown across his life, cannot bring himself to fight for a woman’s honor, so is the man who has never known the Christ of old Europe incapable of mounting a charge for his King, his people, and his God.

Some force greater than intellectual Christianity, neopaganism, or liberalism must come into the European’s heart and purify his vision. Is such a miracle possible? It is certainly possible. And it should be every European Christian’s prayer that the Europeans, who currently sneer and mock all that is good and noble in the European people of the past and those who follow in their train in the present, will be converted to the faith of their ancestors or else die on the swords of the men who love so much that they have seen His blood upon the rose. +

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