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The Warm, Beautiful Summer of Christian Europe

The demon said this was very amusing. When a good or pious thought passed through the mind of any one it was misrepresented in the glass; and then how the demon laughed at his cunning invention. All who went to … Continue reading

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Our Race is Our People

A United Federal Party advertisement asked dramatically: “Are you a man or a Dinosaur?” The moral here was that the dinosaur was a brainless creature that had become extinct because it could not meet the challenge of a changing environment, … Continue reading

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The Ancient Chivalry

I am told, that the very sons of such Jew-jobbers have been made bishops; persons not to be suspected of any sort of Christian superstition, fit colleagues to the holy prelate of Autun; and bred at the feet of that … Continue reading

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European Hearts that Still Live

If ever from your eyelids wip’d a tear And know what ‘tis to pity and be pitied,… Orlando (As You Like It) Every once in a while I make contact with a European, a man or woman who has some … Continue reading

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For Sympathy

The time seems long; their blood thinks scorn Till it fly out and show them princes born. –Cymbeline What I would laughingly call the conservative Christian remnant, except for the fact that their cowardly apostasy is not a laughing matter, … Continue reading

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