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To Begin Again

‘Tis still a dream or else such stuff as madmen Tongue and brain not; either both or nothing; Or senseless speaking, or a speaking such As sense cannot untie. Be what it is, The action of my life is like … Continue reading

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The Cross

Men must endure Their going hence even as their coming hither; Ripeness is all. Come on. -from King Lear While in the midst of untold bloodshed and slaughter, perpetuated by blacks against whites, the white people of the European nations … Continue reading

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Two Separate Worlds

In the liberals’ bible there is a Satan just like there is in the Christians’ Bible, but the liberals have a different version of the Genesis story. The liberals claim that the earth was once a wonderful paradise, a self-sustaining … Continue reading

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Charity and Mercy Have One Name and It Is Not Mau Mau

Kenya, we must understand, is a microcosm of the entire West. Therefore let us ask ourselves, What would have been our general White position today if the world had consisted only of Kenya, with no other place for us to … Continue reading

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