The Final Outrage

William_Tell_and_sonLikewise also as it was in the days of Lot; they did eat, they drank, they bought, they sold, they planted, they builded;
But the same day that Lot went out of Sodom it rained fire and brimstone from heaven, and destroyed them all.
Even thus shall it be in the day when the Son of man is revealed. – Luke 17: 28-30

The United States is the type of nation that all other European nations are trying to become: A militantly anti-Christian, anti-European, Babylonian nation with the negro serving as its mystical center. The recent Supreme Court ruling that raised the sin of sodomy to the same level as Christian marriage was the final step in a process that began with race-mixing. It’s striking, not as a matter of mere intellectual curiosity, but as a horrific story of hell and damnation, how closely the United States and her European toadies have followed the same path as the damned in the Bible. The modern Europeans have chosen to build their civilization on the two sins, miscegenation and sodomy, that the Lord God chose to come down to earth to condemn.

And they said, Go to, let us build us a city and a tower, whose top may reach unto heaven; and let us make us a name, lest we be scattered abroad upon the face of the whole earth.
And the Lord came down to see the city and the tower, which the children of men builded.
And the Lord said, Behold, the people is one, and they have all one language; and this they begin to do: and now nothing will be restrained from them, which they have imagined to do.
Go to, let us go down, and there confound their language, that they may not understand one another’s speech.
So the Lord scattered them abroad from thence upon the face of all the earth: and they left off to build the city.
Therefore is the name of it called Babel; because the Lord did there confound the language of all the earth: and from thence did the Lord scatter them abroad upon the face of all the earth. – Genesis 11: 9

And lest we forget, our Lord also had something to say to the gay community:

And the Lord said, Because the cry of Sodom and Gomorrah is great, and because their sin is very grievous;
I will go down now, and see whether they have done altogether according to the cry of it, which is come unto me; and if not, I will know. Genesis 18: 20-21

Of course we know the rest. Our Lord could not find ten just men, and Sodom was destroyed. Yet the anti-nation called the United States celebrates sodomy. “I’m not gay, I’m ecstatic!” a triumphant sodomite sign proclaims.

Let us pray, we few, the European remnant, for each other and for our loved ones, that we not be counted with the Babylonians and the sodomites. ‘We were among them, O, Lord, but we were not of them.’

Some of the Christian pastors – at least they preach in buildings advertised as Christian – have expressed their concern over the legalization of sodomy. But really, aren’t those pastors like the girl who says ‘Yes, yes, yes,’ at every liberty taken and suddenly says, ‘No’ before the final liberty? You can’t militantly support miscegenation, women’s ‘reproductive freedom,’ and democratic multiculturalism, and then suddenly say, ‘We will not have homosexual marriage elevated to the same status as marriage between a man and a woman.’ This homosexual blasphemy is not an aberration, it is the logical consequence of allowing liberals to restructure Christian Europe in the image of Satan.

Conservatives blather on about the economy, telling us that we are becoming like socialist Greece – a reverse pyramid society. That is true. But can you have a stable economy in Babylon? Of course you can’t. A country with an anti-Christian mystique will have a satanically based economy in which the wicked prosper and the innocent suffer.

The liberals’ utopia is based on the age-old mysticism of all the nature religions. In those religions the devotee’s personality is absorbed by the deity, who is an impersonal deity that can inspire the type of ecstasy that our modern, sexually-depraved perverts speak of, but such mysticism cannot touch the deeper regions of the human heart where charity and love abide. It was only the historical Jesus, the Christ of the Gospels, who inspired the mysticism that St. Paul writes about in 1st Corinthians 13. The Christian Europeans practiced the Christ-centered mysticism of St. Paul, in which human hearts, through the grace of God, are able to commune with God in and through their people. (1)

In the 20th century, many debunking theologians claimed that St. Paul had perverted the teachings of Christ. The same theologians said that the European people, prior to the coming of the 20th century theologians, had also perverted the teachings of Christ. But such is not the case. St. Paul’s mystic vision, his poetic, is in perfect harmony with the Gospels. And the collective vision of the European people, their poetic mystique prior to the 20th century, is in complete harmony with the poetic of the Gospels and St. Paul. On this issue – is Jesus Christ, true God and true man, at the center of the antique European culture, or is He not? – rests the entire fate of the human race. If Christ is at center of the antique European culture, He should be rediscovered, through adherence to the mystical core of that ancient culture, rediscovered by the people who have been enjoined to carry the Christ Child on their shoulders through the rivers of modernity. If the European Christ was a false Messiah, then let Babylon reign supreme. There is no middle ground. The Babylonians have triumphed, because of their victory in the Christian churches over the poetical-mystical Christianity of St. Paul. Intellectual, theological Christianity is incapable of combating the mystique of Babylon. The ‘ecstasy’ that comes from absorption by the gods of blood and perverted sex cannot be overcome by referring the ecstatic gods’ devotees to page 281 of the Summa Theologica or page 999 of Calvin’s Institutes of the Christian Religion. But the ecstatic cults can be destroyed by a spirit and blood connection to the Christ of history, who can be known and loved through a heartfelt connection to the European people of long ago.

The Babylonians have spent over a century trying to cut the Europeans off from their past, because without that connection there is no means to judge between Babylon and Christianity. It’s not possible to be connected to Walter Scott’s Europe, which contains the God-man at its mystical core, and also be connected to modern Babylon. That is why old Europe and the men and women who dwelt there only exist as case studies for the people of Babylon, and their whole civilization, their movement from darkness to the light, is seen as a cautionary tale of what can happen when white people with a faith in the historical Jesus and a faith in their destiny as the Christ-bearing people are allowed to live unopposed by the forces of Babylon. A racist, sexist, homophobic society is created. You can’t compromise with the Babylonians. The halfway-house Christians politely ask if they can take a few Christian remnants into their new Babylonian house, but why should the Babylonians make any concessions to a people who no longer believe they are a people and who no longer believe their God is the true God who cannot be blended with other gods? A blended race is not a race, and a blended god is not God.

The Roman Catholic church and the mainstream Protestant churches are scared to death of the Babylonian liberals. If they oppose this final outrage, the legalization of sodomite marriages, they might lose their tax exempt status. Horrors of Horrors! – No tax exempt status to preach the new blended Christianity, which combines Babylonian negro worship with Christianity and comes up with the most anti-Christian mixture ever conceived. It would be a blessing if the churches were denied tax exempt status, because it might force them to seek solace in the historical Christ instead of filthy lucre. But it is not likely that the liberals will deny the churches their tax-exempt status so long as the churches support the blending of negro worship and Christianity; it is in the best interests of the liberals to maintain the churches’ support. As they stand now, the churches are like brothels; they allow a man to keep his Babylonian wife while occasionally dallying with his Christian mistress.

Never doubt for a moment that the first outrage, miscegenation, has led to this final outrage. Immediately upon the announcement of the Supreme Court’s decision in favor of sodomy, the Babylonian apologists took over the media. A ‘conservative’ talk show host asked his liberal cousin if it was right that a private businessman with religious objections to homosexual weddings should have to cater a homosexual wedding. “Of course they have to,” the liberal asserted, “because once people claimed that race-mixing was against their religion and refused to serve mixed race couples and people of color.” Ah! There it is. Once the race barrier is broken, then all of what the liberals call ‘barriers’ – and we call channels of grace – must be destroyed.

There is no such thing as religious freedom in Liberaldom. You are only free to practice your religion to the extent your religion supports liberal values. And this is how it should be: A Christian people should not support miscegenation, abortion, negro worship, and sodomy any more than a liberal government should support segregation, the sanctity of unborn life, the white race, and the Christian marriage bond. But the children of darkness are wiser than the children of light. The liberals know who their enemies are, while the Christians do not. But then that is because the Christians are not Christian; they have been absorbed by the negro gods of Liberaldom. And that is a terrible thing, because Christ’s rule is tempered by mercy, whereas the rule of the negro is devoid of mercy.

All of the Babylonian ideals were ready and waiting to be implemented during my childhood and early manhood, but they hadn’t been put into their iron-clad place yet. I grew up in a segregated town and had only a vague abstract notion of homosexuality and abortion. Now there is no commercial break from the unrelenting, soul-killing, iron-clad rule of the liberals. (2) If you don’t call on Him who saves every second of your existence, and become an ironclad, uncompromising, counter-revolutionary of the spirit, you will be absorbed by the liberal gods.

For me, it is the image of William Tell in the lead picture of this article that represents the counter-revolutionary spirit that the European people need. His task was much easier than ours; he had only one tyrant to deal with. But his spirit should be our spirit. He stood against the moral tyranny of those who would destroy Christian innocence and charity. He hoped others would follow in his stead, but if they didn’t he was prepared to stand alone in defense of his European hearth fire. I see Tell’s image before me, defiant and European to the last, as the final piece of the liberals’ Babylonian kingdom of hell on earth is being put in place. Surely it is better to stand with Tell at the mountain pass than to be enveloped and then consumed by the gods of Liberaldom? +
(1) H. V. Morton once remarked that Dickens’ characters were not exaggerations. Christian Europe produced such distinct personalities. Now we seldom see Europeans with distinct personalities, because the heathen gods absorb the human personality into one inhuman refuse heap.

(2) It’s appropriate that the Supreme Court’s decision came so close to the July 4th holiday. Let Babylonians rejoice! Let us celebrate the eradication of every last vestige of Christian humanity. Every 4th of July, and most particularly on this 4th, I recall Shakespeare’s words: “It is a tale, told by an idiot, Full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.” Precisely. At the heart of the American Babylonian mystique is nothingness, the nothingness of a people who have forsaken their people and their God.

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Resisting the Satanic Reversal

fuseli_prosperoThe reversal of the two natures, in their relative positions, Uriah’s of power, and Mr. Wickfield’s of dependence, was a sight more painful to me than I can express. If I had seen an Ape taking command of a man, I should hardly have thought it a more degrading spectacle. –Dickens in David Copperfield


‘Ride to the sounds of the guns’ is good advice if there is only one battlefield. But what if there are thousands of battles going on around you? You ride to the one that seems the loudest, I suppose. Right now the liberals have trained their big guns on South Carolina, using the tragedy there to solidify their seemingly unbreakable stranglehold on the white people of our nation. Churched Christians throughout the nation are meeting to mourn the victims of the shooting in South Carolina, and then following up the memorial services with discussions of ‘racism,’ which are always discussions about the evil racism of the bad white people; they are never discussions about the racism of black barbarians. The tragedy of others should not be the occasion for the advancement of an evil political agenda. But that is always the case with liberals, because liberals have no conscience. So let me begin this week’s counterattack against the unconscionable liberals.

I’m old enough to have buried both my parents. There is a short period after the funeral when friends give you their sympathy and then they expect you to move on. They have their own griefs (or soon will have) for which I will express sympathy and then expect them to move on. If you can’t move on, then society demands, and it is a fair demand – for how could society function if we were all eternally mourning – that you keep your grief private. I haven’t ‘moved on’ very well myself, largely, I think, because of a poor denouement of the story of my earthly relationship with my parents. I always hoped for more of a rapprochement with them before their deaths. I suppose from their point of view – they were 1950s liberals – I was a wayward son who they hoped would turn his life around before they died. But whatever your relationship was with your own parents or your children, if you are a Christian European you sympathize with people who have lost their loved ones, by the course of nature, by war, or by murder, as was the case in that South Carolina church. But our sympathy is intensified to the extent that we knew the deceased. Only other family members and close friends mourned with me at my parents’ deaths. And such is the case in the South Carolina church murders. Many people sympathize with the surviving relatives of the murdered church goers, but only their closest kin mourned deeply. The other mourning, the mourning of the liberals, is fake mourning for political purposes.

As a white Christian, I care first and foremost for my family, my friends, and my kind. But because I have deep feelings for my family, my friends, and my kind I can respect the genuine grief of those outside my family, my circle of friends, and my race. And that is where the Christian European differs from the liberals and the colored barbarians. The liberal, who has only hatred for his own people, can usually muster up some feeling for his own family by being a complete hypocrite, but he has no feeling for the rest of mankind, black, white, brown, or yellow, because he has no heart. His passion is for an abstract utopia where love has been replaced by debauchery and charity has been replaced by cruelty, the cruelty of a Jacobin utopia. And no colored tribesman outside the murdered blacks’ families really sympathizes with those South Carolina church members. The much maligned antique white European sympathizes with them, because he, and he alone, is fully human; he knows what love is through his connection with the divine heart. The black tribesman and the liberal only profess concern for the murdered b lacks in order to further their cause, which is the destruction of white culture and the extermination of white people. Look at the contrast between the white Europeans and the liberals, and the white Europeans and the liberals’ colored shock troops. When the black South Carolinians were murdered, white Europeans offered prayers and sympathy. When whites are tortured and murdered, the liberals either ignore the murders or excuse them. And black columnists respond with glee to the torture murder of whites by writing, “Cry me a river.”

The crime statistics are clear. Black on white crime has reached epidemic proportions and white on black crime is very rare. But even if the crime statistics were reversed, it would not make miscegenation and integration right. Did God create different races for a reason or is skin pigmentation just an accident of nature, with no spiritual significance, just as we are now told that a woman’s breasts and a woman’s womb have no spiritual significance?

Because I am white I care first and foremost about my own white race. And it is obvious that miscegenation and integration have not been good for the white race. But, because I am Christian, which all true Europeans are, I have no desire to see the colored barbarians who are not attacking my people go to hell in a basket with their more aggressive and demonically possessed colored brethren. Therefore I want a white-dominant culture in which blacks and whites are segregated, because without segregation there will be no white culture for the colored heathens to look to for a light in the darkness of heathenism. Of course if white people refuse to be Christian, then both the blacks and whites will be plunged into darkness. Segregation is not at all impossible, in fact, a segregated culture is the only type of culture a Christian should desire. The liberals in and outside the un-Christian Christian churches constantly tell us that miscegenation and integration, which are code words for the extermination of the white race, are the essence of Christianity. If racism stops, which is a code word for a white man’s love of his own people, the liberals tell us shootings like the ones in the South Carolina church will stop, the world will be filled with pure and loving black and brown people, and it will be cleansed of all white people, with the exception of a few Mr. and Mrs. Atticus Finches. But how can a human being posit such a cruel, inhuman scenario? Did Victorian England ever produce a mass murderer? Yes, there was Jack the Ripper, and he was such a rarity that he has never ceased to spawn books and movies about his twisted, perverted rampage. But Jack would not be famous in our current society. His murderous rampage would be minor stuff compared to our modern lunatics. And what kind of society produces madmen who make Jack the Ripper seem tame? Is it the pre-Civil War South? Is it 19th century Britain? No, it is modern Liberaldom. When I go anywhere with my family or when I lock my door at night, I am worried about colored barbarians and some skinny, white techno-barbarian without a soul. Both are produced by a liberal society that demonizes the white Christian male and deifies the black barbarian, the Lady Macbeth feminist, and reason unfettered from the Christian heart. There will be more shooters of black and white people, and the black barbarian hordes will continue their bloodletting, until the liberals’ flag, in church and state, is torn down and replaced with the cross of Christ.

The goal of the liberals has always been and will always be the same: The destruction of the white race. It’s self-defeating, of course, because it means their own destruction as well, but they don’t look that far ahead. They understand only that it is the white male who impedes the development of utopia, the utopia they see themselves enjoying with their colored brethren.

All organized Liberaldom took the time after the South Carolina shooting to warn, not black America, not brown America, not yellow America, but only white America, of racism. But if you’re filming a version of It’s a Wonderful Life and it’s the white Europeans who are left out of the history of America, what would we see? The liberals tell us we would see paradise. Isn’t white America called “paradise destroyed”? I don’t see things as the liberals do; they tell us that America and all the European nations will become paradisaical states once the white man disappears. America is further along the utopian path than the other European nations, and what do we see in America? Is it really paradise? Far from it. The American nation resembles hell, because white pietas has been called racism and banned from the anti-nation called the United States. In reality it is only white pietas – white people’s love of their kith and kin – that elevated the white race above the cruel nature religions of the colored heathen and the techno-barbarian liberals. If that European pietas, which is quickly fading, ever completely disappears, it won’t be paradise that we will be looking at. We will be looking at Satan’s kingdom on earth, the exact opposite of His kingdom come.

In just the short span of fifty years, the face of all the European nations has changed more drastically than in the past 1,000 years. And that is because the Satanism of liberty, equality, and fraternity joined with technology to give the European people a new religion. I repeat myself, but this bears repeating: It is the new catechism that we who are old have had crammed down our throats and those who are young have absorbed into their blood streams: The Father – unfettered reason, The Son – The Negro; and The Holy Ghost – science. The French Revolution in France only partially succeeded, because unfettered reason did not have the full support of the Son and the Holy Ghost. The French Revolution in San Domingo was a more complete revolution than the one in France proper, because the Son – The Negro – was invoked. But it was the 20th century Jacobins in America and throughout the European world who brought the French Revolution to completion by fully integrating the scientific Holy Ghost with the other two parts of the unholy trinity. (1) In the 20th century scientific thinking was equated with modern ideas about the Father and the Son. ‘Fundamentalist’ became a label of derision, and ‘progressive’ and ‘scientific’ became signs of grace, the grace of an enlightened intellect.

The antique European sheds a tear and makes a silent prayer for the murdered negroes of South Carolina, but he does not join in the universal mourning parties, because they are part of the anti-white, anti-Christian festivities of the modern world. Negro worship does not benefit the white or the black, because the secularized triune faith, with the negro as its centerpiece, has brought us to a world where “humanity must perforce prey on itself like monsters from the deep.” White people are the main victims in such a world, because Satan hates the Christ-bearing people most of all, but the murders in the South Carolina church demonstrate that Satan does not concern himself with the collateral damage from his attack on Christ’s people. Once the blood red tide is loosed, there is no guarantee that it will only strike white Christians and spare the liberals and their negro minions. That we stay connected to our own people, loving them in and through Christ, is what is forever needful. Everything else is from Satan, no matter what pretty ribbon of multiculturalism it comes dressed up in. +


(1) The Russian, Marxist revolution was not as complete and total as the modern American and European revolutions, because the Russians, despite Trotsky’s recommendations, never incorporated the negro savior into their system as fully as the Western nations did. Things are not always as they seem. While American and European “conservatives” were warning about the dangers of communism in Russia they failed to confront the mere advanced Jacobinism in the Western nations. Now it is upon us and the conservative quislings are either dead or else joining with their liberal brethren in condemnation of white racism.

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Hold to the Vision

resurrection-of-jesus-gustave-doreThere is no grander, no more superb spectacle than that of the white men of the South standing from ’65 to ’74 quietly, determinedly, solidly, shoulder to shoulder in phalanx, as if the entire race were one man, unintimidated by defeat in war, unawed by adverse power, unbribed by patronage, unbought by the prospect of present material prosperity, waiting and hoping and praying for the opportunity which, in the providence of God, must come to overthrow the supremacy of “veneered savages,” superficially “Americanized Africans” – waiting to reassert politically and socially the supremacy of the civilization of the English-speaking white race. – John Sharp Williams

Twas the hour when rites unholy
Call’d each Paynim voice to prayer
And the star that faded slowly,
Left to dews the freshen’d air.
Day his sultry fires had wasted,
Calm his sultry fires had wasted,
Calm and cool the moonbeams shone;
To the Vizier’s lofty palace
One bold Christian came alone.

– Walter Scott

I’ve always felt that the Midwestern states of the United States are the most unabashedly liberal ones in America. It’s the over-compensation factor: Midwestern liberals feel that they’re not quite as cutting-edge liberal as their East and West Coast counterparts, so they always try to prove to the East Coast and West Coast liberals that they are every bit as liberal as they are. Consequently they comprise the most thoroughly liberal region of the United States. In fact, as a region they have much in common with Canada, whose liberals feel that they must not appear like some kind of backwater nation, so they push liberalism even harder than the U.S. In Canada, like in the Midwest, they make their draconian liberalism explicit.

Because of this over compensation factor, the St. Paul School District in Minnesota has instructed its teachers not to punish black students if they misbehave in school. Instead, they are to try to find out what some bad white person did to “trigger” a violent response in the good blacks. This stated policy has been the unstated policy of white European law enforcement agencies for the last 25 years at least, but it is significant that people in Minnesota have decided to make it the stated policy. And even more significantly there has been no white outrage. But then you didn’t expect there to be any white outrage, did you? Whites become outraged when their local sports team trades a black athlete whom they all adore, but they do not become outraged when police departments hand their homes and their lives over to black barbarians. “For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also.” White people are more concerned that ‘their team’ stays intact than with the survival of their people. (1)

For many years now, I’ve been trying to understand the grazers. You see, I understand the liberals; they are evil, their hearts belong to Satan. But the grazers? What are they? Case in point – I visited an old, country-style gun shop a few weeks ago to purchase another firearm. The shop was filled with grazers, who talked about this and that gun, made some jokes about Obama, and in general took right-of-center stances on most political issues. They were genial pagans, like most of the men I served with on the police force. But did you ever try and stir up any kind of blood and soil sentiments in such individuals, a genuine love for kith and kin? It can’t be done. They love their sport teams, and they love an abstract idea of their country, and they want both to be powerful, because it makes them feel powerful. And they want to be thought well of by respectable society. Never mind that ‘respectable society’ is run by Satanists. Society is a generic, eternal thing with the grazers, which is why they always court its collective approval. Grazers get mad at liberals who call them white racists, but they don’t get mad at liberals for not being white racists. So who are the grazers? They are the lukewarm; much better company than the liberals, but ultimately a very depressing, and thus spiritually draining group of people. Never, if you are an antique European, make the mistake of thinking a grazer is your friend just because he makes an Obama joke or is interested in military memorabilia. The grazer views kith-and-kin Europeans as kooks, and a kook is not respectable. “How can you trust a man who doesn’t support the team?” is the grazer’s rationale.

It’s ironic; in America we probably have more guns in the hands of private citizens than any other nation in the world, and yet we have retreated before the colored barbarians to an even greater extent than the nations that have banned firearms. Need I state the obvious conclusion? Something besides armaments determines the outcome of wars. Of course a fighting man must pay careful attention to his weaponry, but what is more important is the spiritual armor that St. Paul writes about. The European grazers have left their spiritual armor in the attic for the last century and as a consequence they have become Undines, men without the spiritual discernment to know who the enemy is, and men without the inward Charity of Honor that makes a man fight for hearth and race rather than for democracy and the local sport team.

The grazer is always at the mercy of the liberals, because the liberals have a faith and the grazer does not. So if a young grazer wants to fight, he must join the liberals’ militia, and if an older grazer wants to feel fuzzy-patriotic, he must wave the flag of multiculturalism. If the grazer had a genuine faith, as his European ancestors did, he would feel in his bones the truth of John Sharp Williams’ words against false patriotism:

But mere physical courage is a thing too common amongst the men of the race to which we belong to be worthy of any sort of celebration for its own sake. Mere fighting is no virtue: far from it. Indeed, the man who is not great enough and brave enough not to fight when he ought not to is a poor excuse for a man.

Well said! What a man fights for and what he does not fight for tells us about the man. The grazing whites in the European nations will not fight for their racial nation, but they will fight for the liberals’ negro-worshipping nation. Why? It is because they have no faith, so they are dependent on the liberals to provide them with the wars and the athletic contests that stir their blood enough to make them feel they are alive and not merely grazing in the fields of oblivion. But they are grazing in the fields of oblivion, because no man or woman truly becomes alive, as the European fairy tales tell us, until he loves much. Our European ancestors became one with Him whom they loved, the living God, because they loved Him in and through their people. And the liberals love the devil in and through their people, the negroes. So the grazer is left out in the cold without a God, unless he embraces the liberals’ gods. This is why despite his grumblings about The Obama and welfare chiselers, the grazer will always side with the multiculturalists of Liberaldom. Where else can he go? He could stand with the fighting remnant of his own race, like those brave young Spartans of South Africa or that small fighting remnant of Englishmen, but that would mean standing in the right with two or three against a multitudinous army of liberals and colored barbarians. Such a stand is impossible for a man without faith. But with faith? Then miracles occur.

When Ben Jonson said that his friend William Shakespeare was a greater dramatic poet than the Greek dramatic poets, it was considered quite a controversial statement. The pagan Greeks were considered to be at the highest level of human achievement in all the arts. But how could a pagan plunge the depths of the human soul to the same extent as a European Christian, who had the benefit of living in a society that had formed an incorporate union with Christ? We see in Shakespeare and all the great poets who followed him the reason why Christianity triumphed over paganism: It satisfied the deepest longing of the human heart, the longing to know that there was a divinely human heart at the center of the universe, a divine Personality whose charitable love for His people was revealed in the God-Manhood of Jesus Christ. The pagan blood rites were Christianized and became rites of spirit and blood. Our blood was blended with the blood of the Lamb! All this needs to be stated, because modern Europeans no longer have a blood connection with the people who saw the Christian God as something more than the end product of a syllogism.

Some 15 years ago, when the United States was involved in one of its many bombing missions of the Arab nations, I had a conversation with a female grazer who professed to be a believing Christian. After agreeing with me intellectually about the immorality of the war, she then blurted out, “But I support it, because saturation bombing gives me a rush!” For me that woman represents the failure of intellectual Christianity. At the depths of a Christian’s soul there is an unquenchable flame of charity that gives us something more than the ‘rush’ of the sex and blood of paganism. But if we don’t plunge to the depths, if we only stay on the philosophical surface of Christianity, we will be bored stiff with the whole Christian bit, and we will seek to return to the fleshpots of Egypt. The liberals embrace the new Babylon with all their heart, mind, and soul, while the grazers embrace it second-hand; but they remain captive of the liberals, because they find Christianity to be a bloody bore. And Christianity is a bore if we adapt the false Christianity of the theologians and the philosophers. The true faith is a sword of divine charity that does not kill; it brings the heart of man into the Divine Presence: “And there reigns love, and all love’s loving parts…”

We all know the ‘rush’ of the pagan things, but our people once knew something greater than the rush of paganism. They felt, through charity, which never faileth, the joy of being connected to the living God. When Pickwick forgives Jingle, when Quentin Durward renounces vain glory for charity’s sake, and when all the ‘ordinary’ Europeans of faith consecrated their hearts to the Man of Sorrows, because He first loved them, we feel in our sympathetic connection to those people, the transcending and purifying fire of divine charity enveloping our hearts and taking us to a fairy tale land far above the Babylonian hell of the liberals and the grazers. And that is the tragedy of the grazers: They share the hell of the Babylonians, because they are lukewarm, without the spiritual strength to walk away from the opiates of multiculturalism and return to their racial hearth fire where the God of their ascending race resides.

Something holds the grazers in Liberaldom. Sport teams and respectability seem to be the primary necessities that keep the grazer in the city of Babylon; there may be other darker reasons as well. The antique European can only hold on to his counter-vision, the vision of eternal Europe bequeathed to him by his European ancestors. If we hold to that vision until we are relieved by our Lord, we might be astounded to learn that some grazers actually have left the fields of oblivion to follow in our train as we follow those heroic Europeans of old, who loved much and were forgiven by the God whose love passeth the understanding of the Babylonians of modern Europe. +


The white South African people are in a desperate struggle for survival. Shouldn’t we be more concerned about them than we are about multiracial sport teams? And all of the European nations are now – or will be soon – facing the same black menace that threatens the white South Africans. I don’t care about the survival of democracy, of football, or of multicultural America. I care only about the survival of my own people.

Everything is grist for the liberals’ white-hating mill. The recent tragedy in South Carolina is an example. That shooter should be executed. He killed innocent people without any cause other than his own bloodlust. But white people should not let the liberals make this an occasion to further their white-hating agenda. The battle flag should remain, and whites should stress that it is only in cultures like the white Southern culture, which the battle flag represents, that criminals of every color are genuinely punished for their crimes, and a true climate of Christian charity, which discourages such crimes, can exist. The fight is always for a white Christian Europe. If the battle flag and what it represents disappears, the white holocaust will continue, and such random acts of violence and insanity that occurred in South Carolina will increase tenfold.

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Rage, Rage Against the Murder of White Innocence

Barton_Under_Hungerford_Bridge… Verily I say unto you, Except ye be converted, and become as little children, ye shall not enter into the kingdom of heaven. Matthew 18:3


Romantic flights of fancy are generally the curse – or blessing, depending on your point of view – of a small proportion of males. Females, in the main, eschew romanticism for the reason delineated by Kipling in “The Female of the Species.” Women have been endowed by God with a practical gene, because it is they who must face “death by torture for the life beneath their breasts.” But this is not going to be an essay on the female of the species. I’m trying to get to my main point by way of a laborious analogy.

As a young man with a romantic streak, I tended to build castles in the sky around certain women who seemed to me to be fair and virtuous maidens, one of whom I hoped would live with me in my castle in the sky, much like Snow White in the Disney movie. There was one young woman in particular, who I had decided, in my freshman year of college, was destined to be my Snow White. I had only walked to class with her a few times, but being a foolish young man (now I am an old foolish man), I thought she was the one. I’ll shorten the tale by proceeding quickly to the denouement. My castle in the sky came tumbling down when one day I saw my lady fair in a passionate embrace with another woman. “Lord, what fools these mortals be!”

That little incident did not cure me – a romantic is never cured, and perhaps it is good that he isn’t, because I believe that we need a few romantics – but it did help me to temper my romanticism with steel rather than silly putty. Which brings me to the subject of these wars. I needed a shock to make me face the fact that romance must be grounded in reality, just as white people who look to the law in church and state to help them against the onslaught of the colored tribesmen need a strong shock to make them realize that the law, when it is detached from the life blood of the European people, is not a friend; it is a fiery sword in the hands of the Archangel Satan, which he wields against white Europeans.

Mention ‘the law’ and white intellectuals get excited. They get out their Blackstone, their Aquinas, and every other volume of legalese they can lay their blood-stained hands on. And then they proceed to prove to white people that there is no such thing as a black threat to white people. There is only one thing a white man must do, they tell us: He must follow the law and the men in church and state who make and interpret the laws. Then all will be well. But all law must have a purpose beyond law, otherwise the law becomes as sounding brass or a tinkling cymbal. Our laws existed to preserve the European people and their civilization. If they are now used to destroy the European people and the remnants of their civilization, we should not remain under the yoke of mere law. We should look to the God who is above man-made law, the God who commands us to fight for His reign of charity. When the devil rules, the European should not be law-abiding.

Let me mention two recent cases in point, which represent the wrong-headed and spiritually bankrupt position of the European people vis-à-vis the law. In the city of Philadelphia, an all-female black gang has been invading the homes of white people and terrorizing white women and children while shouting racial slurs at them. The whites in the neighborhood called the police, but the police did not respond. After Ferguson, Missouri, and Baltimore, the police were not about to take action against blacks, particularly female blacks. So the people in the neighborhood had a ‘White Lives Matter’ rally. Certainly white lives matter, they matter a great deal to me and to the remnant band of Europeans who have not succumbed to negro worship. But to whom were those white people in Philadelphia appealing when they staged their rally? They were appealing to the liberal government, which has institutionalized the hatred of white people and the deification of black people. Are the police, who represent the law, going to side with the white victims of crime or the black perpetrators of crime? In the rare instances, which are always followed by black riots, when police actually take violent action against black criminals, there has been an element of surprise. The police officers in those rare incidents did not have time to avoid contact with the aggressive blacks, so they ended up actually doing that which is forbidden by liberal law: They took violent action against a black barbarian. Such cases are very rare though, because our laws are set up to protect the violent blacks and to exterminate white people. I’m not overly fond of bikers, they are generally not the salt of the earth. But I noted that the Waco police gunned them down without any protest from the mass media or from any church group. Shouldn’t there be some investigation to see if the bikers did anything to warrant the massacre? Of course not; we all know that white lives do not matter.

What should whites do when black barbarians rape, murder, and pillage? If you need to be told the answer to that, then it would be of no use to tell you the answer. We must divest ourselves of the notion that the law, independent of what it represents, is a sacred thing that we must not transgress. Instead, we should obey the higher law: That charity of honor compels us to fight in defense of our people. And the church men and the statesmen, the upholders of the ‘law,’ should not be allowed to support the extermination of white people without suffering the same fate traitors have suffered throughout the Europeans’ history.

The second case in point was a Christian pastor who recently appeared on Fox News, complaining about the government’s discrimination against Christians. He didn’t say ‘white’ Christians – no doubt he didn’t want to appear prejudiced – but he correctly pointed out that Christians were discriminated against by our anti-Christian government. But what was his solution? We’ve heard this time and time again: We are supposed to vote the anti-Christian politicians out of office. Antonio’s words are apropos: “You may as well go stand upon the beach, And bid the main flood bate his usual height…” A government dedicated to the extermination of white people and the eradication of every last remnant of the white Christian culture of the antique Europeans is not going to allow any genuine European Christian politician to be on the ballot. The Christian pastor is appealing to the democratic system to cure a condition that is the result of our democratic system. “You bid me seek redemption from the devil.”

When Solzhenitsyn came to the West in the 1970s, he remarked that the most astonishing thing about the Western peoples was their lack of courage. I would amend that to “their lack of moral courage.” The West does not lack men who will fight floods and hurricanes to save negroes from death. The West does not lack men who are willing to go to war in the name of multi-culturalism and democracy. What the West lacks is men with the moral courage to oppose the powers that be in church, state, and society, who have decreed that whites must die and negroes must be worshipped. That type of courage stems from a deeply held faith in the God of antique Europe. Such a faith can move mountains, and it can move some whites to actually oppose the liberals and the colored barbarians. It is always a problem of faith. When you love much, you do not care a fig for the powers that be; you see your people, “the least of these my brethren,” being tortured, raped, and murdered, and you fight.

I recently saw a black minister, an Al Sharpton-clone, calling for the murder of all white people. The blacks have responded to such rhetoric with deeds. They have stepped up their violence against whites. And most of the white officials in town and country have told their police officers not to respond to black violence. ‘Just let them alone and they’ll get tired of their blood-letting,’ is the belief of whites in positions of power. “All racism must end now,” the black pastor screamed. But what is racism? Racism is any attempt, by white people, to resist their own extermination.

It is not only in the black churches, which have never been Christian, but it is also in the white churches that we hear the white race demonized and the black race deified. I’m surprised that the churches still use white communion wafers. Wouldn’t black communion wafers better reflect the current anti-white, anti-Christian theologies of our Christ-less Christian churches?

Harry Berres, a retired Marine sergeant, said in 2011, “When I joined the military it was illegal to be homosexual, then it became optional and now it’s legal. I’m getting out before Obama makes it mandatory.” That is the way liberalism works. First we were told to accept the negroes as equals, then we were told we were less equal than the negroes, and finally, we were told we must worship negroes and calmly stand by while our kith and kin are murdered by the negroes.

There is a satanic union between the white technocratic liberal and the black barbarian. Both hate the innocence of white children. The liberals, when they don’t manage to kill the child in the womb, try to destroy the innocence of white children with sex ed laboratories called schools and the popular media. And the black barbarian must kill white innocence, because it is in his nature to kill the weak and helpless. Another white innocent, named Aiden Archer, has recently joined Jonathan Foster in the ranks of death. The mother, a white woman who will defile hell with her presence when she dies, stood by while her black barbarian boyfriend tortured her three-year-old white son to death! ‘So what,’ is the reaction of the liberals. ‘We must put this in proper context and not become emotional about it,’ the conservatives in church and state tell us. But I choose to become emotional about it. I want that black barbarian and his white concubine killed, and I want every mad-dog liberal and black barbarian who attacks white innocence to be killed as they have killed.

Do you see the satanic mind at work behind this attack on white innocence? The death of any child is horribly tragic, but these torture-murders of innocent white children is Satan’s ultimate desperate gambit to murder the Christ-bearing people. Our Lord has told us we must acquire the innocence of a child in order to inherit the kingdom of heaven. Satan has taken our Lord at his word. He has set the negro loose, through his liberal minions, to torture, humiliate, and murder childlike innocence so that the white child will never know love or innocence. The adult that stands by and puts the murder ‘in context,’ or turns his face away from the murder, will destroy that respect for childlike innocence in his own heart, without which he will never see the kingdom of heaven. Unless we rise and ride in the name of Christ and for His children, we will not see the risen Lord. We will not see Him, because we refused to fight for the “least of these my brethren.” There are consequences when white people refuse to be white; Satan has his will, and childlike white innocence disappears from the face of the earth. +

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The Darkness Deepens

Gilbert_Lear_rejectedLear. If thou wilt weep my fortunes, take my eyes.
I know thee well enough; thy name is Gloucester.
Thou must be patient; we came crying hither.
Thou know’st, the first time that we smell the air,
We wawl and cry. I will preach to thee; mark

Gloucester. Alack, alack the day!

Lear. When we are born, we cry that we are come
To this great stage of fools. –


It should surprise no one that the black homicide rates in our major cities have skyrocketed since the Ferguson, Missouri black riots, which were really black festivals celebrating the end of all police resistance to black violence. You see, the blacks are a very simple people, not pure and simple as Rousseau and his liberal heirs depicted them, but simple as the beasts of the jungle are simple: When they sense weakness, they attack their prey. The blacks have no idea why white people are weak and defenseless; they only know that they are, so they kill them. It is much easier to play a harp with only one string than to play a harp with many strings. You won’t get much of a sound from just one string, but you’ll keep things simple. The blacks have one string on which they play one song: Kill the whites.

White people, in contrast to the blacks, are very complex. They cannot stand to play on a harp with just one string; they need a multi-stringed harp they can play in union with a whole orchestra of other musical instruments. That orchestra might end up performing a symphony with the same theme as the one-stringed black harp, but it will be more musical than the black harp. Thus the liberal symphony calls black atrocities, the “understandable reaction to centuries of oppression”; white self-defense, “racism”; and black savages, the “pure and noble sons of nature.” Negro worship is the liberals’ symphony. Every time a white woman is raped by a black barbarian and every time a white is tortured and murdered by a black barbarian, we can hear the liberals’ symphony playing in the background, just as we hear background music when we go to the movies. Of course the particular movie that is playing in all theaters throughout the European world is White Genocide. The liberals wrote the script, they are directing it, and of course they are playing the background music for the black barbarians who, following the liberals’ script, are murdering the hated whites.

The fact that the white man sees life as more complex than a one-note harp should not preclude an attack on the unholy union between the liberals and the black barbarians. One can see, if he is an integral man, that life is complex, and still act. Complexity will not paralyze the man with a heart of flesh. However, whites have been mesmerized by the liberals’ symphony – “You must not resist black violence, you must worship the black gods with all your heart, mind, and soul.” But must we do so? Didn’t the white man once listen to a different music? The ancient European lay called us to rise and ride in defense of kith and kin. I don’t see why we should listen to the modernist symphony of negro worship when the lay of the antique Europeans still calls us to a higher destiny.

The written word of God and the church documents do not lead us directly to God; they must first be sifted in the heart of man. Christ came to us through the hearts of His people, the Europeans. So long as one European heart remains faithful to the Divine Presence, the image of God in man has not been entirely eradicated from the face of the earth. With malice aforethought, Satan uses the black barbarians to achieve his ends. When the negroes kill whites they do not simply kill them, they also torture and degrade them. There is a fearful satanic symmetry between the liberals’ constant debunking and degrading of the antique European culture and the blacks’ torture and degrading of their white victims. What happens in the soul of the tortured white victim of black barbarism? Does he die in despair and curse the God he feels has forsaken him? That is certainly what Satan wants: “Despair and die,” he tells us.

The use of negroes to destroy the white race is quite logical, satanically logical. The war will never cease until Satan is defeated in the last great battle between good and evil. But that doesn’t mean we should let Satan have free rein. The defense of our people should certainly take precedence over the defense of ‘democracy’ or ‘our constitution.’ What we love is what we should defend. And if we don’t love our kith and kin, then what kind of subhuman creatures are we? We are liberals.

The liberal symphony has drowned out the lay of the European Minstrel. Wherever a white man goes, he hears the music of negro worship, which is meant to make him feel an out-pouring of love and sympathy for the sacred negro while feeling a hatred for the people of his own race, who oppress the sacred negro. And while this music is playing, the work of slaughter goes on.

It is painfully obvious that the Haitization of the white nations is in progress. It started out slowly, but now the Haitization process has accelerated. In light of that fact, we should at least look to see if any white people have ever successfully resisted Haitization.

Our search brings us to the Reconstruction Era of the South (1865 – 1877). The intent of the radical Republicans was clear: The white Southerners were to be turned over to the people without mercy, the negroes. The white Southerners violently opposed the torture and murder of their people, and white genocide, for a time, was forestalled.

The fighting South was still a bred-in-the-bone culture when the Southern people of the Reconstruction Era fought against the liberals and the black barbarian shock troops, but when they started listening exclusively to the liberal symphony they became like unto the liberals of the North. It’s sad to hear modern Southern apologists defend the South by claiming that, “Those damn Yankees are more prejudiced than we are.” When the South successfully resisted Haitization, they saw themselves as a Christian people defending themselves against black barbarism; they were prejudiced in favor of Christ over the negro. All white Europeans need to recover that prejudice.

The glory of the European people was that they were conscious of their sinfulness before God. And because of their consciousness of their sins and God’s mercy, they loved much. They loved God in and through their people. Now that they are no longer conscious of their real sins but have invented a false sin, racial prejudice, and a false god, the negro, the Europeans do not love much. They do not love their own kith and kin enough to “cry havoc,” and let loose the dogs of war upon the liberals and their colored minions. The burning white child, Jonathan Foster, and all our white children deserve our love. When we forsake them, we forsake Him, and we cut ourselves off from His grace. In the eyes of the world, white people are less than nothing; they are evil vermin that must be exterminated. Our Lord’s words come to mind: “Inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me.” The burning white child is also our Lord.

The liberals’ great symphony of negro worship seems to be the only song that white people hear. If they could once again listen to the lay of the European Minstrel, they would hear of a people who loved much and were forgiven their sins by a God of infinite love and mercy. Talk of European minstrels seems quite inappropriate in a scientific age. But the liberals have their romances, their Uncle Tom’s Cabin and their To Kill a Mockingbird, which they weave into their symphony of negro worship. The Christ story, as related by the minstrels of old Europe, is still the best response to white genocide.

David Copperfield started his personal history by stating, “Whether I shall turn out to be the hero of my own life, or whether that station will be held by anybody else, these pages must show.” The Europeans’ personal history once read like a beautiful fairy tale of brave heroes and virtuous maids who defied the devil and his minions in the name of Christ, the King of Fairyland. That old narrative has been taken over by somebody else. Now the Europeans dance to the music of Satan. Only those who remember the “love that once was there” will hear the lay of the European minstrel and refuse to worship Satan in and through the negro. Our white nation was meant to be a dwelling place for the living God, not a dwelling place for Satan and his minions. Why shouldn’t we become the heroes of our own story? We do not have to submit to the will of Satan.

The Son of God goes forth to war,
Who follows in His train? +

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The European Undines

Red_Fairy_Book--The_Golden_BranchThe blood of man should never be shed but to redeem the blood of man. It is well shed for our family, for our friends, for our God, for our country, for our kind. The rest is vanity; the rest is crime.

-Edmund Burke


And what do we call a government that is anti-family, anti-white, anti-Christian, and anti-nationalist? We call it a regicide government that has no moral right to exist. All white men are honor-bound to oppose the regicide governments of the European nations. But of course regicide governments come into existence when the philosophers and debunkers have killed the white man’s code of honor. There is no more disgusting spectacle than the Memorial Day celebrations in the U.S. and their equivalent in other European nations, in which white grazers gather together to celebrate white genocide. “Support our troops,” they say, as they show us a scene of a negro singing a jazzed-up version of some formerly patriotic song. How can the solders of multiculturalism be our troops?

When Stalin discovered, during World War II, that the Russian people would not fight wholeheartedly for international communism, he let the Orthodox priests out of jail to bless the troops and pray to God for the deliverance of Mother Russia. A small cabal of utopian lunatics will fight for universals, but the bulk of mankind needs to feel that what they fight for is local. (1) There was no great desire amongst Americans to get into World War II until the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor. You are not a conspiracy theorist if you say that Franklin Delano Roosevelt engineered that Pearl Harbor bombing, because his actions leading up to the bombing are too well documented to label the anti-Roosevelt historians conspiracy theorists. They were simply accurate recorders of a historical event. But the point is that Roosevelt, as a card-carrying utopian universalist, needed to make the war seem local before he could safely label America-First patriots such as Charles Lindberg, who wanted America to stay out of the war, as unpatriotic kooks. Once the hurdle of the genuine Lindberg-type of patriotism was overcome, Roosevelt could proceed with the business of building utopia with the blood of white men. Every phase of the Second World War to make the world safe for democracy and its cousin communism was buttressed up by pin-up girls, mom’s apple pie, and the girl you left behind. If the old honor code of the European, which consisted of that charity of honor, had been in place during t he 1940s the white males would not have been left morally defenseless when the democracy propaganda machines went into action. In the absence of a deeply held faith, a merely virtuous man can be deceived by the wicked. And the American government, along with the other European governments of the 20th century, were wicked to the first degree. Twentieth century wars were not ‘good guys’ vs. ‘bad guys’ wars, they were wars between regicide nations determined to leave Christian Europe behind and to forge new European nations based on universalist abstractions such as communism, democracy, and national socialism.

A great number of Thomas Gradgrind-type conservatives have written about the dumbing down of American school children. You can now get a Ph.D. without being able to write a sentence, and you can get an undergraduate degree without being able to read or write. But that ‘dumbing down’ process has simply been a utilitarian adjustment to the new technological age. Modern students are taught computer skills and negro worship, which are far more practical skills for success in the modern world than reading, writing, and arithmetic. The Gradgrind conservatives have no reason to grumble then, because our students are learning what is utilitarian.

But the European conservative does have a reason to grumble. He has a reason to revolt. Our white children have been stripped of their cultural heritage so that they will not be able to resist the anti-white, anti-Christian propaganda of the liberals. They will go to war to make the world safe for multiculturalism, and they will worship the negro and hate the white man with all their heart and soul. It is the moral emasculation of white men, not the dumbing down process, which has turned Christian Europe into Liberaldom. A literate population that reads books about the sacred negroes is even worse than an illiterate population that can only get the latest party line from the oral culture. Whether the glass hits the rock, or the rock hits the glass, the glass is destroyed in both cases. The moral essence of the United States and the other European nations will remain Jacobin, whether they are literate or illiterate nations. Whatever is opposed to white Christian Europe is good, so Islam is good, Judaism is good, and the negro is sacred. Satan’s legions will always be at odds with the Christ-bearing people.

If the Bible and the European poets are right, and the philosophers and theologians are wrong, then it is possible to see why the European people have forsaken Christ for the negro. The Bible and the European poets stressed that wisdom comes from a heart that loves. The modern white Jacobins of the lapsed Christian and Jewish varieties have deliberately cut themselves off from the heart so that they can build a new Tower of Babel. This new Tower of Babel will unite all religions, save the Christian religion, and all races, save the white race. This rational divorce of the head from the heart unites the disembodied brains of the West with the colored tribesmen. The Western intellectuals cannot understand European Christianity, because they have chosen the path of Louis XI and Bakunin:

In short, the manners, sentiments, and actions of Louis XI were such as were inconsistent with the principles of chivalry, and his caustic wit was sufficiently disposed to ridicule a system adopted on what he considered as the most absurd of all bases, since it was founded on the principle of devoting toil, talents, and time, to the accomplishment of objects, from which no personal advantage could, in the nature of things, be obtained. – Introduction to Quentin Durward

“All tender and gentle feelings of kinship, friendship, love, gratitude and even honor itself should be choked off in the revolutionary’s breast by the single cold passion of his revolutionary task. He is not a revolutionary if he has pity for anything in the world. He knows only one science—the science of destruction. He lives in the world with a single aim—its total and swift destruction.” – Bakunin

The colored tribesmen are united with the Jacobins of the Western world in their hatred of the white European, because Christianity has never penetrated to their hearts. For them a blood faith is not a heartfelt faith, it is not something spiritual and noble, it is a blood faith that bypasses the heart and remains in the glands, finding gratification in all that is bestial and ignoble. So the two faiths, the rationalist, bloodless faith of the western Jacobins, and the heartless, bloodthirsty faith of the colored tribesmen, are conjoined to make war on the European people.

In the silent film Metropolis, the director Fritz Lang ends his long film masterpiece depicting the struggle between capital (the head) and labor (the hands) with a reconciliation of the head and the hands. The reconciliation takes place through the mediation of the heart. That is what is lacking in our modern world. The great intellects of the post-Christian West and the colored tribesmen have not sought to be reconciled through the mediation of the Christian heart. They have united together to kill the Christian heart. Thus their union is not a true union. The liberal loves an abstraction of the black and colored noble savages, and the colored tribesmen do not love as Christian Europeans once loved; to the extent that they love at all they love the liberal as a tiger loves his prey.

In his novel Undine, Friedrich de la Motte Fouqué depicts creatures called Undines, who resemble humans in their outward appearance, but who are less than human inside, because they have no souls. They can only acquire souls when a human loves them. It seems that the white Europeans have reversed the mythological story of the Undines. The negro and the colored races had potential souls that only came into being when they adhered to the deeply held faith of the European people, who loved their own so much, in and through Christ, that they shared that love with the colored races. So long as the colored races were kept in a position of subordination to the white race, like Uncle Remus in Song of the South (2), they could learn to love and thus acquire souls. But once the white Europeans walked away from the heartfelt, bred-in-the-bone Christianity of their European forefathers, they became Undines, resembling men and women on the outside, but lacking the humanity of men and women with souls. The European Undines now worship the black Undines, because they sense that the black is more of the earth, more Undine, than they are. They aspire to be like unto the black, but they will never quite make it. Because they once had white souls, they have a slight “remembrance of things past.” If that slight remembrance ever becomes a burning heartfelt desire to love as their ancestors once loved, and to respond to life ‘feelingly’ as their ancestors once did, they will become human beings with souls.

The Undine story is just a mythic romance, but it resonates with me, because of the essential truth of the story – a European can, by denying his heartfelt intuitions about life, intuitions that are born and bred at our familial and racial hearth fires, become a mere semblance of a human being, a man who, for all practical purposes, has no soul. When a white European mixes negro worship and patriotism or negro worship and religion, there is something spiritually wrong with that white person. He has become like unto an Undine. We can only help such an individual by not becoming like him.

The sight of antique Europeans who have not forsaken their European hearth fire might evoke a shadowy remembrance that the European Undine can use to reclaim his soul. After all, he, unlike the storybook Undine, once had a soul. Nothing of a spiritual nature is impossible, because nothing of a spiritual nature is subject to the inexorable laws of mathematics and the physical sciences. “There is something more than nature here.” Yes, thank God, there is something more than dumb nature in the heart of the European. +


(1) The heroic Texan, Audie Murphy, was the most decorated hero of World War II. When he was asked what made him fight alone and wounded against such impossible odds, he replied, “They were shooting at my buddies.

(2) Uncle Remus is an invention of a white man; he doesn’t really exist. But that romanticized story does have a grain of truth: Colored people become human to the extent that they adhere to the Christian culture of the white Europeans.

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The Old Romance

GottschalkThe next day, Gottschalk, his shepherd’s staff pointed with iron on his shoulder, set forth at noon on his lonely way, knowing that the monster was seeking prey in distant meadows. He knew his path again by the stones and branches he had dropped the day before as he went along. The mountains looked more and more wild, the passes grew more and more narrow, till even the slender youth could hardly pass through them. The streams murmured mournfully, and the fir-trees groaned as before a coming storm; all nature seemed to say, “Return, return, poor shepherd-boy, or all is over with thee! Thou wilt perish on the bleak mountains, and not even find a grave.” Gottschalk’s heart had almost failed him, but he still drew forth cheerful sounds from his pipe, and sang this song at intervals: —

“When other shepherds sleep
In the quiet noontide shade,
Gottschalk leaves his sheep,
And seeks a distant glade.

Whither away, rash youth?
Slumberers, ye may not know;
My distant haunts, in sooth,
Are much too high for you.”

And the notes of his pipe fell softly, as if breathing forth a sweet secret. A light seemed to spring up in his heart, and he darted on. But may he trust to this light? He stopped, and knelt down reverently, as if at the altar of his village-church, and poured forth this prayer: — “O Lord God, Who knowest that I go forth at my prince’s command to destroy the wicked brood, and to deliver my countrymen from danger; if it be a sin that I cherish yet another and glorious hope, root it out of my heart, or deny me the sweet prize, and give it to a better Christian; but yet grant me now victory, in Thy strength, for the good of my country; or, if this may not be, grant me a joyful death.”

He seemed to hear within the words, “Go on, good servant.”

The Shepherd of the Giant Mountains

It’s surprising how few men saw the French Revolution for what it was. It was not a mere palace revolution, a change from one ruler to another; the French Revolution marked the end of the Europeans’ Christian romance. Christianity would survive for centuries after the French Revolution, but it would survive only as an intellectual faith, not as a poetic vision which set souls on fire. Burke saw this clearly:

But the age of chivalry is gone. That of sophisters, economists, and calculators, has succeeded; and the glory of Europe is extinguished for ever. Never, never more shall we behold that generous loyalty to rank and sex, that proud submission, that dignified obedience, that subordination of the heart, which kept alive, even in servitude itself, the spirit of an exalted freedom. The unbought grace of life, the cheap defence of nations, the nurse of manly sentiment and heroic enterprise, is gone! It is gone, that sensibility of principle, that charity of honor, which felt a stain like a wound, which inspired courage whilst it mitigated ferocity, which ennobled whatever it touched, and under which vice itself lost half its evil, by losing all its grossness. – Reflections on the French Revolution

There is a direct link between Burke’s vision of European Christianity and St. Paul’s vision: Both men were romantics. St. Paul told us not to rely on “miracles, healings, helps, governments,” or “diversities of tongues.” Instead we were to rely on that charity of honor that never faileth. The modern Europeans are wandering blindly over the face of what used to be Christian Europe because they have lost the Pauline-Burkean vision of Christ, the vision of that perfect Knight of charity and honor who enters human hearts. Negro worship flourishes because the Christ-bearing people have lost the vision of Christ as the divine Knight Errant.

The devil’s own know that people need more than an abstraction to fuel their faith. They need to see their faith enfleshed. This is why Trotsky, the Jacobin-Marxist, advised his fellow revolutionaries to look to the negro as the focal point of the anti-European revolution. As the complete antithesis of white men, negroes could serve as the living symbols of pure creatures of nature, and they could serve as the revolutionary shock troops that could be counted upon, when given free rein, to kill the whites without pity or remorse. In the old horror films we tremble for the fate of innocent victims at the mercy of subhuman brutes that are under the influence of satanic, mad scientists. But aren’t the real life enactments of those horror films so much worse than the fantasies? The mad-scientists, the Jacobin utopians, have unleashed the bloodthirsty negroes on the white race, and the whites will not defend themselves, because they have no vision. The liberals see the sacred negro presiding over a new world order in which the white man’s vineyard, filled with the grapes of wrath, have been trampled underfoot and destroyed by a crusading army of white utopians and noble black savages. That vision has carried the day throughout all of the once white, European nations. The Christian churches succumbed to that new vision of a Christless utopia as quickly as the French succumbed in World War II, because their Maginot line was guarded by Christian intellects without Christian hearts.

In Moby Dick Ahab’s first mate confronts Ahab and denounces his mad attempt to risk all their lives in the pursuit of Moby Dick. But Starbuck cannot maintain his opposition to Ahab: His soul is “overmanned.” Ahab has a vision, albeit a demonic vision, in which he passionately believes. Starbuck is an intellectual Christian, and as such he has no vision with which he can oppose Ahab. So all save one perish.

The conservatives of the 20th century were utilitarian Starbucks. They thought they could build Liberaldom more efficiently by their methods than their liberal cousins could. Twentieth century conservatism was never about destroying liberalism, it was about who could better manage the new, democratic, racially egalitarian society. Our European forefathers had an entirely different vision, an undemocratic, racially prejudiced vision of one people with one faith, who were loyal to their own racial hearth fire and rejected all others. That is the essence of the European romance: Fidelity to one particular people and one particular God. When that visionary romance makes way for the romance of the sacred negro, no think-tank, no army, no democratic sleight-of-hand, can bring the European people back to life.

No doubt the false portrayal of Aslan in the churches contributed greatly to the death of the Christian romance. I once read one of those religious pamphlets in which Calvin debated a Thomist. I did not finish the pamphlet with a rousing cheer for either theologian; I experienced a vague feeling of disgust for the whole business. Was this what Christianity was all about? Some men need to reduce that which is poetical to a more mundane theory that their button-down, bureaucratic minds can understand, but should we then let them drive their theoretical chaise carts over our faith? St. Paul never defined charity, but we know what charity is, by virtue of what St. Paul said about it. Nor did St. John define the light, but we know who the Light is, because of St. John’s description of the light.

Even if we grant the terrible effects that the presentation of a false image of Aslan has had on the European people, that still does not completely explain why the Europeans came to believe in the sacred negro romance over the Christian romance. Maybe it was the advent of the liberals’ holy ghost, Science, which completed the unholy trinity (Abstract Reason, the father; The Negro, the son; and Science, the holy ghost) that finally turned the Europeans to the new romance of negro-worshipping liberalism. But whatever the path the Europeans took to negro worship, the terrible reality is that the European people are surrounded by the walls of Liberaldom, and they cannot see any other world beyond that world. They need vision, but the type of vision they need cannot simply be purchased at the local drugstore or supermarket.

The liberals are now involved in what resembles a mop-up campaign after a victory in a major war. They are looking for small pockets of resistance from enemy soldiers who do not know that the war is over or who have refused to obey their commanders’ orders to surrender. The liberals also seek to tear down all statues and monuments of the enemy. This is why the Southern war memorials are being torn down. They are part of ‘racist’ Europe, and as such they must be destroyed. All symbols of the old romance must be eliminated so the new romance can shine all the more brightly in its radiant glory. But once the cultural remnants of old Europe are destroyed, won’t there still be living remnants, won’t there still be white people? Yes, there will, and they will be destroyed as well. The satanically logical brain that rules Liberaldom will demand it.

The white conservatives, who do not want to conserve white people, are forever telling liberals that they are the good, non-racist whites. But their white skins make them part of the old romance, whether they denounce the old romance or not. Even the liberals will perish in their own anti-white stew that they have prepared for thee and me. There is more wisdom in the Gordon Scott movie called Tarzan and the Lost Safari than in the thousands upon thousands of books written by liberals on the ‘race issue.’ A great white hunter who has delivered up his own people to be tortured and murdered by the black natives, is falsely accused of burning the natives’ village. His protests are in vain: “You betray your own people, you betray me,” is the assessment of the native chief. The liberals will be the last whites in the stew pots, but the liberals will go there despite their dreams of To Kill a Mockingbird darkies, bowing down in humble reverence and awe to their Atticus Finch imitations.

The French Revolution, so heralded by the radical poets such as Keats, Shelley, and Byron, was the embodiment of a new romance that was destined to supplant the old Christian romance. Reason, unfettered by God, was triumphant. But the revolution was a work in progress. It was left to radicals such as Trotsky to add the negro and science into the Jacobin mix. The history of the West since the French Revolution has been a history of compromise with the forces of evil. ‘How much can we concede without losing everything to the devil?’ was the unspoken strategy of the European people in the post-French Revolution era. Compromise, not victory, was the goal. But the devil does not compromise, nor does he give quarter. He demands unconditional surrender. Modern Europe, which is best described as Liberaldom, is the result of the Europeans’ attempt to compromise with the devil. We can hear the white grazers asking why they are hated so. They mean no one harm.

‘Whither should I fly?
I have done no harm. But I remember now
I am in this earthly world, where to do harm
Is often laudable, to do good sometime
Accounted dangerous folly.’

Will the devil cease to prowl about the world seeking the ruin of souls because white people say nice things about negroes? The exact opposite is true. The more the white man worships the negro, the further the white man slides into the pit of hell. Part of the old romance, an essential part, was the knight who harmed those who harmed his people. The great German writer de la Motte Fouqué, in his Christian romance, The Shepherd of the Giant Mountains, shows us why a truly gentle and loving heart must kill for mercy’s sake:

At length he reached the spot whence he could see into the nest of the hateful monster; and as he listened to the angry sounds of the young griffins, and saw their fiery eyes and their sharp beaks he thought to himself that old Hans was right, and that in time they would devour even men. He determined to make an end at once; he was glad they were so hideous and so fierce, for it made the task of destroying them less painful.

The great compromise has failed, because there is a devil. The modern Europeans’ disbelief in the devil did not make him disappear, it simply allowed him to expand his influence unopposed. Enter the Christian knight. With or without armor and sword, he is the man who sees evil for what it is, and he sees the good, he sees the one, pure and perfect Knight, weeping for His lost sheep who have left their white, Christian hearth fire in order to live in Liberaldom. The Knight must bring that other forgotten world, the world of Christian romance, into Liberaldom. Then that one, tiny spark of romantic fire will take hold, and the one true romance, the romance between Christ and the European people, will begin anew. +

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