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Returning to Our Home

Pausing there a moment and looking back, they saw the whole mass of the Wild Wood, dense, menacing, compact, grimly set in vast white surroundings; simultaneously they turned and made swiftly for home, for firelight and the familiar things it … Continue reading

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Why Europe Must Die So Liberalism Can Live

“Here’s a good world the while! Who is so gross That cannot see this palpable device?” Richard III ___________________________________ The late John Tyndall of the BNP once stated that he didn’t want to comment on the specifics of the American … Continue reading

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They Serve Us Still

Deeper than speech our love, stronger than life our tether… –Kipling — I am dreaming of the mountains of my home, Of the mountains where in childhood I would roam. I have dwelt ‘neath summer skies, Where the summer never … Continue reading

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Parasitical Ideologues

Nothing can be conceived more hard than the heart of a thoroughbred metaphysician. It comes nearer to the cold malignity of a wicked spirit than to the frailty and passion of a man. It is like that of the principle … Continue reading

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