The Return to His Europe

Verily I say unto you, All these things shall come upon this generation. O Jerusalem, Jerusalem, thou that killest the prophets, and stonest them which are sent unto thee, how often would I have gathered thy children together, even as a hen gathereth her chickens under her wings, and ye would not! Behold, your house is left unto you desolate. For I say unto you, Ye shall not see me henceforth, till ye shall say, Blessed is he that cometh in the name of the Lord.

–Matthew 23: 36-39



The apostle whom Christ loved tells us that, “He was in the world, and the world was made by him, and the world knew him not.” That is tragedy of the highest order. But the apostles knew Christ once their hearts were opened. Then there was St. Paul, who encountered Christ on the road to Damascus; he also knew Christ. But neither the first apostles nor St. Paul knew Christ through the intellect; they did not know the day nor the hour of His return. They did not have a blueprint for an organizational structure called the Church, but they did know that which was essential: they knew that God had become Man and dwelt among us and gave us, through an act of divine charity, eternal life. Such was the faith of the apostles and St. Paul.

In the fullness of time, a people emerged who shared the same faith as the apostles and St. Paul. The Europeans knew Him as St. John knew Him and as St. Paul knew Him. And because they knew Him, they were despised by Satan and all those who worshipped Satan and hated the light. Against the world, against the Christ-haters, the Europeans built a civilization based on His divine charity, what Burke called that charity of honor, and they defended it until their faith faltered and the sword of charity fell from their hands. It is my contention that the despised and rejected ones, the antique Europeans, were right: they saw, through a glass darkly, what the apostles and St. Paul saw – the Son of the living God. Nothing good can come out of any civilization, be it white or colored, whose people deny the miracle of Christian Europe. Friends and enemies have told me that I’m obsessed with the European thing and therefore wrong, because to obsess on something shows a disordered mind. I concede that I am obsessed with the “European thing,” but I do not concede that to be obsessed is wrong. Burke was obsessed with the French Revolution; he thought it was of the devil. Shouldn’t a man be obsessive in his opposition to the devil? And shouldn’t a man be obsessive in his support of the one civilization that championed the Son of God in opposition to the devil? That is what the samizdat publication called CWNY is all about. It has been, and always shall be, my contention that to oppose the civilization of the antique Europeans is to oppose Christ. And to support their civilization is to support Christ against the devil and his minions.

The liberals have come from outside Europe into its very center and turned His Kingdom Come into Satan’s kingdom of hell on earth. That kingdom of hell on earth was not built in a day. Before Satan could triumph the Europeans had to be spiritually anesthetized. Through the scientizing of the organized churches the spiritual anesthetization took place. Is there a modern European, be he Christian, secularized liberal, or neo-pagan, who will oppose psychology and all the other modern voodoo sciences that are used to explain human existence? No sane man will oppose liberal voodoo. And by ‘sane’ we are speaking of psychologically sane. But to be psychologically sane one must be one with modernity, which is to be one with Satan. By saying that the modern Europeans are one with Satan, I am not suggesting every European home has altars consecrated to Satan. I am suggesting something far worse. White people who form devil cults do not believe in the devil as the colored heathens do. Such people are merely playing with abstractions; they do not believe in the angelic person called the devil, because in order to believe in the devil one must believe in Christ. The devils knew who Christ was: “And unclean spirits, when they saw him, fell down before him, and cried, saying, thou art the Son of God. And he straitly charged them that they should not make him known.” (Mark 3: 11-12) The liberals neither acknowledge Christ nor the devil; what they have is a passionate hatred for all things connected to Him and a passionate devotion to all things that come from Satan. The liberals follow the passionate hatred that is in their hearts without knowing its source. All they know is that they must respond to that force inside them. They must champion the negroid race against the white race, they must champion Islam over Christianity, and they must advocate the slaughter of the innocents. Why must they do these things? They will give you all kinds of reasons, gleaned from philosophy, psychology, and theology, but the real, unstated reason is that they hate Christ and love Satan; therefore, they must hate all things European, even if the Europeans have abandoned Christ, and they must love all things antithetical to Christianity and the European people. Will the liberals’ hatred for humanity cease with the destruction of the white race? I don’t think so, because Satan does not love any race. When the white race is destroyed, the other races will destroy each other, because Satan, not Christ, rules their hearts.

I’m not a Thomist nor a Buddhist, so I don’t have a rational, happy place where I can go to escape the agony of existence. And agony often comes my way through the visits of my mad-dog liberal sister. If you tell me I shouldn’t let her in my house, I would concede that you might be right. But not being a Thomist, I would also say that it doesn’t feel right. Blood ties entail certain obligations. I feel that if my sister doesn’t bring up liberal subjects, I should allow her into my home with the hope that something in my home, or someone in my home, might start her back to His Europe. Not likely? No, it is not likely, which is why the visits from my sister are very depressing. I see a woman, who, like Hamlet’s mother, sees nothing yet believes that all that there is she sees. Last Christmas I showed her, without any intention of tweaking her, a fairy tale that my children were particularly fond of when growing up. I hoped she would read it and like it, thus awaking some dormant feelings of pietas. But she held the book as if she were holding a loathsome reptile and then put it down without even turning a page. What is to be done with such people? When they are in power, they should be dealt with as Ganelon was dealt with. When they are out of power they should be placed in segregated areas with the colored barbarians. That is a much kinder fate than they intend for us if they are allowed to continue on their merry, Christ-hating, white-hating way.

My sister, like many of the sixties’ liberals who are fast disappearing, has a certain nostalgia for the European hearth fire, which is why she makes her yearly visit to my home at Christmas time. But the new breed of liberals do not even have a touch of nostalgia. They have a bare-fanged hatred for all things Christian and European. I’ve seen some older liberals swoon over the beauty of a sonnet by Donne, even though they didn’t approve of his faith, and I’ve seen older liberals take delight in a novel by Dickens. No longer. Nothing from the past moves our modern liberals. And sadly, the alternative right belongs to the liberals. They, like their liberal brethren, are not moved by anything or anybody from Christian Europe. They are rootless, seeking a place in Liberaldom in the name of … In the name of what? In the name of whom? They don’t know. They are back with the unknown God of the Greeks. The incarnate God, who is the God of the antique Europeans, has a local habitation and a name. How can a European who denies that God have a European identity? That denial makes a European man an Undine; it makes him the man without a soul of whom the Minstrel in Scott’s Lay of the Last Minstrel sings: “Breathes there the man, with soul so dead, Who never to himself hath said, This is my own, my native land!” Our racial hearth fire, presided over by Christ, is our native land.

The romance between the European people and Christ has certainly ended. The Europeans’ souls are dead. But souls are not vegetable matter, they can be revived, though I confess I do not know how such a revival can occur when you see the thorns of Liberaldom all around the European people. How can the good seed take root and grow? We are way past the time when we can be saved by politics or theology. We need the type of miracle that occurs when a man dying of thirst in the desert discovers an underground spring of water. That is the great unknown part of the European people’s spiritual pilgrimage. Will a spring of love gush from their heart, a love for the Man of Sorrows, right before they perish from a surfeit of the superficiality and soulnessness of liberalism? Our Lord only hears prayers from the depths of our heart, which means we can’t reach him unless we reclaim our hearts. We must love our people in and through Christ.

Christian Europe is a very lonely place to dwell, in this, the 21st century, the first century in which Satan has gained complete control of Europe. But is it not better to fight alone and hope that other Europeans will join you than to dwell in the devil’s Babylonian kingdom of everlasting night forever? “By the rivers of Babylon, where we sat down, yea, we wept, when we remembered Zion.” Every tear shed for Christian Europe is a prayer to our Lord who redeemed our souls with His precious blood. He will hear our tearful prayers, because He is the charity that never faileth. When the conservatives in church and state jettisoned the European people in order to conserve a mind-forged system that made God an abstraction, they jettisoned the God who dwells in human hearts. Europeans cannot leave their racial hearth fire without leaving Christ.

Neo-paganism shall fail, abstract conservatism will fail, organized Christian Jewry will fail – all that remains is the divine charity that took flesh and dwelt among the European people. Christ was ever present in old Europe, but He has been banished from the new Europe. Scott tells us that it is the bards who write history. Let me close then with that English bard, Charles Dickens, who knew that only human hearts connected to His divine heart could produce the charity that never faileth.

‘O, Mrs Clennam, Mrs Clennam,’ said Little Dorrit, ‘angry feelings and unforgiving deeds are no comfort and no guide to you and me. My life has been passed in this poor prison, and my teaching has been very defective; but let me implore you to remember later and better days. Be guided only by the healer of the sick, the raiser of the dead, the friend of all who were afflicted and forlorn, the patient Master who shed tears of compassion for our infirmities. We cannot but be right if we put all the rest away, and do everything in remembrance of Him. There is no vengeance and no infliction of suffering in His life, I am sure. There can be no confusion in following Him, and seeking for no other footsteps, I am certain.’ +

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The Europe That Shall Not Be Destroyed

Yet as I saw it, I see it again,
The Kirk and the palace, the ships and the men,
As long as I live and where’er I may be,
I’ll always remember my town by the sea.

-Robert Louis Stevenson


I saw in the night visions, and, behold, one like the Son of man came with the clouds of heaven, and came to the Ancient of days, and they brought him near before him.

And there was given him dominion, and glory, and a kingdom, that all people, nations, and languages, should serve him: his dominion is an everlasting dominion, which shall not pass away, and his kingdom that which shall not be destroyed. –Daniel 7: 13-24

European Christians, the men and women that are trying to believe as the antique Europeans believed, have been driven to the catacombs. They don’t literally live in caves, but their homes have become like the catacombs. They live secret lives, trying to live amongst liberals without becoming like unto them. Most Europeans have given up; they have either totally embraced secular liberalism or else they have joined a modern cookie-cutter church which blends liberalism and a Christless, irreligious Christianity that is antithetical to European Christianity. You won’t have to live in the catacombs if you embrace the Christless Christianity, but will the heart be satisfied? Can Christless Christianity sustain the European people? I think it is painfully obvious that it can’t, but the Europeans don’t seem capable of getting off the modernist express train to oblivion. Maybe it is just going too fast, but still, the Europeans must get off that hideous, hell-bound train.

The Christian church men, until modern times when all is permitted, used to warn us about sexual passion. The laymen and laywomen were enjoined to use their God-given sexuality in the way prescribed by God, or otherwise bad things would happen. Such admonitions were right and proper. But why was not the same emphasis, or an even greater emphasis since it had to do with the original sin, placed on the improper use of reason? Why weren’t we warned and admonished about the misuse of our reasoning powers as we were warned and admonished about the misuse of our carnal appetites? Chateaubriand’s comments on that subject are worth quoting again:

Now, if the primitive constitution of man consisted in accordance such as we find established among other beings, nothing more was necessary for the destruction of this order, or any such harmony in general, than to alter the equilibrium of the forces or qualities. In man this precious equilibrium was formed by the faculties of love and thought. Adam was at the same time the most enlightened and the best of men; the most powerful in thought and the most powerful in love. But whatever has been created must necessarily have a progressive course. Instead of waiting for new attainments in knowledge to be derived from the revolution of ages, and to be accompanied by an accession of new feelings, Adam wanted to know every thing at once. Observe, too, what is very important: man had it in his power to destroy the harmony of his being in two ways, either by wanting to love too much, or to know too much. He transgressed in the second way; for we are, in fact, far more deeply tinctured with the pride of science than with the pride of love; the latter would have deserved pity rather than punishment, and if Adam had been guilty of desiring to feel rather than to know too much, man himself might, perhaps, have been able to expiate his transgression, and the Son of God would not have been obliged to under take so painful a sacrifice. But the case was different. Adam sought to embrace the universe, not with the sentiments of his heart, but with the power of thought, and, advancing to the tree of knowledge, he admitted into his mind a ray of light that over powered it. The equilibrium was instantaneously destroyed, and confusion took possession of man. Instead of that illumination which he had promised himself, a thick darkness overcast his sight, and his guilt, like a veil, spread out between him and the universe. His whole soul was agitated and in commotion; the passions rose up against the judgment, the judgment strove to annihilate the passions, and in this terrible storm the rock of death witnessed with joy the first of shipwrecks. –The Genius of Christianity

The pride of science! That is the original sin, to seek to know what God knows, not through the affections, through our filial devotion to a loving God and our love for His creatures, but through the abstracted intellect, contemplating nature. After the fall, the repentant Adam and Eve must have been very close to God. They had sinned much, but they loved much (see Adam and His Kin by Ruth Beechick). But the heirs of Adam and Eve gradually lost their connection to God. They once again became full of the pride of science; they sought God in nature rather than in the human heart. First came the Flood, then came the destruction of the Tower of Babel, and later the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah. Every one of those catastrophes were brought on by mankind’s estrangement from God. And man becomes estranged from God by seeking to know God through nature rather than through the human heart. I am no prophet, but it seems as if the modern Europeans are now estranged from God as were the people just prior to the Flood, as were the people just prior to the destruction of the Tower of Babel, and as were the people of Sodom and Gomorrah prior to their destruction. The uniqueness of the Europeans was that they, and they alone, saw God through the interior eye of the heart, and they loved Him. They loved the heart of God revealed in Jesus Christ.

When Christendom seemed at its height in the high Middle Ages (its height when viewed from the external eye), Satan entered into the heart of the church. He came in preaching reason. He appealed to men’s pride of intellect by telling them they could know God through the rational contemplation of the natural world. What could be wrong with that? Everything was wrong. That neat little formula – God is the end product of a rational process – destroyed the harmony of the European’s soul, which had been restored by Christ. Pride of science became the lodestar of Europe instead of Christ. The sneering intellect replaced the circumcised heart. It didn’t happen overnight, but we can see, particularly in the 20th century, the European people moving into Satan’s realm and away from the green and pleasant land of Christian Europe. The pride of science has left us defenseless against our ancient foe, who prowls about the world seeking the ruin of souls. And whose souls must he seek? He already has the colored heathens’ souls. He wants the Europeans’ souls. He wants the Christ-bearing people to choose his pride of intellect over the love of Christ. When the pride of science replaced white pietas, Europe was leased out to the devil.

In the same term in college I had two different English literature teachers. The one was a secularized Jewish male who saw everything from a Freudian standpoint. The other was a secularized Christian who was a devotee of The Hero with a Thousand Faces (by a Jungian) and a pantheon of Asian philosophers. It didn’t matter what work of literature was studied in either class. Shakespeare always spoke Freudian in the secularized Jew’s class, and he spoke Jungian and Asian claptrap in the secularized Christian’s class. Both teachers took snipes at the other in their classes, but both teachers, despite their animosity towards each other, were in Satan’s camp. They were academics who thought that their abstract intellects could fashion a new world apart from His world. And their intellectual pride, which comes from Satan, has enveloped the Western world – the European people have become academics. The Christian worldview, which can only be seen by European hearts connected to Him through white pietas, has practically disappeared from the face of the earth. Conservatives and liberals, be they church men or secular, are all looking at existence through an exterior eye that is blinded with the pride of science. Likewise the neo-pagans. What unites all the divergent groups is their rejection of the old European way to knowledge, through the more excellent way that St. Paul spoke of in 1 Corinthians 13.

I recently read an article by a conservative ‘expert’ in which he stated that Marxism was dead because it no longer excited the European intellectuals anymore; they had moved on. It’s true that Marxism in the abstract no longer excites the intelligentsia of Liberaldom, but Marxism as a cultural force is alive and well; it has metamorphosed into negro worship, just as Jacobinism metamorphosed into egalitarian democracy and Marxism. All those modern ideologies are derivatives of the original sin – pride of intellect – or what Chateaubriand called the pride of science. It might be the end for Europeans; it certainly will be if they stay within the confines of Satandom, quarreling over which form of demonism they want to live under, be it Islam, democratic negro worship, or a Babylonian combination of both. But Noah’s faithfulness saved a remnant.

If it be now, ‘tis not to come; if it be not to come, it will be now; if it be not now, yet it will come; the readiness is all. Since no man has aught of what he leaves, what is’t to leave betimes. [Let be.]

Hamlet went from a state of abstraction, from a man of intellectual pride, to a Christian prince who saw that he was born to set it, the kingdom, right. And so are we, we Europeans, we were born to set things right, because we saw His blood upon the rose when the heathens saw nothing but a rose.

Prior to the 20th century, when the colored heathens attacked Europe and her subsidiaries, what was a matter of debate was the tactics and the weapons that were to be used against the colored heathens. But it was a given that the Europeans had to fight the colored heathens. Now that liberals have a stranglehold on the governments of Europe, the reverse is the case. It is always a given, when the colored heathens attack, that the European people must not fight back. Why mustn’t they fight back? Why is European pacifism in the face of a colored army out to destroy the European people taken as a given? It is a given because the liberals are all Ganelons; they want the European people to be destroyed. They preach nonviolence to the European people while encouraging and countenancing the violence of the colored heathens. This is what passes for a higher level of existence – the worship of the colored heathens who know not charity and the hatred of the European people who once championed the God of mercy. It is clear that malice now bears down truth. The liberals’ fangs are out; they no longer make any pretense of wanting an egalitarian society in which people of all colors can come together in a wonderful secular paradise. They want only one thing – they want to destroy every last vestige of the image of God in man. So they must destroy the European people. And we must fight – we have been pushed to the edge of the cliff. We must, like Hamlet and his 20th century counterpart, Ransom, fight the devil and his minions. We can’t continue to debate with liberals through the democratic process; that is suicidal. We must fight them and their colored shock troops, because they are the devil’s own.

It snapped like a violin string. Not one rag of all this evasion was left. Relentlessly, unmistakably, the Darkness pressed down upon him the knowledge that this picture of the situation was utterly false. His journey to Perelandra was not a moral exercise, nor a sham fight. If the issue lay in Maledil’s hands, Ransom and the Lady were those hands. The fate of a world really depended on how they behaved in the next few hours. The thing was irreducibly, nakedly real. They could, if they chose, decline to save the innocence of this new race, and if they declined its innocence would not be saved. It rested with no other creature in all time or all space. This he saw clearly, though as yet he had no inkling of what he could do. –Perelandra by C.S. Lewis

If someone took you to Paris to show you the Louvre and then showed you only the trash cans in the basement, what would you think of the Louvre? This is what the liberals have done with Christian Europe. They have shown us only the worst of Christian Europe. They have not shown us the incomparable beauty of Christian Europe because they hate the cornerstone of Europe, that transcendent vision of Jesus Christ, the crowned King of Europe, and the inspiration for all that is beautiful beyond measure in old Europe. When the thought is father to the deed, when our minds are once again connected to our hearts, we will know what has to be done. We will respond as our European ancestors responded when they were betrayed by the Ganelons of Europe and when they were attacked by the heathens. The Christian heart always, as Fitzhugh asserted, finds a way through the most difficult straits that the philosophical mind finds unnavigable. But we must have hearts; that is all in all. When everything else has failed – the think-tanks, the democratic process, the endless debates with the devil and the devil’s own – a tiny remnant of Europeans shall meet and remember the past. And then? Then we will know the “more excellent way” that St. Paul spoke of. And who will stand against us then? Christian Europe is eternal Europe; it shall not die, nor shall we. There can be no blending of the European people and Babylon because there can be no blending of Christ and Satan. Satan is the purveyor of death and destruction, and our Lord brings us life. Our honored dead speak to us still, and they tell us with one voice that it is only our Lord, the cornerstone that the liberals and the colored heathen have rejected, who is “the beginning and the end, the first and the last.” Surely they were right, and surely their civilization is worth fighting for. +

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The Eyes of the Heart


Old Man. O, my good lord, I have been your tenant, and your father’s tenant, these fourscore years.

Glou. Away, get thee away! Good friend, be gone;
Thy comforts can do me no good at all;
Thee they may hurt.

Old Man. You cannot see your way.

Glou. I have no way, and therefore want no eyes;
I stumbled when I saw. Full oft ‘tis seen,
Our means secure us, and our mere defects
Prove our commodities. O dear son Edgar,
The food of thy abused father’s wrath!
Might I but live to see thee in my touch
I’d say I had eyes again!

King Lear


And he fell to the earth, and heard a voice saying unto him, Saul, Saul, why persecutest thou me?

And he said, Who art thou, Lord? And the Lord said, I am Jesus whom thou persecutest: it is hard for thee to kick against the pricks.

And he trembling and astonished said, Lord, what wilt thou have me to do? And the Lord said unto him, Arise, and go into the city, and it shall be told thee what thou must do.

Acts 9: 4-6

I would place an addendum after Whittier’s sad lament, “For all sad words of tongue and pen, the saddest are these, It might have been.” The addendum would run: ‘For all the false words of tongue and pen, the falsest are these, You can’t go back to the past.’ Let us place the European people in the position of Ebenezer Scrooge. Scrooge can’t go back and become twenty-one again, but he most certainly can go back to his spiritual youth and accept the grace of God which he rejected many years before. The European people can’t change the fact that they have lived for centuries under the government of the Archangel Satan, who rules them through Jacobin democracy, but they can renounce Jacobin democracy and become like unto their European ancestors who lived their lives in the shadow of the Cross.

Would a return to their Europe mean that we would no longer see sickness, war, and death? Of course not. But we would not suffer “the heartache and the thousand natural shocks the flesh is heir to,” in hopeless despair. We would have spiritual comforts to offset the tragedies of life, and we would have hope that the last great enemy, which is death, was not invincible. Black savagery would still exist in our new-old Europe, but it would be controlled. Moslems would still live in the Arab nations, but they would no longer live in European nations. There would still be some babies murdered in the womb, but there would be very few that suffered that fate, because instead of receiving big pay checks for the slaughter of the innocents, abortion doctors would be executed.

We must return to old Europe, because the new utopian Europe that has been imposed on us is not His Europe. Even if the rulers of Liberaldom would let us into their utopian Europe, would we want to abide there? What good is it to gain the world if you lose your soul in doing so? Ah, there’s the rub. If we don’t have souls, if we are just by-products of nature, then there is nothing but this world only. The liberals have decreed that there is only nature, so they can stop the only force on earth capable of destroying them; that force is the spirit-infused European. Without the faith that animated our ancestors the modern Europeans are left pleading for a place in the liberals’ anti-white, anti-Christian utopia. Far better to stop pleading, to stop bowing and scraping before the liberals’ colored gods, and to take up arms against the liberals and their colored allies in the name of Christ and our sacred heritage. But of course the post-Christian European does not believe in a sacred heritage that stems from a belief in the Man of Sorrows. He believes in his intellect, in his ability to intellectually manipulate history to serve his own ends. The neo-pagans, the mad-dog liberals, and the new age conservatives in church and state are all united in a Jacobin cabal that seeks the kingdom of God on earth, through the good offices of their god-all-mighty intellects. Lost by the wayside is the crowned King of Europe. He will not come to us unless we call on Him by name. We have to look past His beggar’s weeds and see the divinity within. And then? We will ask Him to come and abide with us by our racial hearth fire.

Modern Liberaldom is built on two assumptions. The first is that white men are evil. The second is that all white men, prior to the 20th century, were stupid, because they looked at life from an unscientific, which translates to unnatural, view of the world. The two assumptions are really coordinate, because the liberal views intelligence and morality as one. If you think about life as the materialists such as Darwin, Marx, Freud, and Adam Smith thought about life, you will think naturally and abhor the unnatural white Europeans. (1) From that naturalism stems liberalism, and because of that naturalism the white man is in the process of being eliminated from the face of the earth. “The thing which we have come to regard as history would disappear if students of the past ceased to regard the world of man as a thing apart – ceased to envisage a world of human relations set up against nature and the animal kingdom. In such circumstances the high valuation that has long been set upon human personality would speedily decline.” (Herbert Butterfield)

The high valuation we placed on human personality has not just declined, it has disappeared. And it has disappeared because His image in man has disappeared. Without the God who became man, there can be no human personalities. What we now have are aggregate herds of … of what? What is a human being if human beings are not created in the image of God? The liberals have told us – man is a glorified ape. But some apes are more natural than other apes. The unnatural apes, the white apes, must be exterminated so the natural apes can live as nature intended. They should live with no restraints on their natural appetites, because the natural appetites of the colored apes are good, while the unnatural appetites of the white apes are bad.

The religion of nature, the religion of the glorified colored ape, has its own system of manners, customs, and traditions. And that system has bound the European to the Promethean rock. He only exists to serve the liberal state. If he can prove useful to the state, if he serves the negroes and the heathens, he might be allowed to live some 70 plus years. But his children, if he has any, will not, if the liberals are not destroyed, be allowed to live out their lives. Their whiteness will be dealt with.

Modern Europeans on every side of the political spectrum see life in managerial terms. They think all life’s problems can be solved by rational analysis. But European genocide cannot be solved by rational analysis. It can only be prevented by white human beings who have not been anesthetized by over a century of liberal soul washing. ‘There is no soul, there is only nature,’ has been the constant refrain of the liberals for the past three hundred years. And the liberals have controlled church and state for the past one hundred years. Should it surprise us then that the only resistance to liberalism is a non-resistance? ‘Please, liberal sirs and madams, won’t you let the clever white monkeys play with the black monkeys?’

There are two ‘natural’ cultures in the white man’s history. There was the culture of what Walter Scott called our natural affections – the love of kith, kin, and God. And now a new natural culture has supplanted the older natural culture. The new natural culture consists of the love of the natural black savage and the earth as a biological entity. All sentiments stemming from the old natural culture have been anathematized by the modern, nature-based liberals. What were called virtues are now vices – the love of kith and kin is racist, chastity and monogamy are unnatural and therefore sinful… Need I go on? A vast organization that encompasses the once Christian churches, which have become like unto organized Jewry, has come into being with the sole purpose of propagating and defending the natural religion of liberalism, which is held together by a psychological mumbo-jumbo that was summed up by Lev Shestov, “Man is an Ape therefore we must love one another.” Of course we must not love the unnatural white apes, they won’t be allowed into the liberals’ natural paradise. Is this fair? The request for fairness comes from the older natural culture, it is rooted in Portia’s articulation of the Quality of Mercy. What is right is what concerns the liberals. And what is right is their ‘natural’ view of existence. Hence the ethics of the jungle, the ethos of the natural black savage, is the ruling ethos of the European people. But are the liberals wrong to assume that the whites cannot become glorified apes? Yes and no. Whites have descended to the level of apes. The naturalization process has worked. But they can never quite achieve negrohood. They still, even in their debased, naturalized state, cannot quite become like unto the negro and the other colored races. It will be the destiny of the not quite naturalized whites, if the liberals are not defeated, to serve in the tents of the children of Ham. And the most subservient of the white apes will be the rationalized Christians who read the Bible with the exterior eye only, while ignoring the vision of their European ancestors who read the Bible with the interior eye of the heart.

The extraction of the white man’s heart from his mind took place in the Christian churches. The church men saw that they were losing the battle with the liberal Jacobins. So to save Christianity they killed it. By making the Christian faith a philosophy, which could be passed to receptive colored minds by men of great intellect, the church men destroyed the Europeans’ connection to God. They touched Him through their hearts, through pietas. If white pietas is proscribed, if the mark of a Christian becomes his willingness to renounce his racial hearth fire, the Christian faith is transformed into an ugly witch, it becomes the unchristian faith, and to oppose Christian Jewry is to oppose the devil.

The American Civil War was very close to a one hundred year war. It started in the 1860s and ended in the 1950s when the Southern people finally decided to become fully integrated members of the United Jacobin States of America. The Spanish counter-revolution ended in 1975 when Franco died. The Chilean counter-revolution ended in 1998 when Pinochet left office. And the white South Africans gave up their counter-revolution in 1991 although their will to resist ended with the death of Dr. Verwoerd in 1966. What all the aforementioned counter-revolutions have in common is that their leaders had some official position in the military or in the government. They had an aura of authority. People seem unwilling to follow a leader who has never had any official position in the regime that they want to oppose. All seems hopeless then. The people will not follow a leader who is completely from outside modern Jacobin Europe, and the Jacobins have thoroughly cleansed their system. There are no leaders in church or state that oppose Jacobinism. The blogger CWNY can scream about the evils of Jacobin liberalism till those proverbial cows come home, but he will not be able to start the counter-revolution. What is needed is a road to Damascus experience in the ranks of Europe’s nobility. A von Stauffenberg or a St. John of Austria needs to arise. Not likely? No, it is not likely. But even if we are going to have to proceed without a leader, we should still fight back, because the charity of honor demands that we fight even if we face certain defeat.

One final word on the conversion of a member of the European nobility as depicted in Remembrances VI: Thy People. My grandparents on my father’s side were very conservative Americans of German and Welsh coal-mining stock. My grand-father used ‘liberal’ as a pejorative term, and he didn’t think anyone who did not read the Bible from a fundamentalist perspective was a Christian. My father went to college on the GI Bill and became much more liberal than his parents. Likewise my mother. I was raised to be a liberal as were my siblings who became much more liberal than my parents. That is what educating the young means in a Jacobin state: every generation becomes more radicalized than the previous generation until we come to the Kingdom of Satan on earth. But something happened to me. I regressed and became an enemy of Jacobin liberalism. And I started, when I became a father, an anti-Jacobin counter-revolutionary cell within the Jaws of Liberaldom. The ultimate counter-revolutionary will always be a Christian father. (2) We need an anti-Jacobin leader, a man who believes that leadership is akin to fatherhood. Such a leader loves his kith and kin as Christ loves His people. We don’t need more rational analysis of white genocide. We need to love much and fight the Jacobin liberals and their Moslem and colored shock troops. If a leader emerges who is a true hearth-fire European, we should follow him. But we cannot figure out history — we only know that our Lord enjoins us to fight. Maybe this time we are not to be vouchsafed a leader. Or maybe it is our Lord Himself who will lead us. +


(1) Never eliminate the capitalists from the Jacobin cabal. Witness the radicalization of the ‘conservative’ magazine National Review. One of their writers recently wrote a book called Hillbilly Elegy in which he argued for the extermination of the white race.

(2) William Tell is our model. His counter-revolutionary instincts stemmed from his instincts as a father. When men like Tell arise in Europe the reign of the Merkels and the other liberal tyrants of Satandom will come to an end.

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We Are Born of Thee

“You would be incorrect if you claimed that the Scarlet Pimpernel only existed in the imagination of Baroness Orczy. He exists in the spirit of every European who refuses to allow colored barbarians to torture and kill other Europeans. Christian chivalry was embodied in Nathan Bedford Forrest, the first Grand Wizard of the Ku Klux Klan; in Henry Havelock, the British avenger of Cawnpore and liberator of Lucknow; and in Andries Pretorious, the hero of Blood River, who led the punitive expedition against the Zulus after they massacred Piet Retief and his followers. The Scarlet Pimpernel is a true myth; he is the embodiment of the antique European’s vision of the proper response to bloody tyranny and the murder of the innocents. The response must be non-democratic – no petitions against murder and torture to a people addicted to murder and torture – and it must be violent if violence has been used against one’s people.” – CWNY

No man is an Iland, intire of it selfe; every man is a peece of the Continent, a part of the maine; if a Clod bee washed away by the Sea, Europe is the lesse, as well as if a Promontorie were, as well as if a Manor of thy friends or of thine owne were; any mans death diminishes me, because I am involved in Mankinde; And therefore never send to know for whom the bell tolls; It tolls for thee. – John Donne

Let me come to the point of the recent terror attack in Britain through a very round-about route. When I went to high school, in ancient times, there was a group of self-styled ‘hard guys’ who wore the traditional black motorcycle jackets, smoked, drank, and tried to raise hell. The hard guys were not physically hard; in fact, they were quite out of shape. Their claim to super masculinity rested on their ability to ride motorcycles and beat up helpless people. One day, in the school restroom I came upon two hard guys trying to stuff a rather diminutive underclassman down the toilet. I was surprised how soft the hard guys were. Both went down as if I were Rocky Marciano, which of course I wasn’t.

Every time there is a terror attack in Britain, I feel like I’m back with those frolicsome, rolicsome hard guys from my high school. The American neo-pagans, often flying the battle flag of the Army of Northern Virginia, thus disgracing that flag which has the cross of St. Andrew on it, typically insult the Britons’ masculinity because they are not fighting back against Moslem terrorism. Excuse me, Mr. Neo-Pagan, have you revived the Nathan Bedford Forrest Ku Klux Klan, the Klan that actually fought? I guess I must have missed that news story. What on earth does an American conservative or an American neo-pagan, be he a Southerner or a Northerner, have to be so smug about? Our Moslem problems are almost as bad as in Europe, and our black problems are worse. So, since the American neo-pagans never tire of their anti-Britain refrain, let me repeat my old refrain – all whites are in the same boat, and we are all tempest-tossed, in imminent danger of being smashed on the treacherous rocks of liberalism. It ill behooves us to invoke that hideous doctrine of American exceptionalism every time a European nation is attacked by Moslem terrorists. The anti-white bell tolls for every white American as well as for every white European.

Let us leave the American neo-pagan bathroom bullies behind and proceed to the heartfelt wisdom of the men of old Europe. Edmund Burke had this to say about the shedding of blood: “The blood of man should never be shed but to redeem the blood of man. It is well shed for our family, for our friends, for our God, for our country, for our kind. The rest is vanity; the rest is crime.” And John Sharp Williams was of the opinion that, “Mere fighting is no virtue, far from it. Indeed, the man who is not great enough and brave enough not to fight when he ought not to is a poor excuse for a man. Speaking for myself, I have no admiration of the professional fighter, whether he be a Texas cowboy, or a West Point graduate.” Yet Burke thought blood should be shed in the war against Jacobinism, and John Sharp Williams thought the Southern people were right to fight against the Jacobin aggression of the North. We, the European people, are facing the same Jacobinism, the Jacobinism that makes use of colored executioners against the white race, which Burke and Williams saw as a force that white men had to war against even if such a war meant the shedding of blood. Burke and Williams were right. There are times when Christian men should fight. And I think it is obvious that now is the time. If not now, when the extermination process has begun in earnest, then when do we fight? Solzhenitsyn asked himself, in the Gulag, why the Russian people had not banded together and fought back when the Communists came for them. Why had they let the authorities isolate them and come for them one by one? David Satter answers that question in his book Age of Delirium. Let me quote from a book review I published in April 2008:

The second story that Satter reports is one that has not received as much attention, and it concerns the citizens who remained loyal to the Soviet Union while their friends and family members were sent to the Gulag and psychiatric hospitals. What did they think? Why did they finally cease to believe in the Soviet system? This makes for a very interesting story. Satter went throughout Russia in both the pre-glasnost days and the post-glasnost days. Besides talking to victims of Soviet terrorism, he talked to the average Russian ‘Joes,’ the ones who had never been sent to prison or to psychiatric hospitals.

What Satter reports is, at first reading, unbelievable; but after reflection, it squares with what one knows about history and human nature. What Satter found was that the average Russian Joe supported the Soviet regime; he believed the official lie. Russians were willing to put up with bread lines and cramped housing because their government told them conditions were worse everywhere else. They believed the Afghans had invited the Russians into their country to protect them, and they believed that Lenin was a saintly, heroic man.

It was glasnost that changed everything. Gorbachev had no intention of unleashing the forces that would topple the Soviet Union. He was a typical Communist party hack. He thought he could use glasnost as a policy to defeat his enemies within the party, but when the information flow started, when devoted teachers discovered that everything they had been teaching for years was a lie, when citizens learned that Lenin was not a saint but a man with the blood of millions on his hands, when Soviet citizens actually started to visit Western countries – well, then the sacrifices the citizens had made during the years of communism seemed to be worthless. If they were not building the socialist utopia, what were they doing? Where was their metaphysic? Glasnost destroyed the Soviet Union. And the man who ushered it in for his own political reasons, Gorbachev, went down with it.

The European people have still not had their glasnost moment. They still believe that Moslem terrorism and black terrorism is just part of the democratic process. “These things happen in a free society.” They do not believe that their leaders are using Islamic and black shock troops to destroy them. They do not believe in the liberal elite’s demonism, because they are in that terrible limbo between paganism and Christianity. They are not pagan enough to fight as the pagan fights, and they are not Christian enough to fight as the antique Europeans fought when they defeated the pagan Moslems and the black barbarians.

The church men, because they feared that a passionate man of blood would revert to paganism, killed the European’s heart as Havisham killed Estella’s heart:

“I begin to think,” said Estella, in a musing way, after another moment of calm wonder, “that I almost understand how this comes about. If you had brought up your adopted daughter wholly in the dark confinement of these rooms, and had never let her know that there was such a thing as the daylight by which she had never once seen your face,—if you had done that, and then, for a purpose had wanted her to understand the daylight and know all about it, you would have been disappointed and angry?”

Estella was supposed to be hard to the world but all heart to Miss Havisham. The Catholic catechumens and then the Protestant catechumens were supposed to be dead to all evil passions while loving their church and the church men with a passionate intensity. That is not how passion works. You can’t turn passion on and off as if it comes from a faucet marked ‘hot’ or ‘cold.’ If you want true Christians, men and women who love much, you must allow them to have hearts of flesh. The passions must be let loose so a man can choose heaven or hell, Christ or the devil. The liberals have chosen the devil, while the rest of the Europeans, the rationalized Christians, are living in suspended animation; they do not have the passion to love the good nor do they have the passion to hate evil.

The Russians’ glasnost simply transferred the Russians’ alliance from one form of Jacobinism to another.(1) What they and the rest of the European people need is a Christian glasnost. The Europeans need to see with the eye of a Christian heart. What the communist Jacobins did and what the democratic Jacobins are still doing, is a dramatic change in focus. They have wrested control of church and state in order to get the European to see life through the material rather than the spiritual eye. In their brave new world, the European is an unnatural piece of garbage that must be disposed of so that the natural people, the people of color, can live pure and clean. So long as we see life through the eyes of the liberals who belong to Satan, we will be like cattle lined up for the slaughterhouse. The ‘natural’ religions of Islam, voodoo, and syncretistic, Jacobin liberalism have no room for whites who were once the champions of the ‘unnatural’ religion, the religion of Christ crucified, Christ risen.

The Rev. Bob Richards of Olympic pole vaulting fame might have overstated, in his book The Heart of a Champion, the extent to which the spirit can overcome physical obstacles. If you’re built like Don Knotts, you are not going to become a heavyweight champion no matter how great your will to win. Nevertheless, Richards’ point is still well taken. The spirit-imbued man can achieve much even in the athletic arena, which seems to be a realm where biological nature rules. But it is in Longfellow’s “bivouac of life” that the spirit comes to the forefront. Wars are not won by biologically superior men, they are won by the sustained efforts of spiritually superior men. Faith, not hormones, wins wars. When the European’s eye of faith is opened, when he regains his moral vision, he will fight.

The hero of Walker Percy’s novel Love in the Ruins tries to make a machine that can reconnect the white man’s intellect with his soul. He doesn’t succeed. The intelligent man, the “cultured” European, remains a man with only an intellectual faith, which is no faith at all. Why can’t the European man believe in what his ancestors believed and then act the part of a man as his ancestors did? Let us always go back to our apostle, the apostle of charity. St. Paul tells us that we must circumcise our hearts before we can see the living God. It seems like there is an unlimited supply of synthetic remedies for biological impotence, but what is the remedy for spiritual impotence? Why don’t our hearts burn within us in the presence of Christ, who lives at the center of Europe, the Europe the liberals and their colored allies are destroying? Many times, during my tenure as a teacher, I recall tearing up over a passage of literature from one of the European poets. My students looked at me as if I were a creature from Mars. There is a great divide between His Europe and modern Europe. So long as the European people remain on the wrong side of the divide, with minds that are severed from their hearts, they will be at the mercy of the liberals and the colored heathens who have no mercy. We who are about to die demand a miracle, the same miracle that turned the weak and timid apostles on the road to Emmaus into men with hearts that burned within them. +


(1) In contrast, the rulers of our American democratic oligarchy do not deny the existence of God. Instead they co-opt Him1: God exists and he is a democratic, racially egalitarian, universalist god. The seductive logic of that assertion tends to produce hapless jellyfish, who flop around and proclaim their contentment. And in order to assure their government and themselves of their “Christianity,” the democratic jellyfish spout racial egalitarian and universalist cant whenever they are asked to speak.

So, we have our own “delirium” in this country. And we need to resist it just a fiercely as the Christian remnant in Russia resisted communism. If we view books such as Satter’s merely as cautionary tales about the evils of communism, we miss the point. The moral of the Russian communist story is that man cannot live without God. And the addendum to the American democratic story is that man needs the living God, not a phony, democratic, multi-racial caricature of God.

1One gets a picture of two devils sent out from hell to try and corrupt the souls of men. One devil is sent to Russia and one to the United States. The Russian devil goes head-on against God and introduces Marxist atheism. He gets C- results. Satan is not very pleased with him. On the other hand, the American devil does not tackle God head-on. He uses the name of God to sell his Satanic agenda – Jacobin democracy and racial universalism. When he reports back to hell, he receives an A+ and is given a promotion.

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Our World Is Not Their World

We are in a war of a peculiar nature. It is not with an ordinary community, which is hostile or friendly as passion or as interest may veer about; not with a State which makes war through wantonness, and abandons it through lassitude. We are at war with a system, which, by its essence, is inimical to all other Governments, and which makes peace or war, as peace and war may best contribute to their subversion. It is with an armed doctrine that we are at war. It has, by its essence, a faction of opinion, and of interest, and of enthusiasm, in every country. To us it is a Colossus which bestrides our channel. It has one foot on a foreign shore, the other upon the British soil. Thus advantaged, if it can at all exist, it must finally prevail. Nothing can so compleatly ruin any of the old Governments, ours in particular, as the acknowledgment, directly or by implication, of any kind of superiority in this new power. This acknowledgment we make, if in a bad or doubtful situation of our affairs, we solicit peace; or if we yield to the modes of new humiliation, in which alone she is content to give us an hearing. By that means the terms cannot be of our choosing; no, not in any part. – Edmund Burke

In Stevenson’s Treasure Island, the pirates, possessing no particular loyalty to anyone or any country, have a very mercenary relationship with their captain Long John Silver. When they think that he can get them the gold, they support him. But when they think he can’t get them the gold, they mutiny. During the course of the book, the pirates bounce back and forth between support for Long John Silver and mutiny. I feel like I’m reading Treasure Island when I listen to the Ann-Coulter conservatives and the neo-pagans condemn Trump for some policy they don’t like and then, one day later, praise him for some policy they do like. The Coulterite conservatives and the neo-pagans are acting under the assumption that people and governments can be run by abstract theories, and the people with the correct abstract theories, namely themselves, should be in charge of the government. But governments are run by people, and people are more complex than abstract theories. We are not governed (more the pity) by a clan leader, a king, or a feudal lord to whom we feel bound by ties of blood and faith. We are unbound, we are loyal to an intellectual process. When an elected leader violates our mind-forged process, we feel we have a right to discard that leader. That is the piratical nature of democracy. So, from the standpoint of the abstractionists, such as Ann Coulter, Trump should be treated like the pirates treated Long John Silver. But the Coulterites do not understand democracy. Trump is not the head of the United States government, he is not a king or the leader of a clan, he is one bureaucrat in a cabal of bureaucrats who run the un-nation called the United States.

The President of the United States has as much power as the bureaucratic cabal allows him to have. Obama had more power than Trump, because Obama did the will of the liberal cabal. Trump’s election was an unforeseen glitch in the liberals’ governing machinery. They want the sheep called American citizens to think they have some say in their government, so they hold phony elections, just like the old Soviet Union, in which whomever wins, Republican or Democrat, will advance the liberals’ agenda – the destruction of the Christ-bearing race. The liberal oligarchy always prefers the Democrats, because the Democrats are in favor of moving toward the kingdom of Satan on earth at a faster pace than the Republicans, but the Republican candidates are tolerated so long as they follow the straight and narrow path to hell on earth. Trump has been a monkey wrench in the works because he acts according to the liberals’ lies of the 1950s. In those days, the liberals did not feel they could openly advocate the extermination of the white race, so they talked about the inclusion of the colored races in a society with whites. Trump still believes that lie, and he is acting on it. He wants to include white people in the liberals’ paradise, and this is the reason Trump is an anathema to the liberals. But Trump is not a leader with the power to fix things for Ann Coulter and her ilk. In point of fact, he is not a leader, he is a rear-guard defender. We have no right to condemn him any more than the French people had a right to condemn Marshal Ney. Trump is fighting a heroic rear-guard action, and to expect some kind of restoration of the American republic from a rear-guard action is unrealistic and unfair to a brave man trying to save white lives.

If we look at the way white protestors in France, Britain, and Germany are treated and compare their treatment to that of Moslem protestors in the same countries, we can see the liberals’ intent. The white protestors are violently suppressed while the Moslem protestors are allowed free rein to commit acts of violence. And in the United States it is similar to Europe. The blacks and the professional protestors, funded by George Soros, are given special privileges while white European Americans who protest are arrested and in some cases (for example, the Bundy family and friends) killed. This extermination process has begun in earnest, and there is no way to stop it from within the democratic process.

White people vote for candidates who want to exterminate the white race and for candidates who acquiesce to the extermination of the white race. But would they vote for those candidates if they flatly stated that they wanted to kill every white on the face of the earth? Probably not. But it is clear to all those who are not willfully blind that the liberals do intend to destroy the white race. That is the key: white grazers are willfully blind. They do not want to see the truth staring them in the face. There is only one remedy for white people. St. Paul did not know the day or the hour – and he included himself when he said that we “see through a glass darkly” – but he was able to see the truth, by virtue of his faith in the Man of Sorrows. As the Europeans’ vision of Christ, their heartfelt vision, disappeared, they were left with abstract truths, and abstract truths can be manipulated to deceive us in deepest consequence. I saw this first hand in the prolife movement. The pro-aborts have been shown the pictures of the babies in the womb, they know what they have done, but the babies are abstractions to them, and you can kill abstractions with impunity; it doesn’t touch you. The liberals always ritualistically invoke the Nazis when they want to demonize someone, but who is more like unto the Nazis than the liberals? The appalling thing about Hitler’s brain trust was that they bureaucratically condemned millions of abstract human beings to death, coldly, efficiently, and without one pang of conscience. Likewise the French Revolutionists and their heirs, the Marxists.

Liberals are hell-bent on destroying the white race, and so long as democracy is a God-word to the European people, the liberals will be successful. The white Europeans – and they are tiny minority – that have shown any desire to resist their own extermination still believe that democracy is sacred. They march, they protest, they make videos, and they are rewarded by their governments with harassment, imprisonment, and death. Is it any wonder that the white grazer, who has no religion except self-preservation, has decided that he would rather take his chances with a government that permits Moslems and blacks to rape and pillage at will than to offer himself up for martyrdom to the state?

I recently saw a neo-pagan blog post in which the blogger ridiculed whites who thought that the solution to white genocide was a return to “sweet and gentle Jesus.” Ignoble words, ignobly written. Let one who does believe that a return to our Lord is the solution to white genocide respond: A Christian who worships Christ in spirit and truth will not worship democracy. And the democratic heresy is the first obstacle that must be overcome before white self-defense can begin. A white Christian will not refuse to fight, in the fullest sense of the word, when such fighting takes him outside the parameters of democracy.

Secondly, a white Christian will not refuse to fight liberals, Moslems, and negroes because the liberals call him a racist. A European Christian knows that his race and his faith are one; he can’t refuse to be white and still be a Christian. And finally, a European Christian will not adopt a cautious ‘they’ll kill the other whites, but they won’t kill me’ attitude toward the liberals and the colored barbarians. A white Christian says, ‘this shall not go on,’ because he would rather lose the world than lose his soul. Is this error? Is “sweet and gentle Jesus” not the answer to white genocide? Then tell me, what is the answer, Mr. Neo-Pagan? Tell me how the white South Africans held the world at bay for so many years? Tell me how that tiny nation called Britain ruled the world for over three hundred years? Tell me how Europeans dominated all the non-European lands as well as their own? What did those ancient Europeans have that the modern Europeans do not have? They had the stuff that dreams are made on – they had faith in the Risen Lord.

The divided house of the European resistance to white-hating Jacobinism consists of two groups – the neo-pagans who believe in white chromosomes while hating white people, and the new age Christians who claim to love a new non-European Christ who deplores racism. Both resistance groups are useless, because our faith in Christ and our racial identity must be one before we can proceed to the battle fully armed. Liberalism, as Burke tells us, is an armed doctrine. The liberals own the churches, the schools, the media, and the government, and they will protect their institutions with armed force when they deem it necessary. Without the full armor of Christ, which our ancestors were not too proud and too smart to don, the European people are defenseless against the liberals and the colored barbarians.

Openly satanic political leaders such as Angela Merkel and Macron are being elected to office. That should tell us something about the nature of democracy. The hardcore liberals vote for Satan’s surrogates because of their hatred of all things white and Christian. The lukewarm grazers vote for satanic candidates because they are afraid that they will suffer economically under a non-satanic government. Like the witches who promised Macbeth the crown, our modern satanic political leaders promise the grazers that they will continue to receive grazing rights in Liberaldom. As for black and Moslem terrorism? The grazer hopes that it will always be the other guy who is killed. He has no instinctive horror of Islam in and of itself or of black savagery in and of itself. In point of fact, the grazer has no instincts about anything. His soul is tabula rasa – it has been washed clean by the men of reason and science in church and academy.

The grazers won’t be won over, because men and women without souls will always throw in their lot with the rich and powerful, the people who will get them a share of the gold. And it is the liberals who have the gold and the power that gold brings. But is the liberals’ gold and the liberals’ world worth our souls? When Christ asked the apostles if they too would leave Him, Peter replied: “Lord, to whom shall we go? thou hast the words of eternal life.” The Word of God became incarnate in Jesus Christ, and Jesus Christ became incarnate in old Europe. Even if they, the liberals and the grazers, have chosen to leave His Europe, we will stay to fight for her and live and die with her, because that is where our Lord dwells – “It’s my world, and I don’t want any other.” +

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What Is’t to Leave Betimes?

O'Connor_Moonlit_landscape_with_figures_on_a_path And they drew nigh unto the village, whither they went: and he made as though he would have gone further. But they constrained him, saying, Abide with us: for it is toward evening, and the day is far spent. And he went in to tarry with them. – Luke 24: 28-29

Macron won and he won handily. That does not bode well for France. The ‘conservatives’ immediately started planning for the next election five years down the road. Are they insane? Do they seriously think France, as a European nation, will still exist five years down the road? The only consolation for Frenchmen and the rest of Europe, because we are all in the same boat as the French, is that the election of Le Pen would not have done much to stop the Islamization of France. After all, Le Pen is a French Revolutionist; she did not campaign for the restoration of the French monarchy and the repudiation of Jacobin democracy. “Of course, she didn’t,” you tell me, “That would be absurd.” But why is it absurd? The European people thrived and flourished when their governments were Christian. They have taken sick, and that sickness is unto death, during the democratic era of multi-cultural, religiously diverse (which means anti-Christian) governments. Nothing good will ever happen to the European people, as a people, so long as they remain under the thralldom of Jacobin democracy.

When Fox heard of the capture of the Bastille, he claimed it was the “the most glorious event, and the happiest for mankind, that has ever taken place since human affairs have been recorded.” Price and Priestley also went into raptures over the French Revolution. And even men of a more pragmatic nature, such as Pitt, failed to see anything wrong with the French Revolution in its initial stages. When the Reign of Terror began, the fanatics such as Fox, Price, and Priestley still supported the Revolution, while the pragmatists abandoned it. But no one in the ruling elites of the European nations, save Edmund Burke, saw the French Revolution for what it was: the enthronement of Satan in the midst of Christian Europe:

Instead of the religion and the law by which they were in a great politick communion with the Christian world, they have constructed their Republick on three bases, all fundamentally opposite to those on which the communities of Europe are built. Its foundation is laid in Regicide; in Jacobinism; and in Atheism; and it has joined to those principles, a body of systematick manners which secures their operation.

If I am asked how I would be understood in the use of these terms, Regicide, Jacobinism, Atheism, and a system of correspondent manners and their establishment, I will tell you.

I call a commonwealth Regicide, which lays it down as a fixed law of nature, and a fundamental right of man, that all government, not being a democracy, is an usurpation; that all Kings, as such, are usurpers, and for being Kings, may and ought to be put to death, with their wives, families, and adherents. The commonwealth which acts uniformly upon those principles; and which after abolishing every festival of religion, chooses the most flagrant act of a murderous Regicide treason for a feast of eternal commemoration, and which forces all her people to observe it—this I call Regicide by establishment. – Edmund Burke

There was a horror of the French Revolution among ordinary Englishmen, but they were too unsophisticated to understand that you must be tolerant and accepting of Jacobinism, atheism, and regicide. It has always been thus. The men of reason – the theologians, the lawyers, and the academics — will sup with the devil because they live by abstractions, which are good or evil according to their whims. But a man who is not divided against himself, a European with a Christian heart, will have an instinctive horror of the devil and his works. The liberals in church and state have made the destruction of the European people’s natural abhorrence of the devil and his works their special mission in life. And they have been very successful. There is no opposition to Jacobin democracy in the European nations. There are European nations that adhere to a post-Robespierre Jacobinism in which they try to reconcile religious toleration with Jacobin ideals, but those countries are merely playing the ‘lose slowly’ game. Modern democracy is Jacobin in origin, and Jacobinism is anti-Christian and anti-white. The English commoners who burned down Priestley’s house and forced him to flee to America acted the way Christian men should act. They saw evil and they struck home. That should be every Christian’s response to Jacobinism. Until we have the same instinctive horror of democratic Jacobinism as those English commoners had for Priestley’s Jacobinism, and until we have that same violent response to Jacobinism, we will continue to live, not in nations or communities, but in collective farms, in which we live, when we are allowed to live, to serve ‘the people,’ who are the colored races of the worlds.

There is no resistance to the liberal, colored, barbarian onslaught, because there are no Christian Europeans of the old stock. The new breed of Christians want to blend Christianity, Jacobinism, and negro worship into one integral system. But such a Christianity is not Christianity. Our Lord tells us where our treasure is, “there will your heart be also.” If Christians such as Jayda Frandsen of the Britain First party organize non-violent protests of the Islamic invasion, support a multi-racial Britain, and make the support of the nation state of Israel part of their Christian faith, they are not European Christians, they are new age Jacobin Christians who will always end up serving the liberals and their colored allies.

The conservative liberals have a messianic faith in democracy; for them the democratic process is an end in and of itself. The mad-dog liberals hold their kingdom in order by taking advantage of the conservatives’ delusional faith in the democratic process. They know that they cannot be ousted from power since they know that conservatives will never act outside the parameters of democracy. This gives the liberal a great advantage, because he does not believe that the democratic process is sacred. He will be democratic when it suits him, and he will act outside the democratic process whenever the democratic process does not serve his end. And toward what end is the liberal moving? He is moving toward the kingdom of Satan on earth, a world without white Europeans, who fouled paradise with the religion of Christ crucified, Christ risen.

Dostoyevsky was correct when he said that there was only one issue to be decided: Could an intelligent man, a European, believe in the divinity of Christ? The intelligentsia of 20th century Europe answered, ‘No,’ to Dostoyevsky’s question. And then they proceeded to intellectualize the European peasantry. By the end of the 20th century, the peasantry was intellectualized, and no member of the intelligentsia in church, state, or academy was willing to support the vision of Christ, which St. Paul saw on the road to Damascus and which the antique Europeans made an integral part of their culture. When the political ‘conservatives’ of the 20th century made conserving Jacobin democracy their goal, and when the conservatives in the church sought to conserve their abstract systems instead of the faith of the European people, the demise of the European people was inevitable. Without their faith they lost their spiritual backbone and became the bond slaves of the religious Jacobins and their colored allies.

In my early twenties I was the student representative in what was supposed to be a roundtable discussion on the subject of faith. The discussion was sponsored by the university’s religion department. I found it striking then, and I still find it striking, that the various ‘Christian’ academics, an assortment of practicing ministers and priests combined with an assortment of ex-priests and ex-ministers, were all of the opinion that Christianity had to be either rationalized or abandoned. It could not be the faith of any modern man in its pre-20th century form. But the Moslem professor on the panel believed in eternal Islam; he saw no need to rationalize Islam. Nor did the Oriental on the panel see any need to rationalize Buddhism.

Why is it that only the Christian faith of the European people could not withstand the rationalist onslaught? Is Islam and the other black voodoo faiths that are like unto Islam easier to defend than the Christian faith? It’s easy to see why the various oriental faiths survive – they have never claimed to be transcendent faiths, they are ‘this world only’ faiths of a rationalist-mystic nature. But why do the dark faiths such as Islam survive? They survive because their adherents, who are predominantly dark-skinned, are incapable of adhering to a religion of charity. They need a sex-and-blood faith. They are not intimidated by any rationalist criticism of their faith, because they do not acknowledge the validity of reason. They only believe in sex-and-blood.

The liberals do not believe in Islam, nor do they believe — even though they often try to adhere to them — in the Orientals’ naturalistic, mystic faiths. What then do the European liberals believe in? They believe in the hatred of all the European people and their God. Reason is the sword the liberals have used to attack Christianity, but the irrationality of Christianity has not caused the liberals’ rejection of Christianity. The real cause is their hatred for Christ. As Ivan Karamazov hated Christ, so do the liberals hate Christ. The European Everyman, who does not hate Christ, has allowed the liberals to destroy his faith by falling for the rationalist gambit: ‘Do you want to be stupid?’ Some Europeans, such as Yeats, have tried to take refuge in the mists of pagan Europe. But that, as off this stage we have shown, is not possible. The European is naked to his enemies because he cannot believe in the divinity of Christ and he cannot become a complete heathen: “What should such fellows as I do crawling between earth and heaven?”

Such souls should break the chains of rationalism and see the liberal Jacobins for what they are – the enemies of Christ and His people. They will never cease their satanic onslaught on the Christ-bearing race, because they hate much. When we look at what the liberals have already wrought and what they intend to do in the future, we weep. But is that all that is left to us? Can we only weep as the colored barbarians, be they Moslems, negroes, or some other variation, sweep every last vestige of Christian Europe and every last European into the dustbin of history? Yes, that is all that is left to us. But tears, if they come from hearts filled with that charity of honor, do have redemptive and restorative powers. Didn’t Rapunzel’s lover regain his sight when her tears of charity fell on his eyes? If we truly weep for Europe and her people, because we love much, then we will fight for Europe and her people in defiance of democracy, rationalism, and Satan’s colored legions. We are a dispossessed people in danger of extinction because we are afraid to be Europeans. Christ is in us and we are in Him. If we believe that and go deep once again, then it won’t be ‘last post’ for the European people. No matter how mathematically certain our demise seems to be, there is always the mysterious Stranger, that Man of Sorrows, who is capable of calling us back to our roots, to our people, and to our God, the God of the European hearth fire.

It is not just France, or Britain, or Sweden, or the United States that is perishing. It is all of Europe. It seems that I am always facing the great ‘if’ – “If wishes were horses, then beggars would ride.” If the European people could… If they could see, once again, with their hearts: “Did not our hearts burn within us, while He talked with us by the way, and while He opened to us the scriptures?” Is it impossible for the European people to respond with a simple ‘yes’ to Dostoyevsky’s great question? We once loved Him, and it was not without cause. In the European fairy tales, beggars, with hearts that burn within them with that charity of honor, become princes and they do ride. But such miracles only happen in His Europe, they do not occur in multi-racial, multi-cultural Europe. Contra Tony Blair and the satanic anti-European legions, we must not be multi-racial, we must not be multi-cultural. We must be provincial and racist, loving our own and hating everyone and everything that threatens our people and our God. +

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When Hope Seems Nearly Gone

The result of Hardy’s management was that Tom made a clean breast of it, telling everything, down to his night at the ragged school, and what an effect his chance opening of the Apology had had on him. Here for the first time Hardy came in with his usual dry, keen voice, “You needn’t have gone so far back as Plato for that lesson.”

“I don’t understand,” said Tom.

“Well, there’s something about an indwelling spirit which guideth every man, in St. Paul, isn’t there?”

“Yes, a great deal,” Tom answered, after a pause; “but it isn’t the same thing.”

“Why not the same thing?”

“Oh, surely, you must feel it. It would be almost blasphemy in us now to talk as St. Paul talked. It is much easier to face the notion, or the fact, of a demon or spirit such as Socrates felt to be in him, than to face what St. Paul seems to be meaning.”

“Yes, much easier. The only question is whether we will be heathen or not.”

“How do you mean?” said Tom.

“Why, a spirit was speaking to Socrates, and guiding him. He obeyed the guidance, but knew not whence it came. A spirit is striving with us too, and trying to guide us–we feel that just as much as he did. Do we know what spirit it is? Whence it comes? Will we obey it? If we can’t name it–we are in no better position than he–in fact, heathens.” –Tom Brown at Oxford

 While in prison awaiting execution, the hero of Shakespeare’s Cymbeline, Posthumus Leonatus, has a vision of life, love, and a glorious future that does not make any logical sense, considering that he has been sentenced to death. Yet, he decides to believe in the vision:

Tis still a dream, or else such stuff as madmen
Tongue and brain not; either both or nothing;
Or senseless speaking, or a speaking such
As sense cannot untie. Be what it is,
The action of my life is like it, which
I’ll keep, if but for sympathy.

What is our faith if it can be seen? That type of faith is not faith. Satan always works on mankind through the pride of intellect. And he seldom fails, because man,

…proud man,
Dress’d in a little brief authority,
Most ignorant of what he’s most assur’d
His glassy essence, like an angry ape,
Plays such fantastic tricks before high heaven
As makes the angels weep; who, with our spleens,
Would all themselves laugh mortal.

Satan played Adam and Eve for suckers by telling them they were too intelligent to believe in a fairy tale about a tree of knowledge. And they ate thereof, because who wants to be stupid? The entire history of the Christian church, which is the history of the European people because they are the Church of Christ, is one of back-sliding to the “intelligence” of Adam and Eve. When I think well of the ancient Greeks, I think of Sophocles and Aeschylus, whose works were heartfelt pleas for a personal Savior who was more humane than their pagan gods. When I think ill of the ancient Greeks, I think of Plato, Aristotle, and the Greek philosophical tradition. That tradition is not Greece. That philosophical tradition, which was picked up by the Christian churchmen, is the ‘pride of intellect’ tradition of Satan, which tells us that the Christ story is a stupid fairy tale that only idiots believe in. Those two opposed traditions have always been at war within the mystical body of the church. All brave souls must fight that battle – to adhere to the foolishness of God or to adhere to the wisdom of men. That is the question. One road leads to His Father’s house while the other leads to hell. By the latter half of the 20th century, it looked like the European people were no longer capable of resisting Satan’s appeal to their intellectual pride. What they had to be so inordinately proud of escapes me. What were the achievements of the 20th century Europeans? Did they produce a Rembrandt? A Handel? A Shakespeare? No, but they did produce total war, legalized abortion, sexual license, negro worship, and every other evil under the sun that goes with liberalism. But of course those evils pale in contrast to the great good that science has wrought – how can we call a culture evil that has given us microwave ovens, automobiles, and computers?

By the 21st century it was, as the businessmen say, a done deal. There was almost – we’ll come back to that ‘almost’ later – complete agreement that the ‘smart’ way, the way of Satan, was the right way to proceed. The liberal left has institutionalized the ideals of the French Revolution with the negroid race at the center of their utopia of equality, in which the ‘more equal’ colored races exterminate the unequal white race. The supposed opposition to the liberal left are the conservatives and the alternate right. But the conservatives want to conserve a moderate Jacobinism, which is an entity that never has been and never can be, while the alternative right wants to go back to the pagan, Celtic, Nordic, Greco-Roman ‘glory’ days of Europe. Even if such a return was possible, it would not be desirable, because the final word of the great poets of antiquity was that life, without a personal savior, was not worth living. But the return to genuine paganism is not possible for the European. Something happened in between the pagan twilight, celebrated by Yeats, and the 21st century, the century of institutionalized Satanism. The in-between? It was the enthronement of Christ in the hearts of the European people. That enthronement, which has been rejected and denied by the modern Europeans, is still an obstacle to the alternative righters, who want to be happy pagans. They can’t be like unto the real European pagans, because of Him. So what do they settle for? They become, like their leftist cousins, rationalized pagans. They have made a conscious rational decision to invoke their Celtic, Nordic, etc. past, devoid of the God-Man, who is the only reason we should care about the pagan Europeans. The real European pagans were not rationalists, and the best of them left paganism to bend their knees to Christ.

The pride of intellect tells the modern European that he must not bend his knee to anything or anyone. Then why does the leftist liberal genuflect before the negro? And why does the alternative righter bend his knee to reason divorced from the human heart? It’s not the act itself, the bended knee, that is wrong. It is to whom or what we bend our knee. Our people, when they were a people, bent their knees to Christ. Why are we ashamed of them for that submission? I honor them for it, and I kneel as they knelt.

Nikos Kazantzakis, the author of The Last Temptation of Christ, was surprised and hurt when Christians accused him of writing a blasphemous book. He told his Christian critics that he had written the book with a sincere respect and love for the person of Christ. But Kazantzakis could not overcome his rationalism. Yes, he revered the man Jesus Christ, but he did not believe in Christ’s divinity, he did not believe in the God-Man, just as the devotees of Jesus Christ Superstar did not believe in the God-Man.

Whether you betray Christ with a kiss, as men like Kazantzakis and Judas did, or you betray Him with an outright condemnation like Caiaphas, in both instances you have betrayed Him. And that is the essence of liberalism in all its guises. Liberalism is about the betrayal of Christ. All the blather in organized Christianity, which is an adjunct of liberalism, about the racist Europeans is just that – blather. It is a blather used to cover up the new Christ-less Christianity, which is the Christianity of Judas. Our people of ancient times got it right. They worshipped the living God in spirit and in truth. When we reject them, we reject Him. Christianity, minus the European hearth fire, is not Christianity any more than an embalmed corpse is a human being.

Our journey as a people, the Christ-bearing people, is embodied in Europe’s (and therefore the world’s) greatest painter, Rembrandt. In his early years Rembrandt was a very good artist. He did the traditional Christian paintings in imitation of the other great Renaissance painters. But in his later years, Rembrandt’s vision deepened. He no longer painted universal, abstract Christ and Madonna figures. He painted what he saw in the Gospels and his heart – he painted the Christ of the European hearth fire, a God-Man who was “wounded for our transgressions” and “carried our sorrows.” Rembrandt places Christ amongst His people, where all loving hearts can find Him. Anthony asks the Romans why they refuse to mourn for Caesar. Why do we, who once loved a man, a God-Man infinitely greater than Caesar, refuse to abide with Him in that European inn of Emmaus?

I go back and forth on my favorite Dickens’ novel. It is Pickwick Papers when I’m reading Pickwick Papers and it is Little Dorrit when I’m reading Little Dorrit. It’s almost impossible to choose a favorite from the Dickens’ library. But if I was forced to pick one and only one, that one novel would be Great Expectations. I would choose Great Expectations because of Pip’s journey from darkness to light. He desperately wants to be a gentleman. And when he has that status thrust upon him he is at the lowest level of existence. He is ashamed of his home, his hearth fire, where there was Christian love and warmth, because the world considers Joe, the man who reared him and loved him, a simpleton. Later, Pip is ashamed of Magwitch, the man who, in loving gratitude, made him a gentleman in the eyes of the world. When Pip passes from that disgust and loathing of his home and Joe and Magwitch, he is able to love where he ought to love and see our Savior. My children know how much I love that scene in the prison when Pip tells Magwitch that he will stand by him, so they always let me read it when we come to that part of the book: “I will never stir from your side,” said I, “when I am suffered to be near you. Please God, I will be as true to you as you have been to me!” And then comes the death of Magwitch, when Pip, like the European people of happy memory, leaves the darkness of pagan selfishness and goes into His world, the world of divine love that passeth all understanding. “Mindful, then, of what we had read together, I thought of the two men who went up into the Temple to pray, and I know there were no better words that I could say beside his bed, then ‘O Lord, be merciful to him a sinner!’”

We must come home to Ratty’s river, to Stevenson’s land of story-books, to Joe’s forge, and to Dingley Dell farm where the Pickwickians celebrate Christmas. They are all European homes and as such they are sacred, because He, our Lord and Savior, dwells there. Let us remember our divine intuitions: we are from and of sacred Europe, the land of story-books that tells us about our true home, where the King of Story-land lives. The twilight of paganism marked the dawning of Europe. Why have we chosen to return to the darkness of paganism? Where is life and love if it is not and never was incarnate in sacred Europe? If we go deep, if we stand with the people of the Christian European hearth fire, we will not worship negroes, Moslems, or any modern theory of government or religion. We will worship the one true God in spirit and truth. When the apostles’ hearts burned within them on the road to Emmaus, they asked the Lord to abide with them, “for it is toward evening, and the day is far spent.” Are we smarter than our ancestors who also asked the Lord to abide with them? Has modern science, psychology, and computers made the Savior, the Christ of the European hearth fire, unnecessary? Only if we have given up our humanity, which seems to be the case. But there is that ‘almost’ I spoke of earlier. There seems to be no faith left on earth, but the Christian heart looks past what seems. Narnia, which is Christian Europe, did exist once. And because of that ‘once upon a time’ Europe, we believe, on faith and faith alone, that there are still Christian European hearts somewhere in this rationalist-pagan darkness. Our honored dead, who are not dead, speak to us still. Our Lord will not leave us comfortless. I love the ending of Humperdinck’s Hansel and Gretel opera: “And when hope is nearly gone, God’s relief to us will surely come.” +

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