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Beyond the Swelling Flood

The prevalent philosophy of the day takes cognizance of but half of human nature—and that the worst half. Our happiness is so involved in the happiness and well-being of everything around us that a mere selfish philosophy, like political economy, … Continue reading

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From Out of the Depths

How must we feel, if the pride and flower of the English Nobility and Gentry, who might escape the pestilential clime, and the devouring sword, should, if taken prisoners, be delivered over as rebel subjects, to be condemned as rebels, … Continue reading

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The Last Enemy

Oh, Death, king of terrors! The body quakes and the spirit faints before thee. It is vain, with hands clasped over our eyes, to scream our reclamation; the horrible image will not be excluded. We have just the word spoken … Continue reading

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The European Vision

And so they sailed for Tintagel… –CWNY There is a little side door in Senator McCain’s office that leads down a secret passageway to another door. Sometimes when the devil’s janitors forget to oil the hinges on the other door … Continue reading

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Turning Back the Tide of Color

The white man is responsible for every single civilized feature that Negro Africa possesses; and the present negrophile psychosis, as Dr. Verwoerd calls it, spells doom not only to the white man in Africa but everywhere else. The line has … Continue reading

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