The Long War

Dore_Michael_casts_out_rebel_angels Worshipping organization in too hard and primitive a sense they threaten to transform the human world into something more like a world of ants. In many respects, therefore, it is dangerous to by-pass history, or imagine that the natural sciences—as though reigning over all—can safely be left to determine our views on human destiny. – Herbert Butterfield


In his critique of the Vatican II theologians, The Devastated Vineyard, Dietrich von Hildebrand stated that although St. Thomas’s system was not all of the faith, as Aquinas claimed, St. Thomas did not state deliberate falsehoods about the faith as the Vatican II theologians did. I would concede that the Vatican II theologians are certainly more heretical theologians than St. Thomas, but I would qualify that concession by saying that the Vatican II theologians were merely following St. Thomas’s theology to its logical conclusion, just as the psychoanalysts who came after Freud were acting on his original thesis even though they were dissenters in degree from Freud’s tenets.

What Aquinas, Feuerbach, Darwin, Freud, and Marx had in common was the Rosencrantz and Guildenstern fixation. They wanted to simplify and dissect in order to obtain knowledge:

Hamlet. I do not understand that. Will you play upon this pipe?

Guildenstern. My lord, I cannot.

Hamlet. I pray you.

Guildenstern. Believe me, I cannot.

Hamlet. I do beseech you.

Guildenstern. I know no touch of it, my lord.

Hamlet. ‘Tis as easy as lying. Govern these ventages with your finger and thumb, give it breath with your mouth, and it will discourse most excellent music. Look you, these are the stops.

Guildenstern. But these cannot I command to any utterance of harmony. I have not the skill.

Hamlet. Why, look you now, how unworthy a thing you make of me! You would play upon me, you would seem to know my stops, you would pluck out the heart of my mystery, you would sound me from my lowest note to the top of my compass; and there is much music, excellent voice, in this little organ, yet cannot you make it speak. ‘Sblood, do you think that I am easier to be play’d on than a pipe? Call me what instrument you will, though you can fret me, you cannot play upon me.

In order to simplify man he must be made into a creature who can be summed up solely by reference to the natural, biological world. Nor can the god of mere biological man be more than the sum of the parts of the natural world. For how could mere natural man, in the biological sense, understand a God who is more than nature? He can’t, which is why all the anti-white and anti-Christian “thinkers” such as Feuerbach, Darwin, Marx, and Freud reduced God and man down to simple products of nature. God became nature and men were like bugs and insects; they could be studied and dissected, and then they could be made, by the examiners, into happy bugs and insects. Feuerbach was going to make men happy by proving that the Christian God was a product of their fertile imaginations. Darwin was going to make men happy by proving to them that they were apes. Marx was simply a caricature of Darwin and Feuerbach. And Freud, who was a second rater but vastly superior to the third raters such as Feuerbach, Darwin, and Marx, was going to make men happy by bringing out their subconscious neuroses and subjecting these neuroses to the healing powers of reason. But what if a man’s subconscious is really his soul? A soul that is not as simple to play upon as a recorder? And what if reason is not an objective arbitrator between two or three competing passions, but is a subject, not a master, of those passions? It is significant that the modern psychoanalysts no longer try, as Freud did, to “cure” people by digging deep into their subconscious. They simply give them drugs. The hubris of the early psychoanalysts was incredible, but at least they tried to heal rather than anesthetize.

What we are witnessing today is the triumph of the nature philosophies of the Jacobins, Feuerbach, Darwin, Marx, and Freud. All Europeans drink at the trough of the nature gods. The conservatives might be more like Freud, in that they still believe in the healing powers of reason, than the mad-dog liberals who follow a mish-mash of Darwin, Marx, and Feuerbach. But it all amounts to a return to Baal. The European people have returned to the fleshpots of Egypt.

In order to kill all resistance to the return to Baal, the liberals had to trivialize existence. They had to exchange the complexity of thousands of years of Christian traditions into a few platitudes such as ‘thou shalt not be racist,’ ‘thou shalt not be sexist,’ and ‘thou shalt be multicultural.’ What Karl Barth said of Feuerbach – “We have heard Feuerbach speak and we have heard something disgustingly, nauseatingly trivial” – can and should be said of our modern liberal society. Has any society anywhere in the world ever been built on more nauseatingly, disgustingly, evil trivialities as our modern liberal society?

There is no resistance to liberalism because conservatives are the Freudian branch of liberalism. By that of course I don’t mean that the conservatives are all card-carrying Freudians. I mean they are the second-rate biological determinists who are in philosophical agreement with the third-rate liberals about the necessity of a democratic, scientistic, rational world, but they differ over the furniture arrangement of that new world. But what is lost is that which cannot be lost without bringing the European people to utter ruin. We have lost our connection to our Christian past. In that past are men and women with depth of soul. They needed something more than the evil trivialities of ‘Thou shall not be a racist or sexist’ and ‘Thou shall worship diversity and democracy with all thy heart, mind, and soul.’ They needed the hero-God, the Man of Sorrows who meets the needs of a people with a tragic sense of life, people who believe in His holy cross more than the utopian nightmare of the liberals.

When science holds sway over the minds of men, they return to polytheism. Even when they still keep the name of Christian, they become polytheists. One case in point – When Karl Stern, a Roman Catholic convert and a psychoanalyst, wrote The Pillar of Fire, he made a case for the synthesis of Christianity and psychoanalysis. But such syntheses blur the image of Christ in man and tend to glorify the ape in man. And an ape needs nature gods, not the Son of God.

The first organized polytheistic state within the heart of Christian Europe was Jacobin France. The first Jacobins were atheists, but they soon shifted to organized polytheism with ridiculous corn and grain festivals accompanied by the murder of aristocrats, thus combining the same polytheistic elements that the back-sliding Israelites included in their return to Baal. Our modern sporting events, our diversity inspired church services, and our ritualistic sacrifice of infants in the abortuaries are all part of the ongoing push to return to Baal, to nature, which ultimately means the extinction of the human personality. The religion of the gypsies, a people of non-definite race and a vague nature religion, has become the faith of the modern science-minded Europeans:

“To be resolved into the elements,” said the hardened atheist, pressing his fettered arms against his bosom; “my hope, trust, and expectation is, that the mysterious frame of humanity shall melt into the general mass of nature, to be recompounded in the other forms with which she daily supplies those which daily disappear, and return under different forms,–the watery particles to streams and showers, the earthy parts to enrich their mother earth, the airy portions to wanton in the breeze, and those of fire to supply the blaze of Aldeboran and his brethren,–In this faith have I lived, and I will die in it!—Hence! Begone!—disturb me no farther!—I have spoken the last words that mortal ears shall listen to!”

Quentin Durward by Walter Scott

To be resolved into the elements, that is the faith of the liberals, those great lovers of humanity! And those churchmen who want to join with them through the Jews, the Moslems, and the heathens of color, what are they but the great betrayers of our Lord and His people?

If we boil this race war down to the main point, it is this: Liberal polytheism is Satan’s attack on Christ through Christ’s people, who were and are the European people who developed human personalities through their love of the God-Man. Let us keep that image of God reaching out to man that Michelangelo painted on the Sistine Chapel ever before our eyes. Satan wants us to blend our race into the nothingness of nature because he wants to blot out forever the image of Christ in man. And my great concern is that there is no Christian resistance to Satan’s master stroke. “I am not a racist,” is always the first thing a halfway-house Christian says when he protests any of the liberal gambits against the white, Christ-bearing race. And by abandoning that ‘racist’ connection to his people, the halfway-house Christian has made himself a spiritual eunuch without the strength to oppose the liberals who have not only spent the unbought grace of life, they have set up Jacobin states throughout the formerly white Christian nations. The liberals have institutionalized the hatred and the vilification of any white man who dares to invoke the memory of that blessed civilization whose people relied on and believed in the grace and love of our blessed Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

Burke’s description of the calm, rational English administrators who thought it might be a good idea if the Jacobins didn’t guillotine so many people is an accurate description of the tepid and timid opposition the liberal conservatives present to the mad-dog liberals:

Whenever the adverse party has raised a cry for peace with the Regicide, the answer has been little more than this: “That the administration wished for such a peace full as much as the opposition, but that the time was not convenient for making it.” Whatever else has been said was much in the same spirit. Reasons of this kind never touched the substantial merits of the war. They were in the nature of dilatory pleas, exceptions of form, previous questions. Accordingly, all the arguments against a compliance with what was represented as the popular desire (urged on with all possible vehemence and earnestness by the Jacobins) have appeared flat and languid, feeble and evasive. They appeared to aim only at gaining time. They never entered into the peculiar and distinctive character of the war. They spoke neither to the understanding nor to the heart. Cold as ice themselves, they never could kindle in our breasts a spark of that zeal which is necessary to a conflict with an adverse zeal; much less were they made to infuse into our minds that stubborn, persevering spirit which alone is capable of bearing up against those vicissitudes of fortune which will probably occur, and those burdens which must be inevitably borne, in a long war. –Letters on a Regicide Peace by Edmund Burke

We are engaged in a long war against the enemies of Christ, who attack Him by attacking His people. A culture based on the ethos of “To be resolved into the elements,” is not a culture, it is an excrescence that should be eradicated from the face of the earth. There can be no blending, no compromise with the people who champion the polytheistic anti-culture called liberalism. +

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The Twilight of the Great God Democracy

Dore_Tower_of_Babylon Instead of the religion and the law by which they were in a great politick communion with the Christian world, they have constructed their Republick on three bases, all fundamentally opposite to those on which the communities of Europe are built. It’s foundation is laid in Regicide; in Jacobinism, Atheism; and it has joined to those principles, a body of systematick manners which secures their operation…

I call a commonwealth Regicide, which lays it down as a fixed law of nature, and a fundamental right of man, that all government, not being a democracy, is a usurpation; that all Kings, as such, are usurpers, and for being Kings, may and ought to be put to death, with their wives, families, and adherents. The commonwealth which acts uniformly upon those principles; and which after abolishing every festival of religion, chooses the most flagrant act of a murderous Regicide treason for a fest of eternal commemoration, and which forces all her people to observe it—this I call Regicide by establishment.  Burke 

Whites in all the European nations are being overwhelmed by colored heathens because they have placed all their faith in the mind-forged messiah called democracy. A few weeks ago I read a ‘conservative’ scholar’s confident assertion that the European people would repel the Moslem invasion of Europe because they still constituted a majority. There are none so blind as those that will not see. Were not white Americans in the majority when they voted, in 1965, to make whites a minority race within the United States? Weren’t whites a majority in Canada when they passed similar anti-white legislation in 1967? So why will whites throughout the European nations halt the Moslem invasion just because they are a majority? The conservative scholar makes the same mistake that the secularized, democracy-loving, white nationalists in the United States made vis-à-vis the Mexican invasion. They said whites still constituted a majority, so they urged us all to put pressure on our congressmen to stop the Mexican hordes from crossing our borders. But what the conservative scholar and the white nationalists fail to come to terms with is the messianic nature of democracy.

Democracy, as it exists in Europe and the United States, has nothing to do with the ancient Anglo-Saxons who chose their leaders by election. It has everything to do with Jacobinism. Both Russian communism and European democracy stem from Jacobinism, which is a rebellion against the Christian God:

The rebels to God perfectly abhor the Author of their being. They hate him “with all their heart, with all their mind, with all their soul, and with all their strength.” He never presents himself to their thoughts but to menace and alarm them. They cannot strike the Sun out of Heaven, but they are able to raise a smouldering smoke that obscures him from their own eyes. Not being able to revenge themselves on God, they have a delight in vicariously defacing, degrading, torturing, and tearing in pieces his image in man.

Burke – Letters on a Regicide Peace

White conservative-liberals who want democracy without white genocide do not understand liberals. They treat them as part of the white majority whom they can win over to their side with cogent reasoning. Regarding Islam, for instance, the conservative-liberals such as Geert Wilders and Jared Taylor point out that Islam is incompatible with so many of the sacred cows of Western democracies, such as feminism, Judaism, and homosexuality. So they seek an alliance with their fellow liberals against the Islamic Jihadists. But the conservative-liberal is morally blind. If he could take his moral blinders off and see with the eyes of an antique European he would see that liberalism is from the devil. And the devil has one passion that overrides every other passion. He hates Jesus Christ and the people who championed Him. He doesn’t care about the welfare of the black heathens, the homosexuals, or the feminists who are already in his camp. He cares only about the ongoing war against the Light. Hence, his liberal minions care only about the ongoing war against the Light. Appeal to their reason? “You may as well go stand upon the beach, And bid the main flood bate his usual height…

The conservative-liberals seek redemption from the devil because they wish to remain in the Jacobin camp. The False Messiah still owns their souls. If they were truly white and Christian, they would ask themselves if white Christians have thrived in the democratic era. Has there not been a steady, relentless attack on white people and their God during the democratic era? Why should we continue to pay tribute to the Great God Democracy? It’s a problem of faith. The secularized white nationalists cannot let go of democracy and its support system of rationalism and science because without their faith in democracy they have no faith. They desperately quote numbers and engage in endless debates with the mad-dog liberals as a sort of holy ritual. Somehow, they believe, the Great God Democracy will save them if they religiously follow the rules of democracy. On this matter the mad-dog liberal is wiser than the conservative-liberal. The mad-dog liberal uses democracy as a means to an end—the destruction of the white race—while the conservative-liberal sees democracy as an end in and of itself. A similar dynamic has been at work in the Catholic Church: The Novus Ordo Catholics use the mass to push their adherents closer to Satanic liberalism, while the traditionalists worship the process of the mass itself. In both instances, the one saving grace, Jesus Christ, is left out of the picture.

When the poetic of the European peoples’ faith in the Christ, who was an indwelling presence in their lives, was replaced by a faith in a secular system, in both church and state, the European peoples’ destruction became as predictable as a math problem. There can be only one outcome when Europeans genuflect to democracy. The mad-dog liberals will keep on supporting, by colored proxy, the destruction of the white race, and the conservative-liberals will mildly protest white genocide within the confines of democracy.

If the European people leave their democratic god for the Christ who dwells in human hearts, the mathematical certainty of their destruction is no longer a certainty. In fact, it becomes an unlikely possibility, because the “love that once was there” in the European people will be rekindled. And that love, grounded in our European Lord and our European hearth, is stronger than the devil and all his heathen minions. But the chains of democracy must be broken, that is all in all.

Democracy as a religion means much more than mere voting. It means science, rationalism, and goodness. Only Luddites, idiots, and the lovers of tyranny and injustice are against democracy! But if we look at this modern religion from a Christian perspective, what do we see? We see that the wars of democracy have killed more white Europeans, percentage-wise and numbers-wise, than all the wars for throne, altar, clan, blood, and soil. We see that racial and sexual Babylon grew and flourished under the tutelage of the Great God Democracy. And we see that the white race and the Christian faith are being voted out of existence in the democratic age. Why then do the European people cling to this malevolent god called Democracy? It is because they feel that outside of democracy, rationalism, and science is the night. But that is the test. If the European people leave the well-lit, unholy pleasure dome of utopia and return to the seeming darkness of racist, undemocratic, irrational Europe, they will step into a world where His pure light shineth in darkness.

What the liberals, Jews, colored heathens, and Moslems have in common is much greater than their differences. They all hate the incarnate Lord, Jesus Christ. Their hatred of the white race is irrevocably bound to their hatred of Jesus Christ. The liberals in church have sought to escape the hatred of the heathens by affirming an ‘idea’ of Christ over and against the incarnate Christ of the antique Europeans. And the secularized, unchurched liberals have sought to escape their whiteness and the heathens’ hatred by surpassing the heathens in their evangelical hatred of Christ and the Christ-bearing race. Only a complete repudiation of secular white-hating liberalism and white-hating Churchianity – ‘Race has nothing to do with Western civilization’ – will give the white man the strength to fight against the onslaught of the colored heathens. A Christianity that is not “bred in the bone” is not Christianity. It is intellectual Christianity, which is complete negation, a caricature of the true Faith. Our strength to fight against principalities and powers comes to us from that Christian Promethean fire called charity. Without a racial home how can the charity that never faileth be ignited? I once went through a military history museum that displayed uniforms and armor worn by Christian knights through the ages. I was struck by the diminutive size of the ancient armor. Only the smallest of contemporary European men could fit into the armor of our ancestors, and yet those men were spiritual giants. They fought against the Moslem invader from without and the colored heathens from within. They had something that we lack: They had faith in the God of their racial hearth fire. They didn’t know about diversity or multiculturalism; all they knew was how to love their own people in and through the God of their ascending race.

Throughout Latin America and Europe we have seen what happens when Christianity and democracy are linked. The Christian democratic parties become the parties of Satan, determined to support the third world invasion of the West by supporting democracy and diversity. Who will oppose the anti-Christian Satanists? The Europeans who have left the Great God Democracy will oppose the Pope Francis-Angela Merkel liberals and their heathen allies.

The democratic gods have failed. They have not provided a government that protected the European people, and their vaunted technology has not decreased the European peoples’ fearfulness, it has increased it. If you read through the memoirs of Europeans facing incredible hardships in the wars of the 19th and 20th centuries and the other preceding centuries, you do not get an impression that the European people, no matter how terrible their plight, faced the future with such dread as they now face the future. Why should this be? Isn’t the democratic era the age of utopia? Why, if we have done proper homage to the Great God Democracy, hasn’t utopia arrived? I would suggest that my people fear the future because they don’t have a racial home. In that home we have kith and kin to fight with and for. And in that home is our Lord and Kinsman. There is always hope within that home. There is no hope outside of that home. Scott tells us in his poem “The Lady of the Lake” that “hope is brightest when it dawns from fears.” Then let us use our fears to our advantage. Let us return home and take our stand against the liberals and the colored heathens. Then? As the poet tells us – we will see a glorious, European dawn. +

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Have Mercy on Thy People, Lord

Dore_The_Crucifixion Out of the depths have I cried unto thee, O Lord. – Psalm 130


There have been huge protests by native-born Germans of Angela Merkel’s Islamization initiative, but still she plows ahead and even has her picture taken with Moslem invaders. (Remember when Jane Fonda had the photo op with the Vietcong?) Now let’s go across the pond to the United States. When the Mayor of Somerville, Massachusetts, placed a ‘Black Lives Matter’ sign on the municipal building the police asked him to take it down. He refused. So the police ‘respectfully’ and ‘nonviolently’ protested the Mayor’s refusal. Why did Angela Merkel not respond to the protests of the native-born Germans? And why did the white Mayor of Somerville side with the Black Lives Matter barbarians over the police? There are two reasons. The first reason is the ‘To Kill a Mockingbird’ Syndrome. In the liberals’ fantasy world the good and downtrodden blacks, Moslems, and every other nonwhite barbarian race of people will be grateful to their white benefactors. They will kill the liberals’ enemies – the bad, racist whites – but they will love, respect, and honor the good liberal whites who helped them overcome the racist, bad whites. No amount of atrocity reportage about the Moslem and black outrages will move the liberals. They have hardened their hearts against all humane feelings. They care only about their own exalted selves. They sit back and dream of the moment when all the non-Christian, non-white people of the world will come to their liberal wine and cheese party and thank them for being so kind to them and delivering them from racism – “Stand up, your father is passing.” Of course, it won’t be like that at all, but the liberals have lived so long in the pigsties of liberalism that they have become just like the demon-possessed swine in the Gospel. Over the cliff they shall go with no more comprehension of where they are going than the swine had.

The second reason, which is like unto the first, why the liberals always side with the barbarians of color over their own people is fear. The liberals fear the Moslems and the blacks. Is Angela Merkel worried that some white German who opposes her plan to make Germany a Moslem nation will kill her? No, she isn’t. But she is worried that some angry Moslem might kill her if she doesn’t cater to his every whim. It’s the same in the United States vis-à-vis the black barbarians. Does the Mayor of Somerville worry about white cops killing him if he doesn’t remove the Black Lives Matter sign? No, of course he doesn’t.

We have already enacted this tragedy of white genocide. The failure of the anti-abortion movement was a rehearsal for the failure of the anti-white-genocide movement. Why would a doctor, who has no humanity, stop doing something that makes him rich? He won’t stop unless he fears losing the one thing he treasures more than money, his life. It is the same with the anti-white liberals. They are possessed by the devil, so no appeal to their humanity will move them. In fact that will just fuel their hatred, because like the devil they serve, they cannot stand anything that stinks of humanity; it distracts them from their dreams of an utopian world devoid of humanity. Without the fear of death to deter them, the liberals will continue on their treacherous way, and millions upon millions of white lives will be lost as a result of their treason.

Are the liberals in Europe welcoming the Moslem invaders into Europe as the result of a misunderstanding? Do the liberals in the United States allow blacks free reign to rape and murder because of a misunderstanding? To put it bluntly – Is it possible to reason with a liberal? No, it is not possible. The liberals understand what they are doing now just as they understood what they were doing when they legalized abortion. They understood that they were killing babies and they understand that they are destroying the white race. Where do we go from here? Do we continue to appeal to the liberals’ humanity? They have none. Do we appeal to their reason? They have already reasoned it out – White people must die.

Some of the more perceptive liberals such as Norman F. Cantor (The Meaning of the Middle Ages) have pointed out the link between medieval scholasticism and modernity. I don’t disagree with Cantor, but I don’t see the birth of modernity as a good thing, because unlike Cantor I am not a liberal. The scholastics’ reordering of God’s plan of salvation according to their more streamlined, logical systems gave birth to the rebellion against God that became institutionalized in Europe after the French Revolution. Burke sounded the alarm in his writings on the French Revolution, and Dostoevsky followed suit in the Grand Inquisitor section of his master work, The Brothers Karamazov: “I reject God’s world,” was Ivan Karamazov assertion. So did the scholastics and so does every utopian liberal who has followed in their train. That God comes to men through the God-Man, that the Cross is the ultimate and most sublime reflection of God’s love and our only hope in this world and the next, is not an appealing idea to the logical, practical men. There must be a system that bypasses that absurd story of the suffering servant. My objection to the neo-pagans is not that they criticize the Jews, it is that they are like unto the Jews. They reject Christ and the European people who championed Him, in favor of a mind-forged biological determinism that leaves the European people without their Lord and kinsman. And so it is with all the modern –isms: They leave us without a faith. So Satan steps in and fills the void in the soul of modern liberals. They have joined with the colored heathens to make war on the white race. So long as whites continue to stay within the framework of liberal democratic society and politely protest some liberal policies, instead of attacking liberals as spawns of Satan, they will be the liberals’ sacrificial offerings to their heathen gods of nature.

Let’s pause on that word ‘nature.’ It has come to mean biological nature. But man’s nature is not biological, it is spiritual. What is truly natural is the Christ-centered European. All biological cultures, the non-white cultures and the modern techno-barbarian cultures, are unnatural. They represent man’s desire for oblivion. The old Christmas carol tells us that after Christ’s birth we knew the “soul’s worth.” When we no longer see our souls as something distinct from nature, we lose our sense of the distinctiveness of the people who believed in the Savior who told us of the imperishable nature of the human soul. We have been overwhelmed, in church, state, and civil society, by an avalanche of propaganda which tells us that biology is destiny. Against those theologies of the dung heap is the empty tomb. The further we get away from the European hearth fire, the further we get away from ‘Christ is Risen’ and the closer we get to the black night of biological determinism.

I spent too much of my life in academia. It is not good for the soul, but I did not come up from hell empty-handed. I saw that the academics had one particular hatred that surpassed all their other pet hates – they particularly hated the European authors of the 19th century who championed the Christian hearth fire. They were fine with Tolstoy, but they hated Dostoevsky. They liked the social criticisms of Dickens, but they hated Tiny Tim, David Copperfield, Little Nell, and Samuel Pickwick. Le Fanu’s Uncle Silas, that magnificent Christian work, was labeled a Gothic thriller, and Ian Maclaren’s Beside the Bonnie Brier Bush, was labeled sentimental mush. What all the great works of the late 18th and 19th century had in common was a very provincial, what would now be called racist, view of Christ. He was the God of human hearts, hearts that came to life around their familial and racial hearth fires. Thomas Hughes (Tom Brown’s School Days) thought those hearth fire relationships of the European people were their links to Christ. He was right.

This coalition of techno-barbarian liberals, Moslems, and black barbarians is biological determinism on the march. We are supposed to fear the sheer numbers of this invincible force of nature. And they are our destiny if we do not, as St. Paul advises, put on the whole armor of God. The Moslems tell us that they are strong, fertile, and invincible. The black barbarians do not plead for equality, they demand that we sacrifice ourselves to them.(1) And the liberals give them what they demand. We should go out and meet the Moslem invader as Charles Martel and his Franks went out to meet them. And we should answer the “demands” of the black barbarians as the soldiers at Rourke’s Drift answered the Zulus. But we won’t do this until we become hearth fire Europeans again.

Perhaps the European people have lived so long in Liberaldom that they cannot return to their European hearth fire. But we are of the people who believed that Christ would be there for them at the last trump. Surely that must count for something? Our racial memory is like unto the dark woods in the European fairy tales. There are witches, goblins, and demons there, but there is also redemption. There is a light in the woods. If we follow that light we will find that it emanates from a small European cottage. But when we enter the cottage it becomes a castle with a royal King sitting on a throne. “Why did you wait so long to come home?” the King asks.

“I didn’t know where to find my home, and I’m still not sure I’m home.”

The king showed me His hands where they nailed Him to the cross, and He bid me touch Him where the spear pierced His flesh. “Don’t weep, those are the scars of love.”

“What shall I do?”

“Take my love and my blessing into the dark woods and never again forget where your home is.”

We won’t conquer through the democratic process nor through any of the systems of the religious experts who want to make God in the image of their mind-forged theologies. We will conquer when we fight our way through the dark woods and open the door of that European cottage where our European ancestors dwell. They want us to remember that outside the European cottage “are dogs, and sorcerers, and whoremongers, and murderers, and idolaters, and whosoever loveth and maketh a lie.” Within that cottage is “the bright and morning star” of eternal Europe, which is the only Europe that matters.

Some weeks back I saw a video in which Alex Jones was asking God to spare his children from the wrath to come. I’m not a Founding Fathers conservative, nor do I follow all the conspiracy theories that circulate on the internet, but I was deeply moved by Jones’ prayer for his children. I feel the same way about my children. I drank deeply from the cup of liberalism in my youth, so I shouldn’t complain, but I will, of the hell that is to come. But my children have never dabbled in the black arts of liberalism. I pray that they will be spared from “the pestilence that walketh in darkness.” For liberalism is truly a dark pestilence that the European people are going to have to fight and struggle to overcome. Already the technology that was created because Christian Europeans saw there was a God above nature, who wanted us to use the gifts of the natural world for the benefit of man, is being used to destroy the image of God in man. Hospitals are used for the murder of infants and the murder of old “useless” white people. As the white technicians who man the machines are killed off there will be more uncontrollable plagues and uncontrollable natural disasters. I’m not a survivalist who is looking forward to the final stages of liberalism’s dark night. I pray that my family and the non-liberal European remnant will be spared to rebuild Christian Europe. We can’t hedge our bets and pray to be spared just in case science and democracy fail us. If we believe that liberalism is from the devil and that Christ is Lord of this world and the next, we should pray as the psalmist prayed:

I wait for the Lord, my soul doth wait, and in his word do I hope. My soul waiteth for the Lord more than they watch for the morning: I say more than they watch for the morning. Let Israel hope in the Lord: for with the Lord there is mercy, and with Him is plenteous redemption. And He shall redeem Israel from all his iniquities.

Christ is the Lord, and we are His people that He shall redeem if we seek His mercy. +


(1) Released by Black Lives Matter, 8-1-2016:

  1. End the war on black people
  2. Reparations for past and continuing harms
  3. Divestment from the institutions that criminalize, cage and harm black people; and investment in the education, health and safety of black people
  4. Economic justice for all and a reconstruction of the economy to ensure our communities have collective ownership, not merely access
  5. Community control of the laws, institutions and policies that most impact us
  6. Independent black political power and black self-determination in all areas of society

Those six demands of the black barbarians are not the pleas of poor Tom Robinson. They are the fiendish demands of hellhounds determined to exterminate the white race.

Three white counter-demands:

  1. We will no longer countenance your criminal activities. The rape, torture, and murder of white people by blacks, will now cease.
  2. Blacks will have complete economic and political freedom in their own nations, but they will never again be allowed to live in a nation occupied by whites.
  3. Any white who advocates that whites should mix with blacks in any way will be sent to live with the blacks in their own barbarous, black state.



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The Violent Take It By Force

Dore_Godfrey_enters_Jerusalem Put on the whole armour of God, that ye may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil. For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places. Wherefore take unto you the whole armour of God, that ye may be able to withstand in the evil day, and having done all, to stand. –Ephesians 6: 11-13

Gloucester: These injuries the King now bears will be revenged home; there is part of a power already footed. We must incline to the King.  –King Lear

One of France’s greatest heroes did not preside over a victory, he was the commander of the French rearguard during Napoleon’s retreat from Moscow. The man’s name was Michael Ney, and he has been quite rightly called, by Frenchmen who still care about such things, “the bravest of the brave.” Commanders who heroically defend a retreating army and save the lives of a defeated remnant seldom get the plaudits of the world, but what they do is of vital importance from a Christian, humanitarian standpoint. Their men are defenseless and facing almost certain death at the hands of the enemy. The rearguard commander saves the remnant to go home and recover from their wounds and then take up the cause again, or to live out their days on a rocking chair telling their children and grandchildren about the Great War.

One should never devalue a rearguard effort, because such efforts save the lives of your countrymen. But at the same time, you shouldn’t regard a successful rearguard action as a victory. No Frenchman believed that the French had won the war because of Michael Ney’s heroic rearguard defense, but many Americans do believe a Trump win will be a victory rather than a successful rearguard action after an ignominious defeat in the major war. And what was our defeat? We suffered the same defeat as all the people of Europe suffered: we allowed a cabal of anti-white Jacobins to rule our respective nations. And they have been systematically exterminating the white race through a process they call ‘diversity’ and/or ‘multiculturalism,’ but which in reality is white genocide. President Trump might stem the flow of Mexican and Moslem immigrants, but he will not evict the Moslems and Mexicans already here. Nor will a President Trump re-segregate America and make interracial marriage or abortion illegal. It is the same in all the European nations, whether it is Le Pen, a BNP candidate, or an AfD candidate who wins office. When such things happen — and none of the above have actually occurred — they are successful rearguard actions, which are important, but they are not victories over an implacable foe that will not cease from Jacobin strife till the white, Christ-bearing race is no more.

I know there are no counter-revolutionary rumblings amongst the whites in America. A kindly lady who puts out an Islamic, Jihadist-awareness blog pretty much sums up the American whites: “If Hillary and Ryan get in, we’re through.” If we have hope in the democratic process only, then we are of all men… Whether Hillary wins or loses, ‘we’ – meaning white people – were democratically finished a long time ago. We were finished when we became secondhand people who no longer loved God in and through the people of their own race. We will reclaim our nations when we reclaim our racial home, but people who will not go outside the democratic process, who are afraid of being called ‘racist,’ and who won’t disobey their local clergy will not stop white genocide. Most American whites have been cowed by democracy and anti-racism, while a sizeable number have been cowed by their anti-white clergymen.

What of the mother continent? Is there any European resistance to the onward and upward march of the liberals? It doesn’t appear so, but the European nations have more ‘free speech’ restrictions than the United States. Are there still some members of the invisible European empire planning to do what has to be done? I find it hard to believe that all European people have succumbed to democracy, fear of racism, and clergy worship. The liberals — from Tony Blair, who tells us that “Britain must be multicultural,” to Angela Merkel, Pope Francis, and the French Prime Minister who has told his people that they “Must get used to terrorism,” (translation: “The white race must die”) are clearly evil. Are there no Europeans who will quietly do what our European kinsmen, the original Ku Klux Klan, did to preserve the South? When a German councilwoman wags her finger at the assembly and tells the ‘right-wingers’ that Germany will become a Moslem state, will that councilwoman be found dead in her bed the next morning? Will French police who stomp on Frenchmen protesting the Islamic invasion of Calais be found hanging in the village square the next day? Will Angela Merkel… you get the picture. It is not something to delight in, but it is what needs to happen. (1) The liberals will not stop their killing by Moslem- and negro-proxy because white people hold protest marches and write angry letters. Does anyone with one ounce of European blood in their body believe that liberals will stop their killing sprees unless they, the liberals, are killed?

What the liberals call democracy was just a transition stage to a totalitarian state. The age of democracy is over, and now comes the age of white genocide. The liberals and the colored heathens will kill and keep killing until they are defeated or until they have killed every last white. The liberals who make themselves useful to the heathens might be spared for a time, but that will only be for a time; the colored heathens, because they are colored heathens, must kill all the whites even if they kill the proverbial goose that laid the golden egg by doing so. I don’t know if the French priest who was murdered at the altar by the Moslems was a liberal or not. The point is that the Moslems look on all whites, whether they are Christian or liberal, as Christians. And as Christians they must be killed. Why can’t the white grazers understand that simple fact of existence? The heathens will always rage against the Light of the world, and the white race, in the eyes of the heathens, is forever connected to the Man of Sorrows who was born to be King of us in this world and the next. And Satan, who opposes Christ’s Kingship, strikes out at Him by attacking His people through his liberal and heathen minions.

There is no system, particularly no utopian system designed by anti-white liberals, that will save the white race. That was the weakness of 20th century conservatism. The conservatives were only concerned with preserving an older form of Jacobin democracy and a capitalist economic system. “Why preserve white people since race has nothing to do with Western culture?” was the stated creed of the systems-obsessed conservatives. But their Gnostic faith in systems has led us to our current genocidal state of existence.

Of the twelve apostles, one, Judas, was a liberal, and ten others were grazers who wanted to be on the side of right but were afraid of the consequences of espousing Christ’s cause openly. And then there was John, who stood at the foot of the cross. Because he loved much, he was not afraid of the Jews or the Romans. The other ten were to become like unto John. They took their stand, after Christ’s ascension into heaven, at the foot of the cross and did not yield, even unto death. What changed men, who had denied their Lord, into men who said, “Yes, I know that Man”? They were given the opportunity after His resurrection from the dead, to see in the flesh (“Handle me, and see; for a spirit hath not flesh and bones, as ye see me have”) what John saw in his heart that night in the upper room when he placed his head upon Christ’s Sacred Heart. That is the essence of Western civilization. The European people, like St. John, placed their collective head upon His Sacred Heart and knew with a certainly surer than rational systems and scientific research that the ‘secret’ of existence was contained in the mystery of Christ’s divine manhood. When we stay close to our European hearth fire, we stay at the foot of the cross, and nothing, no force on earth or in hell, can defeat us. But when we leave the foot of the cross? We become grazers, who stand by while Moslems cut the throats of Christians, right on the altars of their churches. Or worse yet, we become liberals who encourage the Moslems and the negroes to cut the throats of white Christians. The slaughter of whites will not be halted until Europeans are moved to action by a genuine heartfelt connection to the people of old Europe, who lived, loved, and hated in response to His Sacred Heart.

In my town, and I’m sure it’s the same in all white towns throughout the white nations, there are white grazers who watch their sporting events, attend patriotic activities, and support the troops and their local police. They engage in all the aforementioned activities in a semi-somnolent state. But when a national disaster occurs, such as a flood, hurricane, tornado, or fire, the semi-somnolent grazers become very energetic, committed, rescue workers. Then when the emergency ends, they return to semi-somnolence. Why can’t such men be stirred to act in the greatest emergency of all – the war against the white race? They won’t fight for their people because there is no white leader who will tell them to fight for the whites. No matter how many jokes the white grazer might make about the powers that be in church and state, the sad fact is that he is morally cowed by officialdom. And officialdom is run by liberals. No respected political party member, no church leader, no media personality ever tells the white grazers that they are in a war to death with an implacable enemy who will kill them with less remorse than they would kill an insect. So the grazer sits back, waiting to help out in certifiable national emergencies, while the liberals and their heathen henchmen destroy the white race.

In Arthur Koestler’s autobiography he said that some people left the Communist party after a whole series of events that they could not reconcile with their consciences. With others it was one blinding ‘Road to Damascus’ experience that made them leave the Communist party. For instance, one woman said she left the party because, “One night I heard screams.” So it will be with the grazers, who after all are supporters of a Jacobin system just as heinous as communist Russia was. Most will remain grazers till it is time for them to be butchered in the liberals’ stockyards, a remnant will convert because of a series of events that cannot be reconciled with their consciences, and some will convert because one night they heard screams.

It doesn’t matter, once you have determined that Liberaldom is evil, whether you think your chance of getting any support in your war against the liberals is very remote. If they are evil you must fight them, for the same reason Hamlet defied augury. Life is a spiritual battle against principalities and powers; we don’t surrender to the principalities and powers of the devil simply because he has superior numbers and earthly power. But it is not even a question of a division of the spiritual realm and the practical realm, with action in the spiritual realm guaranteed to fail and action in the practical realm more likely to succeed. The two realms cannot be separated, because man is created in the image of God, he is of the spirit. It is not practical to deny the spiritual life, which is what all those attached to Liberaldom have done. Practically and spiritually we don’t know what might happen if a king or prince, with only a symbolic role in the modern world, were to call on his people to throw out the liberal government and rally behind their ancient King to drive out the invaders from France, from Britain, from Germany, and so on. Farfetched? Nothing is farfetched if we look at the Europeans’ history. It is time for fairytale heroics that come from a childlike faith in the Lamb of God who taketh away the sins of the world. +


(1) The intellectual Christians and the ‘conservatives’ think that if they advocate a theory of nonviolence for white people there will be no violence. They, like their mad-dog liberal brethren, think that all evil is in the white race. So if the white race refrains from violence, there shall be no violence. But is this true? Why is there more violence now than ever before, the most barbaric violence imaginable, even though the white race has renounced violence?

Is it humane, is it Christian, to dogmatically renounce violence while your people are being slaughtered by colored heathens, urged on by techno-barbarian liberals? What do you think liberals mean when they promise a nonracist police force? What do you think all those Lady Macbeth councilwomen in Germany mean when they tell you that Germany will be a Moslem nation? They are telling you that you and your kith and kin are going to be exterminated. What type of people tolerate that without fighting back? A people who have no leaders who see them as a people whose lives, culture, and heritage deserve to be preserved. Violence won’t cease if white people are nonviolent. It will increase, because the worse kind of barbaric heathen violence flourishes when whites refuse to be violent in defense of their people and their heritage.

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Out of the Belly of the Leviathan

Dore_Jonah_cast_forth_by_the_whaleBut Jonah rose up to flee unto Tarshish from the presence of the Lord, and went down to Joppa; and he found a ship going to Tarshish: so he paid the fare thereof, and went down into it, to go with them unto Tarshish from the presence of the Lord.

Jonah 1: 3


The white police officers who are shot and killed by misunderstood black ‘youths’ get a little more notice than ordinary whites who are shot and killed by black ‘youths,’ but in both cases the party line of the liberals is the same. The focus is on the white race: What did the white policemen and/or the white race in general do to make the heathens rage? So long as liberals rule the Western nations, that will always be officialdom’s reaction to the murder of whites. The murders are never the blacks’ fault. And why are the murders never the blacks’ fault? Because a pure, sinless race of people can do no evil. What seems like evil is the result of white racism – some evil whites twist the facts and try to blame blacks for their just retaliation against the white race for crimes against the black race. Unfortunately that ‘criminally insane’ apologia for black barbarians is not an exaggeration; I am not stretching a point. In the liberals’ universe there are no bad blacks, there are only evil whites who provoke wayward black ‘youths’ into committing youthful indiscretions. Nothing will ever be done to stem the blood-red tide of black on white violence so long as the liberals worship the black barbarians who represent, to the liberals, the antithesis of the white Christians of old Europe.

It is seldom made explicit, but the implicit message the liberals put out every time there is black on white violence is that black violence can be prevented if whites would behave properly. ‘The French in Haiti, the whites in South Africa, the whites of the Southern United States, white policemen, and ordinary white citizens, were and are racist; that is why they are being slaughtered. You need not worry if you are a white who repudiates racism.’ This is, of course, a liberal stratagem. Blacks are not being forced to commit violence by white racism; they commit violent crimes against the white race because they are savages who know nothing except how to rape, murder, and torture. They will not spare the ‘good whites,’ because they have no respect for anything but power. They can be restrained by force, but they will never refrain from violence because they have been shown charity. In their heathen eyes, a charitable man is a weak man who deserves to be brutalized and murdered.

Some conservative-liberals who are appalled at the Moslem invasion of Europe and the United States have tried to point out to their fellow liberals how inconsistent Moslem values and liberal values are. They point out that Moslems rape women, Moslems believe in a Moslem theocracy, and Moslems are not fond of the liberals’ view of diversity. But why, if you have tolerated the rape and murder cultures of the Mexicans and the blacks, should you turn on the Moslems? It is the mad-dog liberals who are being consistent. The conservative-liberal who wants to tolerate black and Mexican savagery while banning Moslem savagery is the inconsistent liberal. What the conservative fails to confront is the moral bankruptcy of intellectual Christianity. Christianity, divorced from the heartfelt passions, both good and bad, that come from an intimate connection to one’s own race, spawns that hellish ideology called liberalism. And at the core of liberalism is a hatred for Christ. Every other difference that the liberal has with the Moslems and the colored heathens melts away before that one essential passion they share with the Moslems and the colored heathens: They hate Christ and the Christ-bearing race.

The European people are running scared like the pre-repentant Jonah. Rather than face the liberals and the colored barbarians, they have fled unto Tarshish by way of the good ship Liberalism. They would rather hide in that ship then fulfill their destiny as the Christ-bearing people. But hasn’t liberalism failed to provide the comfort the Europeans sought? All the liberals’ systems – Thomism, Communism, and Jacobin democracy – have failed to sustain the European people in the day of battle. And they have failed because they require a man to break his covenant with his people and his God before he can attain the comfort of the liberals’ systems. If a man sacrifices his kith and kin on the altars of the liberals, he can stay aboard the ship that will take him to Tarshish? But of course we never get to Tarshish; we are in the belly of the whale. For how long? Just as long as we refuse to take up our cross and face the techno-barbarian liberals and the colored heathens of Nineveh.

The sailors on the ship Jonah sailed on all worshipped heathen gods, but they were not the ones who brought down the wrath of God. It was Jonah’s apostasy that brought down the wrath of God upon the ship and crew. So it is with the European people. We cannot ignore the central event of human history – the birth, death, and resurrection from the dead of Jesus Christ – without perishing as a people. We cannot return to paganism by becoming Socratic Christians or techno-barbarian pagans. It is all or nothing. We must fulfill our prophetic destiny or perish in the belly of the whale.

Orlando, the hero of Shakespeare’s As You Like It, declares that, “I can live no longer by thinking.” He can no longer love an abstraction called Rosalind, he must be married to the real flesh and blood Rosalind. When we had a racial home we were a people. Without that home we are Undines, we are not fully human. And how can non-humans respond to the God-Man? We can’t. Once white skin was synonymous with Christian. “I have not tasted Christian food for three years,” Ben Gunn says. He didn’t have to say European food, because to be European was to be Christian. The new theology of ‘Western culture has nothing to do with race’ is not an advance, it is a return to paganism, to Greek philosophy, which regards the incarnation of Christ as foolishness. There is no European resistance to the anti-white liberals and colored heathens, because the churchmen have made a fatal separation of race and faith. If we can’t trust the faith we received from our kith and kin, in what or whom can we trust?

The Roman Catholic churchmen blend Christianity with Islam and colored heathenism while the Protestant evangelicals blend Christianity with Judaism and colored heathenism. And they do this, we are told, in the name of a universalist God who demands one thing from his adherents – They must not be racist. But what if our race is our spiritual backbone? If I’m wrong, if there is no connection between our racial hearth fire and our God, if we do not find God through those mysterious racial and familial ties, then why have the new European Christians gone whoring after heathen gods and made gods of the colored heathens? Why can’t their universalist god, free of racial prejudices, sustain them in the day of battle?

I don’t think that a Frenchman who celebrates Bastille Day, as blasphemous as that celebration is, deserves to be slaughtered by Moslems, but surely you can see the irony of that massacre? The regicides of France did not just kill a Christian king, as terrible as that act was, they destroyed the incorporate union of the European people and Christ. It was a second fall of man. Loyalty to an abstract people and an abstract god replaced loyalty to the God who abides with us at the racial and familial hearth fire. Frenchmen and whites of all the European nations are naked to their heathen enemies because the abstract ‘blessings’ of liberty, equality, and fraternity that are celebrated on Bastille Day replaced the non-abstract virtues of faith, hope, and charity that were practiced by the racist, prejudiced, antique Europeans.

The European people have had their drunken French Revolution party for quite some time now, but the party has taken on the look of a macabre dance of death. Even when Moslem Jihadists do not kill the revelers, the Europeans look like deaths’ heads. The women who prefer other women to men, the men who prefer men to women, the whites who worship negroes, and the intellectual Christians who fear the racist label so much that they are willing to forsake their God and their people to prove they are not racist, all present us with a terrible vision of a people on the brink of extinction. What then can we hope for? It seems quite trite, and even futile, to say that Christ is the only hope of the white race. After all, it is the white Christian churchmen who have presided over the prosecution of the white race. We have been charged, on the one hand with being insufficiently Christian, and on the other we have been charged with being too exclusively Christian. The trial has been rigged. The verdict was decided beforehand. No matter what the charge, the verdict will always be: ‘The white race is guilty.’

White people in Europe, the United States, and throughout the world behave like they are on trial before a world court that will treat them fairly if they just present their case in a rational manner, following the proper rules of courtroom procedure. They never seem to understand that it doesn’t matter what they say or do, they have already been tried and found guilty in the minds of the liberals. ‘We protest peacefully, we are not racist,’ the whites plead; ‘Please let us be part of Liberaldom.’ But whites will never be allowed into the liberals’ Emerald City because of their tainted past. Buried in their racial memory, a memory the liberals are trying to purge from their souls, is the image of the Man of Sorrows. Through the power of His love our loves are restored to us, “and all our sorrows end.” Why should that vision and that hope be destroyed?

The Europeans must be eradicated because their Savior is not of this world. Neither He nor His followers are like unto the Moslems, the colored heathen, the Jews, the neo-pagans, or the liberals who seek an earthly paradise with no regard for the vision of the living God who died on the cross. This (final?) battle is about ‘this world-only’ and ‘Christ’s kingdom come.’ It was our ancestors’ contention, and it is my own contention, that when we abide with the people of our own racial hearth fire we will know the one true God who bids us come to Him through those mysterious human relationships that the liberals shun. “I reject His world,” Ivan Karamazov declared. So have they all, the liberals and their colored minions, rejected His world. But the European people cannot live any longer on that ship destined for Tarshish. We will never get there. And even if we did, we would choke on the insipid, soul-killing food of that liberal, Christ-hating city. Far better to follow our racial destiny and confront the liberals and their colored allies. For charity’s sake we must fight the people who have not charity. The lay of the ancient European minstrel speaks to our hearts. He sings of men and women who loved their people, and through that love they found the Savior who redeemed the world with a love that passeth the understanding of the liberals and the colored heathens. I don’t know any other Europe apart from that Christ-centered Europe. And why should I, or any other European, seek to know any other Europe? +

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The Invisible Empire of the European People

Dore_Jesus-falling-beneath-the-crossAbstractedly speaking, government, as well as liberty, is good; yet could I, in common sense, ten years ago, have felicitated France on her enjoyment of a government (for she then had a government) without inquiry what the nature of that government was, or how it was administered? Can I now congratulate the same nation upon its freedom? Is it because liberty in the abstract may be classed amongst the blessings of mankind, that I am seriously to felicitate a mad-man, who has escaped from the protecting restraint and wholesome darkness of his cell, on his restoration to the enjoyment of light and liberty? Am I to congratulate a highwayman and murderer, who has broke prison, upon the recovery of his natural rights? This would be to act over again the scene of the criminals condemned to the galleys, and their heroic deliverer, the metaphysic knight of the sorrowful countenance. – Edmund Burke

I have yet to read of a white policeman’s shooting of a black ‘youth’ where I thought the white police officer had murdered the black. In most cases I have heard about, the police officer killed a thug who needed killing, and in the other cases the shooting was an accident brought on by some ill-advised action of the victim. Of course I am prejudiced. But are not the liberals and the black barbarians prejudiced? I’ll stick with my prejudices, because I think they are in line with the truth.

Although I support individual police officers who have confrontations with black criminals, I am not a big supporter of the police. And I am not a big supporter of the police for the same reason I am not a big supporter of ‘our troops.’ The police and the military work for the liberals; they are far more likely to come down on white people who have committed crimes against the state, which means ‘racist’ resistance to liberal abortionists, black murderers, and Moslem jihadists, than they are likely to aggressively attack Moslem and black hooligans. America is not a city on a hill, exempt from the same problems that plague the whites in Europe. And in the European nations the police are trained to go after whites who oppose the barbarians of color and to leave the colored barbarians alone. Likewise the United States. When I worked as a police officer some twenty-five years ago, we were always being sent to ‘special training’ courses. At those training courses we were taught about the evils of white racism and the need for a sensitive new police force that would stop brutalizing blacks. I’m sure the anti-white propaganda has gotten worse in the last quarter century. And the anti-white propaganda works. When the Rodney King affair occurred, I was the only officer on the force who supported the police officers who were accused of beating the poor, helpless Rodney King while he was driving home from his nightly charity work at a hospital for the incurably ill.

The young men who become police officers come from our culture, which is liberal. They have been fed anti-white propaganda since the day of their births. What makes them different from their white counterparts who do not work as police officers? Nothing. They are marked for death just as whites are marked for death in society at large. The essence of liberalism is hatred – hatred for the white Christ-bearing race. Whites are bred for sacrifice.  They all are destined to die on the liberals’ altars, dedicated to their heathen gods. When Moslem or black violence is too blatant as in Dallas and in Orlando, there are some white rumblings, but they never amount to anything, because whites will not attack liberalism itself by squarely facing the fact that we are in a race war which only one side is fighting. Any white protest of Moslem or black violence is always preceded with the ‘we are not racist’ plea. For instance, the Britain First party, which has all those nice parades, regularly condemns racism and gushes about all the Pakistanis and blacks who support the Britain First party. ‘We support all those who respect our traditions.’ What traditions are we talking about? Fish and chips? If a man is not white and Christian how can he be a Briton? The Britain First party seems to be the ‘End of White Britain’ party, just as the American Republican party has become the ‘Stupid Party’ that plans to win by appeasing the non-white Americans who hate white America.

Most middle-of-the-road whites tend to respect the police just as they respect their clergy. But in both instances, they have failed to look past the symbols of what used to be to the reality of the present. The police and the clergy are adjuncts of Liberaldom; whites should not rely on either adjunct to support them in their ongoing war with the liberals. But of course that is the problem: the ‘decent’ whites are “so far from doing harm that they suspect none.” But the liberals do mean to do them harm. And whites must learn, as Edgar learned, to look past the outward forms and look within. Behind the smiling, liberal façade – the sporting events, the church services, the patriotic celebrations –is the cold ruthless figure of Satan, laughing, as only Satan can laugh, with contempt and with malice.

The Norman Rockwell painting of a policeman giving a lost child an ice cream cone is still the image that many white people have of the police. But the same artist’s painting of Federal marshals escorting a negro girl to school in order to desegregate the South is more in keeping with the role of the police in modern Liberaldom. They live to serve the state. If they are killed by black murderers, my heart goes out to them as it goes out to all whites who are being victimized by black barbarians, but when they defend the abortionists, the integrationists, or any part of Liberaldom, the police are my sworn enemies. To say you are just doing your job does not excuse you if your job entails the defense of liberalism.

Burke saw the Achilles’ heel of the virtuous whites when they failed to respond to the French Revolution with fire and sword: “Above all, good men do not suspect that their destruction is attempted through their virtues.” It is the same with the whites of the modern Western nations. They cling to the virtue of being non-racist while the white-hating liberals and the colored heathens use the race card to destroy them. It is time, in fact it is past time, to leave mere virtue behind and follow the way of the cross, the way of passion – a passionate self-sacrificing love for our kith and kin and a passionate hatred for the enemies of our kith and kin. Aslan is not a tame Lion, which is why the Grand Inquisitors of Liberaldom want to do away with Him. They do not want white hearts which are enflamed with a passion that they, the Grand Inquisitors, cannot control. ‘Give me the merely virtuous,’ the Grand Inquisitor says, ‘I can always keep them in check by holding the ‘racist’ label over their heads.’

The abortion of the white race starts with the abstraction. When white people allowed their racial identity, which is part of their soul, to be thrown on the junk heap of history, they lost their connection to all those heartfelt passions that connect them to each other and to their God. Why do we support the police? Because they fight for us? No, they don’t. They fight for an abstraction called ‘the people.’ And only heathens and colored barbarians can be ‘the people.’ (1) If you are lucky enough to live in an all-white neighborhood, a police officer might aid you when a white hooligan attacks, just as a psychologist who works in a satanic profession might still give some practical advice that works, but in the war against the liberals and the colored barbarians the police will become your enemy, because white people must be abstracted and then aborted.

The police and the military units that serve the liberals stem from the abstraction the liberals call Christianity. If Christ does not dwell within us, but is only out there as an abstract God, then we have no spiritual armor. We are defenseless against the wickedness and snares of the devil. He can outsmart us without working up a sweat. But if we can trust our instincts, because our instincts are grounded in a faith in Christ who dwells within our heart and at our racial hearth fire, we can fight the devil and his minions without the aid of a liberal-based system.

The ‘conservative’ Thomist, Frederick Wilhelmsen, once wrote that the West had nothing to do with race. Really? If the West has nothing to do with race, then why was the cultural entity called the West created by white people? And why have the non-whites never created a Christian culture? So let me disagree and state that the Christian West has everything to do with race. It is St. Thomas Aquinas who has nothing to do with the West. In a similar vein, the ‘conservative’ Francis Canavan, while professing an admiration for Burke, tells us that Burke was right about Jacobin democracy but wrong to condemn all democracies.

Once again I must disagree. Where is the ‘good’ democracy? It was Burke’s contention that a nation could thrive under a monarchial, aristocratic system as in pre-Jacobin France, or it could thrive under a monarchial, aristocratic, democratic system as in Great Britain. But no nation could exist as a pure democracy, because a democracy was the most tyrannical government imaginable, where a few tyrants ruled in the name of an aggregate herd called ‘the people.’ Christian utopians such as Wilhelmsen and Canavan are more dangerous than their secular counterparts, because they deceive the merely virtuous by convincing them that Christianity consists of supporting the right abstractions, such as racial equality and democratic principles.

The word ‘organic’ is generally used nowadays to distinguish real food from plastic, chemical food, but I use the word in its ancient context. We need to stop looking to organizations that were founded by the liberals – the churches, the military, the schools, and the police – and start looking to those invisible, organic ties of blood and faith that bound the antique Europeans to each other and their God. It was Robert E. Lee who first used the term “invisible empire” to describe the Ku Klux Klan. And it was Robert E. Lee who suggested that Nathan Bedford Forrest should be the man in charge of that invisible empire. We must go down to our European roots and become like unto the men who made up that invisible empire. We shouldn’t literally copy the Klansmen, but we should be like them in spirit. They were a conquered people, in the material sense, who were ruled by a cabal of liberals who had loosed the barbarians of color upon them. And yet they triumphed. They preserved their people and their civilization, because they refused to submit to liberal rule. They didn’t respect any institution that was not organically part of their culture and their heritage. The South didn’t lose the war until they became part of Liberaldom in the 1950s. My contention is that all of us, we Europeans, should be klansmen. We should stay loyal to the invisible European empire of the antique Europeans. It is not Western science nor our democratic systems that made Europe great. It is the moral vision and the greatness of heart that infused that vision into a civilization that made Europe different in kind from all other civilizations, which, in comparison to the European civilization, do not even deserve the name civilizations. Christ dwelt among us; He still does. He dwells with those Europeans who have not forsaken their white blood. I know that term ‘white blood’ appalls the modern churchmen, but the modern churchmen appall me. Is the incarnation of Christ true or is it not? If it is true, then it is also true that spiritual values can be passed on through the blood. Let us stop living a life of abstract virtue and live the life of a European who loves and hates with all his heart.

You won’t see the invisible empire of Europeans on any of the major news sites or the alternative news sites, but it represents the spirit above the dust of Babylon that will rebuild Christian Europe. “For we are saved by hope: but hope that is seen is not hope: for what a man seeth, why doth he yet hope for?” +


(1) The negro Dallas police chief delivered a disgustingly inappropriate eulogy for the white Dallas police officers who were murdered. He used the occasion for self-aggrandizement, and the media used the occasion for negro worship. That police chief represents the real face of our modern police force. (Watch the unedited Fox version, not the heavily edited CNN version.)

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Incarnational Europe Is Our Beginning and Our End

O'Connor_LondonBut now all is to be changed. All the pleasing illusions, which made power gentle and obedience liberal, which harmonized the different shades of life, and which, by a bland assimilation, incorporated into politics the sentiments which beautify and soften private society, are to be dissolved by this new conquering empire of light and reason. All the decent drapery of life is to be rudely torn off. All the superadded ideas, furnished from the wardrobe of a moral imagination, which the heart owns, and the understanding ratifies, as necessary to cover the defects of our naked, shivering nature, and to raise it to dignity in our own estimation, are to be exploded as a ridiculous, absurd, and antiquated fashion. – Edmund Burke

I don’t categorically deny that there have been individuals who received private revelations from God. But I don’t accept, as part of my faith, any private revelations other than St. Paul’s vision of Christ on the road to Damascus and St. John’s revelations on the island of Patmos. And since neither St. Paul nor St. John told us the actual identity of the anti-Christ, I can’t say with any certainty who the anti-Christ is. All that can be said about Pope Francis is that if he is not the anti-Christ then he is certainly giving a very good imitation of the anti-Christ. He is like some of those Elvis imitators who seem more like Elvis than Elvis.

Pope Francis the man is a liberal. And liberalism is from the devil. But what makes Pope Francis the most dangerous liberal in the world is the position he holds. He is like unto a master baker who bakes strychnine into the bread. He is much more dangerous than his non-baking fellow citizens because he, and he alone, has the power to dispense poison under the guise of healthy bread.  Dante posted a sign, “Abandon all hope ye who enter here,” over the portal of Hell. That should be the sign over the Roman Catholic Church of Pope Francis. He is the purveyor of liberalism under the guise of Christianity and as such he is an earthly conduit to hell.

The Pope seems to have a slight preference for Moslems over the Jews, while Protestant evangelicals have a decided preference for the Jews. But both Islam and Judaism represent a return to paganism and a rejection of Jesus Christ. Most Protestants can comprehend that Islam is a pagan faith, but they don’t see the Jews for what they are. Having rejected Christ, the Jews reverted to type and became another branch of paganism. They maintained their belief in their ‘chosen’ status while rejecting the reason for that status. If you blend Christ with Judaism, Islam, or any other pagan faith, you will lose Christ. But that blending process is the essence of liberalism.

Christ tells us, through St. John, that He is the, “Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end, the first and the last.” The Grand Inquisitor, Pope Francis, and his evangelical brethren have rebuked Christ. They tell Him and us that He is not the beginning and the end. “In the beginning was diversity, but mankind fell from diversity and became racist. In the end will be diversity again, presided over by Satan, the good angel who suffered much in order to bring mankind that which was needful: diversity. So let it be written, so let it be.”

Never doubt that the Islamization of Europe combined with the colorization of Europe is from the devil. Let the churches be burned to the ground; they are the purveyors of satanic filth. The European people need to take their stand in the small platoons that Burke spoke of:

To be attached to the subdivision, to love the little platoon we belong to in society, is the first principle (the germ as it were) of public affections. It is the first link in the series by which we proceed towards a love to our country, and to mankind. The interest of that portion of social arrangement is a trust in the hands of all those who compose it; and as none but bad men would justify it in abuse, none but traitors would barter it away for their own personal advantage.

From such racial platoons will come the spirit to resist the forces of darkness which consist of the techno-barbaric liberals and the colored heathens.

To actually walk the streets of a great European city and enjoy the thousand and one Christian things of that city is no longer possible. The Christian things are blended with liberal and Moslem things, and such a blending is worse than the outright paganism of old Rome or pre-Christian Greece. But “while memory holds a seat in this distracted globe,” we shall not forget eternal Europe. So long as two or three are gathered together who still remember, and live by that remembrance, Europe lives.

The European people have been poisoned incrementally. They were served the finest wines with just a small dose of poison. Then the dosage was increased a little more and then still more until the final dose that killed them. I have seen this incremental poisoning take place during my lifetime. The Christian comforts were permitted so long as the enemy felt their removal might awaken the European people to the fact that they were being poisoned. Race-mixing was called civil rights until there was no white abhorrence of race-mixing. Homosexual marriages and abortion were presented as compassionate solutions to hard cases until the white Europeans accepted such things as normal. Works of literature from the Christian era of the European people were depicted in a new, negative light and then rejected out of hand. Everything that connected men to the God-Man who dwelt in the hearts of the antique Europeans has been eliminated.

When I was a young man, I read Vladimir Solovyov’s Lectures on Divine Humanity. My reaction to the book was similar to Horatio’s reaction to Hamlet’s assertion that there was something rotten in the state of Denmark: “There needs no ghost, come back from the grave to tell us this.” That God has planted His divine imprint on humanity through His Son Jesus Christ seemed too obvious; I wondered why Solovyov thought he had to say it. But I was coming from the poets, from Shakespeare, Scott, Dostoyevsky, and Dickens. Every word they wrote pointed to the incarnational aspects of our European culture. When I entered the realm of speculative philosophy and theology, I understood what a philosophical maverick Vladimir Solovyov was. He said what needed to be said – that Western philosophy and theology were heretical deviations from the cultural heart and soul of the European people – which was and ever shall be the God-Man, Jesus Christ.

We must be aware of the poison we have swallowed so that we can seek the antidote. And that poison is a mixture of paganism and Christianity, which constitutes the deadliest soul-poisoning mixture ever created by Satan. It is called liberalism. Liberalism mixes the cruelty of the pagan religions with an evangelical post-Christian zeal that places the aggregate herd above individual human beings. Institutionalized inhumanity is the mark of liberalism. That is why the church and state must be democratized, because in a democratized institution or state a small cabal of liberals, which translates to Satanists, rule in the name of an aggregate herd of inhuman heathens. No white man will ever be allowed to co-exist, in church or state, with the inhuman aggregate herd of colored heathens, because the white man has the taint of original sin on him. He championed the God-Man, Jesus Christ. Satan is paying the white man back through the liberals, whose patron saint is Julian the Apostate.

I often hear the liberal-conservatives trying to argue with the mad-dog liberals on a practical basis: “Don’t you realize that Moslems will destroy liberalism?” And, “Don’t you see that black violence will also be directed at you?” But the mad-dog liberals will not see, because the worship of the Christ-hating heathens and colored barbarians is essential to their pagan faith. The liberals firmly believe that they are the beloved ones; their man-gods love them. And in point of fact it is usually the good whites, the leaderless, groping, defenseless remnants of Christian Europe, who take the brunt of the heathens’ wrath. The de Klerkian liberals find temporary escapes. Does Angela Merkel have to live near a camp of Moslem refugees? Does Pope Francis have to share an apartment with the black Moslems whom he worships in a public, satanic church service? The liberals will be the last to go, and they will die affirming their faith in the colored heathens and the colored heathens’ god – the archangel Satan.

When Pope Francis recently equated the first apostles with the modern Moslem invaders, he was giving us a window into the mind of Satan. Christ is to be ground to bits in the giant machinery of diversity. And that machinery is devoid of individual human beings. Hamlet’s refusal to be played upon like a recorder and the underground man’s refusal to be a piano key are the defiant resistance movements of the Europeans who stand in the face of the satanic whirlwind and announce that “a personality stands here.” A personality, we should add, that knows that “Christ is in me, and I am in Christ.” St. Paul is not an aberration; his faith is one with Christ and the first Christian Europeans who saw Christ as the hero of heroes who would fight by their side against the powers of darkness. All that matters is the one essential thing – we must reclaim our European manhood, which differs in kind from pagan manhood. Instead of sitting back and watching colored heathens and liberal pagans slaughter whites, we should fight as the first European Christians fought – for hearth, for race, and for charity’s sake. How can a man with a European heart watch the liberals’ orgies of blood without responding with fire and sword? Formal Europe, the Europe of quaint shops, splendid architecture, and streets filled with white people, is dead. But eternal Europe still lives wherever there are two or three gathered together in His name to form their European platoon. A platoon wedded to European soil and European soil alone, a platoon wedded to Christ and to Christ alone. Christ is the beginning and the end, the first and the last, and Christian Europe is our first and last home, no matter the numbers the devil sends against us. Never, never, never shall the Satanism of Pope Francis and his liberal allies be allowed to masquerade as the true faith. Thus is our faith tested, and we shall respond with that charity of honor which did not fail St. Paul. And it shall not fail us. +

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