With Better Knowledge

For the heart of this people is waxed gross, and their ears are dull of hearing, and their eyes have they closed; lest they should see with their eyes, and hear with their ears, and understand with their heart, and should be converted, and I should heal them. Be it known therefore unto you, that the salvation of God is sent unto the Gentiles, and that they will hear it.

And when he had said these words, the Jews departed, and had great reasoning among themselves.

Acts 28: 27-29


Lucio. Sir, I know him, and I love him.

Duke. Love talks with better knowledge, and knowledge with dearer love.

Measure for Measure

When I got involved in what was called the pro-life movement in my mid-twenties, I thought that abortion was the issue that trumped all other issues. I was wrong. Legalized abortion is the result of the abortion of the white race from the mystical body of Christ: that is the issue that trumps all other issues. So long as that first abortion remains the institutionalized faith of the European people, such atrocities as legalized abortion and such blasphemies as negro worship and legalized sodomy will remain part of the fabric of our Western uncivilization.

Under the auspices of progress, democracy, and science, the post-Christian liberals broke the European people’s incorporate union with Christ in order to form a covenant with the devil. Once that covenant became institutionalized, all protests, such as the pro-life movement, against just one aspect of liberalism were doomed to fail because the protestors sought redemption from the devil. Instead of fighting the devil, they tried to appease the devil. Pro-lifers and anti-immigration whites were and are polite, non-violent, and democratic when they protest. Are the liberals, who are Satan’s minions, ever sympathetic to the protestors? No, they are not. The devil does not compromise.

It will always be thus. In the United States we are currently facing an invasion on the Mexican border that will be just as disastrous for the European Americans as the Moslem invasion has been for the people of Europe. However, the invasion will not be opposed by white Americans because the decision to abort the white race has already been made by the principalities and powers of Liberaldom. What is needed to stop the invasion is a people who believe that they are a people. The white race is the Christ-bearing race. If they refuse that role, who and what are they as a people? They are nothing; they are a non-people. Neither the Moslem invasion of Europe nor the Mexican invasion of the United States is about jobs or compassion for the travelers on the road as in the parable of the Good Samaritan. The invasions are part and parcel of Satan’s war against Christ. He thinks that if he destroys the Christ-bearing race, he will be able to cut mankind off from all contact with his antagonist, who is Christ the Lord.

Now that the Ganelons of liberalism have opened the flood gates of the European nations in order to let the colored heathens in to exterminate the white Europeans, who will say them nay? It will not be any member of organized Christian Jewry, nor will it be anyone from the ranks of the liberal Illuminati.  There will be no defense of the European people, because the European people have lost their identity as a people. Why should they oppose any invasion of their nations, be it Mexican, Moslem, or African if they do not believe they have a right to exist as a people?

From my perspective the European people have not only a right to defend themselves, they have a moral obligation to defend themselves. What is the reason for the dichotomy between my view of self-defense and the modern Europeans’ view of self-defense, or should I say their view of self-destruction? The modern Europeans have accepted their leaders’ credo – “White people have no right to defend themselves.” I believe that the Word took flesh in the hearts of the antique Europeans, and the modern Europeans do not believe that the Word took flesh in the hearts of the antique Europeans. That is the difference between a man who thinks the European people should defend themselves against the onslaught of the colored heathens, and the modern Europeans who think they should cede everything, their wives, their children, and their lives, to the colored heathens, because they have no right to exist as a people.

The crisis of the modern Europeans, or should I say the tragedy of the modern Europeans, lies in their rejection of the Word who was made flesh. That rejection, which is now universal throughout the European nations, was ushered in by the theological studies of the Roman Catholic and Protestant theologians. Citing St. Peter’s admonition that men should “sanctify the Lord God in your hearts and be ready to give an answer to every man that asketh you a reason of the hope that is in you,” they proceeded to explain to the European people the attributes of God. But they failed miserably – in fact they became blasphemers – because they failed to heed St. Peter’s advice. Knowledge of God comes from the heart – “Sanctify the Lord God in your hearts.” If we don’t speak from the heart, our words have no meaning. Did St. Paul talk about God as the theologians talked about God? And did our Lord talk about Himself as the theologians talked about Him? Is the faith passed down from one generation to the next by faithful hearts who loved much, or is it passed down from one generation to the next by brilliant minds who know the magic, theological formulas? If the Faith is passed on by the latter method, then we are no better off than the pagans with their high priests and priestesses who passed on the divine secrets to the laity when the laity showed them the proper obsequiousness. But what happens, in such a system, to the human heart that longs for communion with the living God? It withers and dies.

In the Roman Empire the remote gods of the philosophers who could only be approached through the men of intellect were replaced by the gods of the mystery religions, the gods of sex and blood. Those gods were never replaced in the hearts of the colored heathens, but they were replaced in the hearts of the European people by Jesus Christ. Christ conquered the heathen gods, not by denouncing the passions emanating from the human heart, but by purifying those passions, by drawing us to Him, to His Sacred Heart. Did He really perform that miracle? The theologians tell us He did not. They refuse to acknowledge that the European people responded to Christ’s passion with a passion of their own. And since, in their judgement, there has never been a Christian Europe, we are advised to return to the way of the pagans — we must look to the high priests of the intellect to tell us who and what God is. But if we go back to such a religion, we will be worse off than the pagan Greeks whose greatest poet told us it was better never to have been born than to live a life without a faith in a God above the nature gods. The European people are naked to their enemies, the colored heathens, because they have accepted the “Christian” theologians’ paganized version of Christianity. “Through our intellects, and our intellects alone, you can approach the living God.” Where is the heart in such a religion? Is it any wonder that the European people have surrendered to the colored heathens? Kill the heart, and faith withers and dies. And without faith the people perish.

Solomon built temples for his wives’ heathen gods, and in doing so he destroyed the nation of Israel. The liberals have made the heathens of color their gods, and by doing so they have destroyed the European people, because they have aborted them from the mystical body of Christ. The devil wants us to believe that the mystical body of Christ consists of the members of the churches of organized Christian Jewry, but those churches are theological constructs. They are the great cleansing houses that wash all traces of humanity, all longing for the living God from the hearts of their followers. The real mystical body of Christ consists of those people who love Christ with faith, hope, and charity. And above all, charity. From whence comes the charity that believeth and hopeth all things? It comes from our love of home and hearth. If there are no breeding grounds for charity, how can we come to know the living God? The theologians did not and do not see the love that once was there at our European hearth fire, so they aborted the European people in order to purge the Christian faith of its impurities. But in doing so they denied the Word made flesh. They turned Christ into a Gnostic God of the philosophers and the European people into a non-people. “Can love be put in a golden bowl, and wisdom in a silver rod?” We, as a people, are facing extinction because we have followed the men who believed that God could be scientized.

The apostles who knew Christ when He walked the earth came to believe in His humanity before they believed in His divinity. It was only after His resurrection from the dead that they fully understood the link between His humanity and His divinity. St. Paul did not see the connection between Christ’s humanity and His divinity until his encounter with Christ on the Road to Damascus. That is the uniqueness of the Christian faith, a stumbling block to the Jews and foolishness to the Greeks: Christ is true God and true Man. If we lose contact with His humanity we lose contact with His divinity. I submit that we lose contact with His humanity when we place His divine humanity in a golden bowl called theology and label everything outside that bowl as impure and irrelevant. George Fitzhugh, in his criticism of the thought processes of the Northern Unitarians, described the end result of the ‘God in a golden bowl’ theology:

Philosophy has been so busy with the worst feature of human nature that it has not even found a name for this, its better feature. We must fall back on Christianity, which embraces man’s whole nature, and though not a code of philosophy, is something better; for it proposes to lead us through the trials and intricacies of life, not by the mere cool calculations of the head, but by the unerring instincts of a pure and regenerate heart. The problem of the Moral World is too vast and complex for the human mind to comprehend; yet the pure heart will, safely and quietly, feel its way through the mazes that confound the head.

Cannibals All! Or Slaves without Masters

The European people entered the 20th century with leaders in church and state who thought that the “cool calculations of the head” were a substitute for the unreliable instincts of the heart, but what have the cool calculations of the philosophers’ and theologians’ heads wrought? We now live in a world without light. We are surrounded by heathenism, the heathenism of the colored barbarians and the heathenism of the post-Christian liberals. Only the love that once was there can produce men and women who can defy the heathenism of the liberals and the colored barbarians.

The secular utopians and the ‘Christian’ utopians have heaped an unrelenting stream of abuse on the antique Europeans. The end result of that abuse has been the demonization of the white race. If Christian Jewry and the liberals have got it right, if the white race has polluted the earth with racism and sexism and every other evil under the sun, then how can we countenance their continued existence on the face of the earth?  “We can’t,” is the reply of the liberals and the moderate Christians. “We must look to the purer races to save us from whiteness.” There is a malignant dualism in the liberals’ hatred of the white race. On the one hand the white race is accused of not being sufficiently Christian – “They committed adultery, they engaged in wars, they lusted after the riches of the world, etc.,” but then on the other hand they are deemed to be evil because they were Christian – “They believed that abortion was evil, the separation of the races was good, and that Jesus Christ was the Son of God.” And tragically the members of the churches of Christian Jewry have become an amen chorus for the secular liberals. They have denounced the antique Europeans for their sins of racism, sexism, and worldliness in order to blend their new, purer Gnostic Christianity with the liberals’ post-Christian heathenism.

The theologians followed the way of Martha and rejected the way of Mary, who loved much, when they made their theologies synonymous with the Christian faith. The key passage in the Scripture verse that they use to justify their rationalism is the passage that reveals the insufficiency of their rationalism: “Sanctify the Lord God in your hearts.” If our reason does not flow from our hearts, how can it bear good fruit? We are the people of the inn at Emmaus; we are not the people of the first circle of hell in which the great pagan philosophers sit around endlessly discussing the nature of God and existence. The apostles at the inn of Emmaus knew God because their hearts burned within them. That is our way to Christ as well.

A close relative of mine recently died after a long illness. She was a noble soul, struggling toward the light, but it was very depressing to see the great difficulty she had in understanding some of the most basic tenets of the Christian faith. She was constantly trying to find hidden meanings in passages of Scripture that if taken at face value would have given her great comfort. When I begged her to listen to her heart when reading Scripture, she replied that she didn’t know what was in her heart. That is tragic. Life is not something that should be left to the philosophers and theologians. When we spend a life in pursuit of their abstractions, we are left without the comforts of a Christian heart.

Flannery O’Connor once complained to a friend that the people who most consistently failed to understand her stories were the literary critics, the men and women who studied literature. The same thing happened within the Christian churches. The men who studied God, the theologians, were the men who most consistently failed to understand the Christ story. The Christian faith is a story about God’s relationship with His people; it is not a philosophy for those men and women who seek esoteric knowledge. It is not impossible to place ourselves back in the Christ story, but we need to first circumcise our hearts and ask Christ to enter therein. The road to Emmaus, which leads to the inn of Emmaus, leads us to the enlightenment that comes, not from the abstract intellect, but from a heart-to-heart communion with the Son of God. The demonized European hearth fire is the inn at Emmaus. We must return to that hearth fire and defend it against all the world. +

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The Sign of Our Salvation

Virtue might be rarer than vice, but it exists, especially in the hearts and souls of our European ancestors. Where the liberals see nothing but evil in our European ancestors, I see a roll of honor, a charity of honor. In the collective face of the European people of the days gone by, I see faith, hope, charity, and our Lord Jesus Christ. If we let “our ancient hearts” unite with theirs, we can be as they were, staunch in defense of our people and our God and unrelenting in our hatred of the liberals, who have loosed the dogs of color upon us and institutionalized blasphemy. It would be morally reprehensible to attempt to compromise with such creatures. Nor would it be realistic. Those people who have turned their hearts from the God of mercy will not be merciful to His people.

All seems cheerless, dark, and deadly on the European front. A sneering, satanic liberalism pervades what was once called Christendom. Living in Liberaldom is like living with the death of a loved one: there is an agony in the heart that can only be eased by a contemplation of Him and His promise that nothing eternal dies. That is our hope. If ancient European hearts unite with Christ through His people, then the liberals will not prevail. Ancient Europe will triumph over modern Babylon, even more surely than the turning of the earth. + —CWNY

In Dostoyevsky’s novel The Brothers Karamazov, the Grand Inquisitor hurls a number of accusations at Christ. Among those accusations is the charge of desertion: “You said you would come back to earth, but you didn’t.” That is a serious charge. When a father deserts his children, he is not a good father. To his credit, Alyosha does not give a rational defense of God. He points to Christ and lets Ivan win the debate.

Why do I applaud Alyosha’s non-defense of God? Because Alyosha’s non-defense is the only proper defense. The rational defenses of Christ’s ‘failure’ to return to earth, along with the rational defenses of the suffering we must endure on this earth, always end up supporting the Ivan Karamazovs of the world: “Case closed: the Christian God has been found guilty. Let us look to another God.” That is precisely what happened in the 20th century. Christ was found guilty of desertion; He left his children to suffer and die alone while He went off to… Where did He go? And where is the Comforter He promised?

The colored heathen can say with pride that they, like the dwarfs in C. S. Lewis’s Chronicles of Narnia, were not taken in by Christ; they remained faithful to their heathen deities. And the small minority of colored heathens who adhered to the white man’s code, the Gunga Dins who “were white, pure white inside”? They were and are regarded as traitors. The liberals’ worship of the colored heathens does not include them, the Uncle Remuses of the heathen world who serve the white man and worship the white man’s God.

The liberals’ hatred of all things white and Christian stems from their belief that they were tricked. They gave up the fleshpots of Egypt to champion Christ, and He turned out to be a fairy tale. While the colored heathens were enjoying themselves, the white people suffered through centuries of sexual repression and cruelty because of their adherence to the will of the Christian God. The unshackling process that began in the 20th century and was completed by the 21st century has set the European people free from Christ. But what are they doing with their new-found freedom? They are recreating Heathendom. For what is liberalism in its essence? It is a synthesis of all the heathen faiths; feminism, Islam, and negro worship are reincarnations of the cruel nature religions that preceded the Christian religion. In his poem Clarel, a Pilgrimage to the Holy Land, Herman Melville tells us that science cannot umpire the feud between heathenism and Christianity. But the modern Europeans decided science could umpire that feud. And science decided in favor of nature and nature’s gods. The colored heathens won the debate. They were real, they were pure, and they were natural, while the white man was not real, he was not pure, and he was not natural.

There is no appeal from the liberals’ supreme court. The white man has been found guilty of foisting a false and unnatural religion on the world, the penalty for that crime is death. The church-going, white ‘Christians’ seek to avoid the death penalty by blending their Christianity with liberalism. “We are not racist, we are not sexist, we are not Europhiles.” By betraying his race, the moderate white ‘Christian’ hopes to save himself and his church from the wrath of the liberals. But that will not work. Only the white illuminati, the whites who have transcended whiteness and the Christian faith will be allowed into the liberals’ utopia.

When the apostles met the risen Lord on the road to Emmaus, they asked Him to, “Abide with us; for it is toward evening, and the day is far spent.” And then – “When it came to pass, as he sat at meat with them, he took bread, and blessed it, and brake, and gave to them. And their eyes were opened, and they knew him; and he vanished out of their sight.” Our people knew Him, through the testimony of the apostles and the Holy Ghost who dwells in the human heart. Ah, there’s the rub. Does the Holy Ghost reside in the human heart and did the apostle really see the risen Lord? Everything centers on one essential point: Do we see with the heart or with the head? The apostles on the road to Emmaus, after their encounter with the risen Lord, did not say, “Now we see things clearly, we understand the dialectic expounded by the wise man.” No, they said they understood because their hearts burned within them. How do we test the veracity of the apostles’ testimony? Is our heart drawn to the Christ story, does it make us say, “My life is like this tale, so I’ll keep it for sympathy’s sake”? Or do we reject it as unscientific? George Bernard Shaw, who, more than any other writer, painter, or composer, managed to take upon himself the attributes of the devil, used to point out with glee that it was science that had turned the European people into a non-people in search of a new faith. The incarnation of Christ and His resurrection were scientifically unverifiable, so they must be false. That simple 2 + 2 = 4 logic is correct from a purely scientific viewpoint. And since Christ never came back to earth to refute the scientists and the Shaws, it must mean, from the liberals’ standpoint, that Christ be not risen. Liberaldom could not have been built without the European peoples’ tacit acceptance of Shaw’s and the scientists’ assertion that Christ be not risen.

God will judge the intent of the scholastic theologians, Catholic and Protestant, who attempted to scientize God, but we can judge the results. God cannot be scientized, He cannot be probed and dissected like a laboratory specimen. The end result of such a process will be the creation of a false, mind-forged God who does not make men’s hearts burn within them. It’s very easy to become a complete sceptic about Christianity when one wades through the various theological wars of the church men, each one trying to hand God to us in a golden, scientized bowl, but it is very hard to remain skeptical when one encounters the Word made flesh in the hearts of the men and women of Europe who loved Him. It is their testimony, the testimony of hearts that loved much, which we must cling to when the darkness of Liberaldom makes us feel that God has forsaken us.

Cyrano de Bergerac, after discovering that his beloved Roxanne loves another, very eloquently expresses his complete defiance of the world. His friend cuts to the heart of the tirade: “Say this to all the world, then whisper to me, ‘She loves me not.’” The scientizing of God in the churches has killed the European people. Unlike the colored heathens, the European people staked everything on Christ. They were not deterred by suffering or by His seeming desertion, because they had that which was essential: they had charity, the charity that hopeth all things and believeth all things. That charity is missing in our scientized world, because the ‘pride of science’ men, the scholastics of Christian Jewry, the Rousseaus, the Voltaires, the Darwinians, the Einsteins, and the Shaws placed a wedge between God and man by declaring that all thought stemming from the human heart was false while all thought stemming from the abstracted mind contemplating the natural world was true. When that scientized view of existence takes hold of a man’s soul, he says, “Christ loves me not, I shall look for another God.”

Christ is the cornerstone of our faith. If we lose Him, we lose everything. And where does He reside? He resides with the Master Humphreys of Europe, the men and women who see Christ through their kith and kin. There is a continuum, a spiritual connection, between the apostles on the road to Emmaus and the European people when they were a people. If we take the scientized veil from the eyes of our heart and see the risen Lord as the apostles saw Him, as the first European tribesmen, the men who conquered Rome, saw Him, we can touch Him and we can know Him intimately through the charity that begins at home and ends with His heavenly home of many mansions. It is very easy to become unbalanced, to allow our analytical minds to overrule our hearts, and accept Ivan Karamazov’s indictment of God: “He lied to us, He did not return, and He permits us to suffer and die without hope.” But I ask you, when the European Christ stands before us, the Christ of the Gospels, the Christ of St. Paul, the Christ of the European poets who expressed the heartfelt faith of their people, does not our heart burn within us?

In his autobiography, François Mauriac says that we all are given the chance to say what St. Peter would have liked to have said (and subsequently does say, even though it leads to his crucifixion) on the night of Christ’s crucifixion. We can say, “Yes, I know that Man, He is Christ the Lord.” The race war, which is so one-sided because the European people have lost the heart to fight, is about the Man of Sorrows. The liberals say that He was a fraud and a liar. They cannot punish Him directly, but they can attack Him through the people who championed Him. The grazers seek to avoid the liberals’ wrath by claiming “We do not know that man!” That is what the statement, “I am not a racist,” means. When a white European makes that statement, when he leaves his racial hearth fire, he is leaving the European Christ behind. Is there any other Christ? No, there is not. That Christ is the Christ who entered the circumcised hearts of the people of Europe. He piped to our ancestors’ hearts and they responded. Now, once again, Christ has been dragged before the Sanhedrin and found guilty. When a white man washes his hands of the European people and tries to save Christianity by abandoning the European-centered vision of Christ, he is behaving like Pontius Pilate, who knew Christ was innocent but still consented to His crucifixion. And when a white man becomes a liberal, he is joining the Jews who screamed, “Crucify Him!” The race war is part of the eternal conflict between God and the devil. Satan currently holds the field; by appealing to the Europeans’ pride of science, he has killed their hearts. All the rational apologetics ever conceived by the minds of men cannot restore the Europeans’ faith in God if they haven’t the heart for God. And without a racial hearth fire, they have no heart.

Whenever I think of the scientizing of the European people, a sad, lonely, despairing face appears before me. It is the face of a Roman Catholic priest I knew when I was an undergraduate. I had come, through the good offices of the European bards, to a trembling faith in the God-Man, Jesus Christ and thought that a course in the Gospels might help strengthen my faith. I chose Father _____’s course because I had read a book he wrote some twenty-five years before, which suggested that he believed in Jesus Christ. The first day of the class was quite a disappointment. Father _____ subjected God’s word to the same scrutiny the literary critics subjected Shakespeare to. I found such critical scrutiny offensive when applied to Shakespeare and blasphemous when applied to the Gospels. And after class, in his office, I told Father _____ what I thought of his class. I also asked him about his faith, namely, what had happened to it. First, he defended his approach to the Gospels: “We can’t presume that the Gospels are the word of God in an academic classroom.” In response to my second question about his loss of faith, he said, “There are so few signs.” That is when I saw the sadness, the loneliness, and the despair on his face that has stayed with me all through my life. It was the sadness and loneliness of a man who has lost contact with our Lord, and it was the despair of a man who had no idea how to reestablish that contact. How many souls have gone through the same tragedy, the tragedy of the scientized soul, and how many Europeans are currently living that tragedy? Needless to say, I dropped the course. I didn’t want to go down Father _____’s lonesome road. A scientized faith is not a faith. It promises us paradise and gives us hell. Do we reject the devil and all his works? If our answer is, “Yes, I reject the devil and all his works,” then we must reject the pride of science. Then, having circumcised our hearts, we will be able to see our Lord and Savior through the people who loved much. +

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The Heart and the Hearth Fire

Of my wretched uncles’ religion what am I to say? Was it utter hypocrisy, or had it at any time a vein of sincerity in it? I cannot say. I don’t believe that he had any heart left for religion, which is the highest form of affection, to take hold of. Perhaps he was a sceptic with misgivings about the future, but past the time for finding anything reliable in it. The devil approached the citadel of his heart by stealth, with many zig-zags and parallels.

– Le Fanu, Uncle Silas

For the invisible things of him from the creation of the world are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made, even his eternal power and Godhead; so that they are without excuse: Because that, when they knew God, they glorified him not as God, neither were thankful; but became vain in their imaginations, and their foolish heart was darkened. Professing themselves to be wise, they became fools.

Romans 1: 20-22

As Edgar tells of his own suffering his father’s suffering, and King Lear’s suffering, Albany finally has to end the chronicle of suffering:

If there be more, more woeful, hold it in;
For I am almost ready to dissolve,
Hearing of this.

I feel as Albany felt when I read about the various atrocities inflicted on the white race by the liberals and the colored heathens. There is a limit to how much I can absorb before I dissolve. C. S. Lewis advised us not to read newspapers, lest we become overly involved in events that we cannot control and as a consequence ignore certain matters close at hand over which we have some control. He makes a good point, but Lewis still lived under a Christian canopy. His right to live in his rooms at Oxford were taken as a given. He didn’t have to worry about the Moslems and the colored heathens at his front door. They were over there – in other lands far afield from England. The one weakness of Lewis’s Narnia, which is the greatest literary work of the godless 20th century, comes toward the end of the Last Battle when Lord Digory says, “It’s all in Plato, it’s all in Plato.” No, it is not all in Plato. Our God has a local habitation and a name. His name is Jesus and His local habitation is the human heart. When our racial hearth fire is attacked, we are deeply and intimately involved in that attack, because the attack involves our God and our people. When our kith and kin bleed, we bleed. Without that sympathetic connection to our people, we are bereft, we are cut off, not only from our people, but also from our God, who comes to us through our kith and kin. We must, like Albany, know our limits, but we also must see that the race war, whether in South Africa or across the street, is local. The liberals and the colored heathen want our blood. Every white atrocity story is our story, because we are connected to our people and our God through our racial hearth fire. The bell tolls for us.

Why were all the early racial Universalists always atheists, while the ‘racists’ were Christians? It is no accident, because those people without a home, without a racial hearth fire, cannot know the God-Man of the Christian faith. Such creatures, the men without a people they can call their own, have no ties to humanity. They have left their humanity behind in order to become philosophical speculators, so they must live life second-hand through the colored heathens.

The whole thrust of Satan’s attack on God has been directed at the white race, because the European people made Christ the God of their racial hearth fire. ‘To be a white man’ meant to be a Christian. In modern Europe, what does it mean ‘to be a white man’? It means one must hate the white race and love the colored heathens. Why? Is it the Christian thing to do, to despise your own people? The romance of Christ’s birth, death on the cross and resurrection from the dead has become as sounding brass or a tinkling cymbal to the European people. They have speculated that romance out of existence. Now the liberals who say there is no such thing as race worship the colored races. Men must worship something; if they do not worship the God-Man they will turn to the man-gods of nature. Pope Francis’s rain forest gods are one with Rousseau’s Noble Savage.

I’ve reached the time of life when a number of my friends and relatives have received that summons which we all dread. The sudden death of a loved one by heart attack or stroke is more of a shock to our spirit, but the long, slow death from cancer seems more terrible still. Sympathy for the loved one is paramount, but there is also a certain guilt: “How can I proceed with life as usual when he or she is going through such suffering?” And then there is the resentment: “Why should anyone, particularly someone I love, have to endure such suffering?” And finally there is our own fear of death: “Is this the promised end?” Neither the old paganism nor the new paganism, which is liberalism, gives us an answer to death. The Viking funeral service and the liberals’ death-and-dying courses do not help us deal with our longing for “the touch of a vanished hand and the sound of a voice that is still.” We can’t go to the churches for an answer, because they cannot provide us with a heartfelt vision of the God-Man who conquered death. They can only put out an intellectual theory of a God who may or may not have risen from the dead. But they do tell us that we can hope that at some future date mankind will live in a racially harmonious world in which mankind will survive, even though all men will perish as individuals. What is missing in that scenario of the liberals? Personal immortality is missing. Why should I, or anyone, bother about utopia if everything ends with the grave?

The pagans face death by immersing themselves in the ecstatic moment. Their faith is in sex and blood. The liberals are trying to do likewise, but they are failing miserably. They are dying in despair and forcing the white grazers to die in despair as well, because they have destroyed the European hearth fire. At the hour of our deaths, we need Christ, the God of our ascending race. And He comes to us through our people. The dying always want their loved ones around them at their hour of death, but if their loved ones have forsaken their European hearth fire, or if they themselves have forsaken their people during their lifetime, they will lack that human conduit to the living God that we all, even if we fled from Christ during our lifetime, need at the hour of our death. Satan’s attack, through his liberal minions, on our racial hearth fire has been successful. The Europeans have lost everything – they have lost their will to live, and they have lost His blessed assurance and comfort at the hour of their deaths. Why have they sold their souls to the devil? What will he tell us at the hour of our deaths? “Despair and die!”

The Enlightenment did not begin with Rousseau and the French Jacobins. You can trace the Enlightenment philosophy back to the great scholastic and then to its ultimate source – the enemy of mankind. But the idea of enlightened man-gods who could do without the God-Man became institutionalized in Europe at the time of the French Revolution. That is why Burke, who saw that the French Revolution marked the death knell of Christian Europe, was anathematized by the liberals. Satan did not want to be ‘outed’ at that point in history. Now that the ‘enlightened’ idea of God has become embodied throughout what was formerly called Christendom we are faced with a tragic irony: The people who once saw a great light are blind. The great era of Enlightenment is upon us and behold, “all is cheerless, dark and deadly.”

Utopian ‘Christians’ and the secular liberals always point to the Christian era of European history as a period of darkness, because the antique Europeans were racist, sexist, homophobic, and Islamophobic. In other words, they were unenlightened. They, according to the liberals and the theologians, were steeped in superstition and prejudice. But what were they prejudiced against? They were prejudiced against the darkness of heathenism, which the liberals have revived; a heathenism that leaves us without the Savior. St. Paul tells us, “That if thou shalt confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus, and shall believe in thine heart that God have raised him from the dead, thou shall be saved.” Is that confession and that heartfelt faith such a little thing that we can trade it for the glories of liberalism?

The philosophical speculator can only delineate evil, he cannot delineate the good. Socrates could tell us that Zeus was not a god, but he could not tell us who God was, nor could Plato, nor any of the other philosophers who followed in his train. But St. Pal could define the good, not by way of the syllogism but by a heart to heart connection to the living God. It was the Europeans who followed St. Paul that carved out a realm of light in a world that had once been in total darkness, not the philosophical speculators. Our hope in this world and the next is not something we can see with our minds, but we can see Him with our hearts if we believe as St. Paul and the antique Europeans believed.

The liberals tell us that we are getting close to the kingdom of heaven on earth if we just would eliminate the last remnants of the white man’s Europe. But what is occurring is something quite different from what, according to the liberals, is supposed to be happening. The world has been plunged into darkness. There are degrees of darkness, to be sure, but all the nations of Europe are moving away from the light. As we move further and further away from our racial hearth fire, we move further away from His realm of charity. And it is only through that charity, engendered and nurtured in our European home, that we form a bond with the living God. It doesn’t matter how many church organizations survive if our racial hearth fire is destroyed. We must be part of His realm of charity in order to confess with our mouths and believe in our hearts. We need our home, if we intend to live and die connected to Him.

In a little known work of Dickens, called Master Humphrey’s Clock, Master Humphrey rejects the cosmic mysticism of the heathens for the European way, the way of charity, which begins at home and connects us to our people, living and dead, who are sustained by His divine charity.

What if I be?  What if this fireside be tenantless, save for the presence of one weak old man?  From my house-top I can look upon a hundred homes, in every one of which these social companions are matters of reality.  In my daily walks I pass a thousand men whose cares are all forgotten, whose labours are made light, whose dull routine of work from day to day is cheered and brightened by their glimpses of domestic joy at home.  Amid the struggles of this struggling town what cheerful sacrifices are made; what toil endured with readiness; what patience shown and fortitude displayed for the mere sake of home and its affections!  Let me thank Heaven that I can people my fireside with shadows such as these; with shadows of bright objects that exist in crowds about me; and let me say, ‘I am alone no more.’

I never was less so—I write it with a grateful heart—than I am to-night.  Recollections of the past and visions of the present come to bear me company; the meanest man to whom I have ever given alms appears, to add his mite of peace and comfort to my stock; and whenever the fire within me shall grow cold, to light my path upon this earth no more, I pray that it may be at such an hour as this, and when I love the world as well as I do now.

Our fight is not for a lighter shade of darkness, which the more conservative politicians offer us. Our quest is to find, once again, the light that shineth in darkness. We won’t find that light at the top of the pagan’s cosmic tree. We will find it in the visionary heart of Master Humphrey and his friends, who are gathered together by the European hearth fire. That hearth fire, so demeaned by the liberals in church and state, is the only hearth fire where there is the charity which never faileth. The European people have died as a people because they have accepted the darkness of liberalism. They no longer believe that there is a light that shineth in darkness, because they no longer have a heart for the Son of God. They have become as Le Fanu’s Uncle Silas – they have a certain intellectual desire to be godly, but they have lost the heart to love the living God. We must cling to our only hope – we must believe that His charity never faileth. At the hour of our death and in the face of the death of our people, we must stay with Master Humphrey and his friends who knew that Christ is the beginning and the end of the European story. +

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Liberaldom is Hell

Hell is empty,
And all the devils are here.

– The Tempest

Two days ago I read an account of yet another woman who had been sexually molested by Brett Kavanaugh. As I read the account I realized that the woman making the accusation was the granddaughter of a girl I once dated in high school! How could Kavanaugh have molested a girl before she was born? When I brought this up to the Senate Committee, I was told that white racists were very evil and devious people – they could even rape the unborn. “No,” I replied, “the rape, murder, and torture of the unborn is the particular delight of liberals, not men like Brett Kavanaugh.”

The Kavanaugh hearing is not about the liberals’ concern for the molestation of women. If they cared about the molestation of women, they would not love the Moslems and blacks who have made the rape of women a cornerstone of their cultures, or should I say their non-cultures? The Kavanaugh hearings are about abortion. The liberals fear that Kavanaugh’s appointment will leave the court one justice away from overturning Roe v. Wade. Naturally when you have attained absolute power, you don’t want to give up any of that power, but the liberals need not worry. Even if pro-life judges obtain a 5 to 4 majority on the Supreme Court, they will not be able to make abortion illegal in the United States of America. We are a liberal nation, committed to the ongoing march to Utopia. In a utopian state, it is essential that all powers reserved for God shall become the powers reserved for the liberals. Married procreative love must give way to licensed lust and infanticide, because men and women in Liberaldom must be as God — they must be in charge of procreation. You cannot turn back on the road to Utopia. Legalized abortion, homosexual marriage, miscegenation, and every other evil under the sun were implicit in liberalism right from the start. And the liberals are committed to making that which was implicit in liberalism from the start, namely the devil’s will, explicit at the finish.

When a runner stands at the starting line of a race, we assume he will keep running, barring a complete physical collapse, to the end of the race. His appearance at the start of the race causes us to make that assumption. Centuries ago the liberals announced, through men like Rousseau, that they intended to build the kingdom of heaven on earth. In order to achieve that goal they had to maniacally, with malice aforethought, chip away at the Christian foundations of Europe. They were not able in one generation, nor in two or three generations, to destroy the Christian fabric of Europe. But they have, in this, the 21st century, finally achieved their goal. In the 20th century the Christian faith succumbed to the liberals’ scientific attack, and now, in the 21st century, the Christian ethos has followed the Christian faith into the dustbins of history.

The incredible hatred the liberals have for Trump, which is a maniacal hatred that goes beyond any political invectives of the past, is the result of Trump’s attempt to go back, not to Christian Europe, but to a more moderate place on the road to Utopia, a place where white people are not demonized and babies are not slaughtered in their mothers’ wombs. But we cannot go back to that moderate place, because the devil is not a moderate. He will fight through his liberal minions to preserve his kingdom. Burke should forever be our guide on this crucial point: You cannot have just a little bit of liberalism; it is an all-devouring, reptilian monster that must consume every last vestige of Christian Europe. And of what does Christian Europe consist? It is not our democratic governments or our Greco-Roman-Judaic-Christian heritage that we must fight to preserve, it is the people of Europe, whose ancestors believed that heaven visited earth in the person of Jesus Christ, that we must defend and preserve.

Republican presidents prior to Trump wanted to go slower along the liberal road to Utopia, but they never tried to go backward on the utopian road. Reagan claimed to be committed to ‘pro-life principles’ but he never backed it up with his court appointees because he was incapable of fighting an all-out war with the mad-dog liberals. How could he, when he was a classical liberal himself? Trump also is a classical liberal – there is nothing in his inaugural speech opposed to liberalism – but he has come along at a time when the mad-dog liberals will brook no opposition; they will not return to the Reagan years of liberalism. And then there is the human factor – Trump is a loose cannon in the mold of Andrew Jackson and Theodore Roosevelt. Even though his stated beliefs are well within the confines of American democratic principles, his non-liberal instincts, which were bred out of all our previous Republican presidents, occasionally surface and cause problems for the classical liberals and the mad-dog liberals. Nothing of long-lasting value can come out of the democratic process, but it is significant that Western leaders such as Trump, Orbán, and Putin earn the particular hatred of the liberals. Such men, who have not completely liberalized their souls, represent discordant notes in the liberals’ utopian kingdom of heaven on earth. To the liberals, abortion does not represent a discordant note, the Moslem invasion does not represent a discordant note, negro worship does not represent a discordant note, but a leader in any European nation, who does not want the total extermination of the white race because he has a remnant of white pietas in his soul, is a discordant note that must be silenced by whatever means necessary.

Liberal hate fests such as the Kavanaugh hearings should tell us something. You can’t deal peacefully with liberals. They are only interested in the democratic process and the rule of law when those processes serve their ends. When they don’t, they dismiss such processes and move on to another form of attack on the white race. And the timid white grazers in the “palpable night of their terrors” always think that if they are non-violent and polite, they will appease the liberals’ wrath and win them over. The liberals’ will not be won over; they have left their humanity behind them in order to enter the brave new world of Utopia. Nothing that stinks of humanity can move them. When the council woman from Cologne tells the German people that Germany will soon belong to the Moslems, it is clear what must be done in Germany. When Pope Francis the blasphemer wags his finger at the whites of Europe and tells them they must turn their nations over to colored heathens, it is clear what must be done in reaction to the Pope’s obscene tirade against the European people. In every European nation it is the same. The liberals have decreed that the European people must submit to their own extermination at the hands of the colored heathens and the Moslems. Why must we submit to our own extermination? The France of Louis XVI was a microcosm of Christian Europe. The French rulers’ faith in the legitimacy of their regime weakened under the assault of the intellectuals:

An abject distrust of ourselves, an extravagant admiration of the enemy, present us with no hope but in a compromise with his pride, by a submission to his will.

What happened first in France has happened throughout all the European nations over the last two centuries. Why do white men submit to the will of the liberals? I think it is because the devil, who was and is the first liberal, has the ability to be all things to all people. Life is a crucifixion. The devil offers each of us some kind of bargain so that we can obtain our desires without a crucifixion. He might offer riches to one man – “You can be Christian and a money grubber if you call yourself an entrepreneur.” Thus the capitalist has a reason not to repudiate liberalism. He tells the Christian white woman that she can have a career and children providing that she accepts “the gains the feminists have made.” I recall a Danish woman reporter lamenting the lack of chivalry in the white males of Cologne during the New Year‘s Eve Moslem rape fest a few years back. But she was adamant that she didn’t want to go back to the bad old days of the Christian patriarchy; she just wanted white males to protect women when Moslems assaulted them. You can’t have it both ways. You can’t have the benefits that stem from a Christian culture while holding onto the liberal values that suit your selfish ends.

In Marlowe’s Dr. Faustus, we see Faust at a crucial crossroads of his life. He has sold his soul to the devil, but he is wavering. He wants to break his deal with the devil. The devil then sends him Helen of Troy in order to keep him in the fold.

Was this the face that launch’d a thousand ships,
And burnt the topless towers of Ilium—
Sweet Helen, make me immortal with a kiss.—
[Kisses her.]
Her lips suck forth my soul: see, where it flies!—
Come, Helen, come, give me my soul again.

As long as the European people think that liberalism can provide them with their Helen of Troy, whether it is riches, freedom from childbirth and motherhood, power and prestige, or freedom from the cross of Christ, they will continue to debate with liberals and discuss things with liberals rather than fight liberals to the death. They will refuse to see the obvious – that liberalism is from the devil – because there is always something that each individual European thinks he will lose if he steps outside of Liberaldom and attacks, not just one policy of the liberals, but liberalism itself.

My education, like that of all whites in the 20th century, consisted of horror tales about the white people of the undemocratic and non-liberal years of European history. The technological advances of the moderns were trumpeted as advances made possible by more ‘enlightened’ views of God and man. But my upbringing was a lie – church, state, and society were not asking the right question: “What good does it do if a man gains the whole world if he loses his soul?” The antique Europeans pursued all the things of this world that the modern Europeans pursue, but there was a crucial difference between their Europe and modern Europe. The antique Europeans did not try to justify their sins by creating a new world in which sin was virtue and virtue sin. The pursuit of wealth for wealth’s sake, à la Ebenezer Scrooge, was seen as evil. The murder of an infant in his mother’s womb was considered murder. The woman who denounced motherhood and pursued a career outside the home was not seen as a paragon of femininity. A church man who suggested that the negro was more sacred than Christ was not allowed, if he was not lynched on the spot, to continue in his clerical profession. And the essence of liberalism, the desire to exterminate the white Christ-bearing race through race-mixing, was seen as the horror of all horrors.

At the hour of our death we need the world of the antique Europeans, a world in which sinners struggled toward the light. We do not want the liberals’ world, no matter how wonderful the liberals claim it shall be once we get rid of the white racists. We cannot, if we have not pursued the Light that shineth in darkness in our lifetime, suddenly turn on a light switch at the hour of our death. Whether our death “be now, or whether it is to come,” we all pale and quake in the face of that dreadful monster. If we have never touched the living God during this life, the God who enters human hearts, we will have no real comfort during the trials of this life, and we will die without His divine comfort at the end of our lives.

Liberalism gives us hell. That is what the Kavanaugh hearings are all about – the continuing efforts to destroy every last vestige of Christian Europe by destroying the hearts of the European people. “Do we reject the devil and all his works?” If the answer is yes, then we must reject liberalism in its entirety. There must be no more discussions and polite debates with Satan’s minions. It is time to fight. That charity of honor demands that we do so. +

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His Europe Shall Not Pass Away

What can I give Him, poor as I am?
If I were a shepherd, I would bring a lamb;
If I were a Wise Man, I would do my part;
Yet what I can I give Him: give my heart.

Christina Rossetti

Dylan Thomas, the passionate, religiously irreligious poet, tells us that:

Though wise men at their end know dark is right,
Because their words had forked no lightning they
Do not go gentle into that good night.

I think any man, that but man is, wants, in his inmost heart, to bring heaven to earth through his life’s work. He wants God to smile on his work, and he wants his fellow men to see the face of God in his work. But if he fails, does that mean that he knows, “that dark is right”? I do not concede that point. If we have given Him, as Christina Rossetti says, our heart, have we failed?

I bring this up because I am one of those old men whose words have forked no lightning. Nevertheless, I feel compelled, by something inside of me stronger than reason, to offer up my work to God. Perhaps in my final hours I will see that I was wrong, but until that time I have to obey that instinct inside. Which brings me, for the second time (I dare not say final time, because I thought the last time was the final time) to the subject of questions – or perhaps they could best be described as attacks – that I have received over the years.

I don’t have a comment section on my blog because I have discovered that if someone doesn’t understand what I took great pains to make clear in an article, then they are not going to understand me any better in a reply that I do not spend as much time on. And since most of the comments are of a ‘hostile’ nature – ‘Why are you so hostile to my church?,’ be it Catholic or Protestant, and, ‘Why are you a racist?’ – I do not see much point in wasting my time responding. What I miss though, is a chance to come into contact with a kindred spirt. But then on the other hand I avoid being disappointed by finding out that there are no kindred spirits out there. But I do occasionally encounter (I won’t ‘out’ anyone) kindred spirits. I know a man in Canada who has kept the faith, a shotgunner from the Old South, a New Zealand farmer, and a Vanishing American who seem to be struggling to give Him their heart.  I always keep such individuals and any others that I hear about in my prayers. I want the man who was referred to me by Shotgun Barrel Straight to know that I have kept him in my prayers. And then there is the woman who calls herself Denise. I have also kept her in my prayers. As for the others, whom I don’t know by name, I have kept them in my prayers as well, because I always pray for the unnamed Knights of Europe. Of what good are such prayers? I don’t know. Our faith is not something seen. Before leaving this subject, let me ask for prayers for the Vanishing American who was absent for some time and has returned to tell us that she is dealing with an illness. She is a woman in the mold of Christina Rossetti, God keep her.

In regards to the hostile attacks from the denominational Christians, I can only say that they are right: I am not in sync with the orthodox Roman Catholics or the doctrinal Protestants. But my faith is not – in that which is essential, or so it seems to me – incompatible with the faith of the European peasants, Protestant and Catholic, who lived and died prior to the 20th century. What I write are public prayers, addressed to my God and my people; I hope that they reach the heart of God and the hearts of my fellow Europeans. If I fail on both counts, I still do not concede that dark is right.

John Sharp Williams, a U. S. Representative and a U. S. Senator, cut through all the blather about states’ rights when he articulated, in a speech delivered to the Confederate veterans on May 31, 1904, the real cause for which the South fought:

But there was something else, and even a greater cause than local self-government, for which we fought. Local self-government temporarily destroyed may be recovered and ultimately retained. The other thing for which we fought is so complex in its composition, so delicate in its breath, so incomparable in its symmetry, that, being once destroyed, it is forever destroyed. This other thing for which we fought was the supremacy of the white man’s civilization in the country which he proudly claimed his own…

Confederate Veterans, Volume 12

The term “white man’s civilization” strikes us as something terribly unmodern. And it is certainly unmodern; no modern conservative would use such a term. He would talk about our democratic traditions and/or our Greco/Roman/Judeo/Christian heritage, but he would not under any circumstance talk about the “white man’s civilization.” That would be racist, and we all know that racists are damned. And the liberals? They would pounce on that term, “the white man’s civilization,” and use it as proof positive that all white men, and Southern white men in particular, must be exterminated before the Brave New World, an enlightened world, can come to fruition.

The important point that Williams stresses is that the Southern people did not lose the Civil War. They lost on the battlefield, but they kept fighting after Appomattox to preserve the “white man’s civilization,” which was under assault by the Jacobins of the North. And at the time of Williams’ speech, the Southern people were victorious; they had preserved the white man’s Christian heritage.

History accords us many examples of people preserving their culture after defeats on the battlefield. The Saxons lost the Battle of Hastings, but it was their culture that remained the dominant culture in England, because they stubbornly remained faithful to their Saxon hearth fires despite the efforts of the Norman rulers to destroy them as a people. Likewise the Scots, who lost time and time again on the battlefield, but ultimately made England grant them the religious independence they sought. And unfortunately, the Aztecs also preserved their faith, despite the fact that the Spanish defeated them on the battlefield. They stubbornly refused to give anything other than outward adherence to the Christian faith, and now, when the strong European presence has disappeared not only in Mexico but throughout the Western world, the ancient Aztecs’ faith has resurfaced in Mexico and the United States. The Mexican re-conquistadors represent the resurgence of the Aztecs who were beaten, but not destroyed, so many years ago by Cortez and his Spanish cavaliers.

What is that “incomparable” something that “being once destroyed, it is forever destroyed”? It is the faith that is “bred in the bone.” For centuries the noblest men and women of Europe gave Christ their hearts, and their heartfelt, passionate faith carried the faint of heart and the lukewarm along in their train. But once the Christian faith was ‘proven’ to be incompatible with science and reason, the European leadership succumbed, in the early 20th century, to an irreligious, ethical Christianity devoid of any real faith. And by the second half of the 20th century, the European people had only a fast-disappearing respect for the ethos of Christianity divorced from a faith in the source of that ethos. That is not enough to preserve a civilization, as we have witnessed. The 21st century is the first century since the European people bent their knee to Christ in which there is not only an absence of faith, but there is also an absence of any Christian ethos. And as a consequence of the Christian void in Europe, there are no longer any Europeans. What the Saxons, the Scots, and the Southerners preserved, the “white man’s civilization,” has been ceded on all the white ethnic fronts to the liberals and the colored heathens, who are Satan’s minions.

Neo-pagans such as Kevin Strom look at the Aztecs, the Orientals, and the blacks and see that those people have maintained their identities during all the years of white dominance, and now they are strong in defense of their people while the whites are weak in defense of their people. And many whites, the liberals, have joined with the colored heathens to attack the white race. The neo-pagans then assume that the solution to white genocide is a return to the paganism of the Greeks and/or the Vikings. But that is a colossal misreading of European history. When the European people were Christian they ruled the world; when they ceased to be Christian they surrendered the world to the colored heathens. You can’t judge the Christian character of a people by their church attendance, which may be just a carryover from the habits and traditions of their ancestors. You can judge a people’s faith by their art work, their political structures, and their social organizations. By the 20th century a Christian artist was an anomaly, and secular democracies were all the rage. The bred-in-the-bone faith of the antique Europeans was no longer present in 20th century Europe, the century when the European people started on the road to oblivion.

You can’t — and I repeat myself with this assertion – make yourself believe that Christ rose from the dead because such a faith would help your people beat back the colored onslaught on the European people. But you can take the neo-pagan blinders off your eyes and see that all that was good and pure and noble in old Europe stemmed from the European people’s faith in Jesus Christ. And even if you can’t believe in the Christian fairytale, you might want to examine why that story once inflamed the hearts of so many white men and women of Old Europe. Then, if you have a heart, you might begin to respect the hearts of your Christian forbearers more than the minds of the philosophers and the scientists. Organized Christian Jewry has given up on the incarnate Lord. Perhaps the neo-pagans, who seem to have some respect for their racial hearth fire, can trace white pietas to its source and become men again.

What happens when the white man’s Christian culture has been destroyed? Is it true that we can never reclaim it? I don’t think we should see our demise in that light. It is certain that the continuum of European culture, preserved during the Reconstruction Era by the Southern people, has been broken by Southern and Northern Europeans since the time in which Williams lived. But if that continuum has been broken, does that mean we must simply accept the new European civilization, which is a non-civilization consecrated to Satan? Almighty God, forbid it! Nothing is written. We can’t re-create old Europe, but we can build a new Europe based on the faith of the antique Europeans. Individual people make up a nation. If it is possible for one individual to spiritually return to old Europe, then how can we say that our people cannot alter their headlong flight to the abyss?

Dylan Thomas was right to advise us to rage against the dying of the light, but his assertion that “dark is right” is an assertion stemming from a tortured heart defeated by the demons of modernity. The heart that loves much, the European heart, sees the light that shineth in darkness. We can’t escape our destiny — either we are the Christ-bearers, the people who have seen a great light, or we are of all men most to be pitied. The mind-forged Europe of the great men of reason and science is a fraud; it is a trick of the devil. Christ’s Europe, the Europe born of the union of His sacred heart with European hearts that loved much, is the real Europe that shall not pass away. +

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The Beautiful Gate

Who by the mouth of thy servant David hast said, Why did the heathen rage, and the people imagine vain things? The kings of the earth stood up, and the rulers were gathered together against the Lord, and against his Christ. – Acts 4: 25-26

There is a courageous wisdom: there is also a false reptile prudence, the result not of caution but of fear. Under misfortunes it often happens that the nerves of the understanding are so relaxed, the pressing peril of the hour so completely confounds all the faculties, that no future danger can be properly provided for, can be justly estimated, can be so much as fully seen. The eye of the mind is dazzled and vanquished. An abject distrust of ourselves, an extravagant admiration of the enemy, present us with no hope but in a compromise with his pride, by a submission to his will. This short plan of policy is the only counsel which will obtain a hearing. We plunge into a dark gulph with all the rash precipitation of fear. The nature of courage is, without a question, to be conversant with danger; but in the palpable night of their terrors, men under consternation suppose, not that it is the danger, which, by a sure instinct, calls out the courage to resist it, but that it is the courage which produces the danger. They therefore seek for a refuge from their fears in the fears themselves, and consider a temporizing meanness as the only source of safety. – Edmund Burke, Letters on a Regicide Peace

When I went to college in the early 1970s, which were culturally part of the late 1960s, the Dalai Lama was all the rage with the hippies and the leftists among the student body. I remember shocking a young female devotee of the Dalai Lama who was trying to get me to look at life from outside of Western culture, by taking the same stance vis-à-vis Western culture that Ratty took in regards to his River:

‘I beg your pardon,’ said the Mole, pulling himself together with an effort. ‘You must think me very rude; but all this is so new to me. So—this—is—a—River!’
‘THE River,’ corrected the Rat.
‘And you really live by the river? What a jolly life!’
‘By it and with it and on it and in it,’ said the Rat. ‘It’s brother and sister to me, and aunts, and company, and food and drink, and (naturally) washing. It’s my world, and I don’t want any other.

-Kenneth Grahame, Wind in the Willow

It is indeed a sad and tragic commentary on the spiritual decline of the European people when the current Dalai Lama, a purveyor of shallow Asian mysticism, is more conservative about the survival of the European people than any of the liberals or conservatives of European ancestry. That the European nations should be for the European people is now a heresy throughout the nations of Europe. How did we come to this pass? Why do white people think they have no right to exist as a distinct people?

Let’s start at the end of the line and then go back to the beginning. The end of the line for white people was when the 20th century conservatives ran from the sound of the guns. The liberals, who are possessed by the devil, will always attack the white, Christ-bearing race. In every century prior to the 20th century there were men from the upper ranks of the European nobility and the European intelligentsia – Burke, Havelock, Metternich, Lee, etc. – who defended the white race against the onslaught of liberals and colored heathens. But in the 20th century the conservatives’ resistance to liberalism ceased. Men who are now called paleo-conservatives, such as Richard Weaver and Russell Kirk, were not conservatives; they took refuge in the idea of conservatism while denying the essence of European conservatism, which is pietas, the love of one’s own kith and kin. The pre-repentant Jonah was the prototype for the 20th century conservatives. They hid on board ship, immersed in their universalist philosophies, while their people perished in the sea of liberalism. There were notable exceptions to the cowardice of the 20th century conservatives — Anthony Jacob stands above them all – but such exceptions were ignored by the respectable conservatives and demonized by the liberals. Charles Péguy once said that we shall never know just how many acts of cowardice were committed by men because they were afraid of not seeming sufficiently progressive. And what is the essence of progressiveness? It is the rejection of your own people in favor of the people of other races. If you won’t defend your own people, because you are afraid of the racist label, you are not conservative, you are a traitor, who gives aid and comfort to the liberal enemy while trying to divorce yourself from the responsibility for your treachery by spouting universalist pap about “respecting our democratic traditions.” To hell with our democratic traditions, they are the traditions of the devil. There is only one tradition I have any respect for, the tradition of my people who loved their own, in and through the Savior, who is Christ the Lord.

“Those are mighty harsh words for just a little infraction of the rules,” Long John Silver tells Captain Smollet when he is told he must be tried for mutiny and murder. You could say the same thing about my polemic against the 20th century conservatives. But is the betrayal of your people to an implacable enemy devoid of mercy just a little infraction of the rules? Twentieth century conservatives allowed actual white people to be buried in the dust heap of history while they went merrily on their way defending a universalist ideal called “the people.” A little infraction? It is a violation of that charity of honor which sets the Europeans apart from the colored heathens and the liberals.

Now that we have seen the end, let us go back to the beginning, to the Garden of Eden. Satan placed a wedge between God and His people by appealing to Adam and Eve’s pride of intellect. He did not try to get them to deny God, instead he enticed them into denying pietas. They severed their filial relationship with God in order to place themselves in a position of intellectual equality with God. Hasn’t that always been at the heart of the matter? When the great scholastic placed reason above revelation wasn’t it done to place the human intellect on an equal basis with God? And hasn’t that desire for intellectual equality with God always led to the elimination of the living God in favor of the nature gods that can be known by human reason? The noble savages of color have become the gods of the liberals, because those gods are compatible with human reason; they can be seen and touched. The European people have returned to Baal because they cannot bear a God who isn’t there for them. Science, an offshoot of human reason, is a god who is there. And the great god Science points lovingly to the heathen Gods of nature. “I see nothing, yet all that there is I see,” proclaims Hamlet’s spiritually anesthetized mother. That is the liberals’ mantra as well. They see nothing in Christian Europe but racism; they do not see the living God, yet they proclaim that they see everything there is. The Christ story has become a ghost story to the modern Europeans. It is an entertaining story on certain festive days when you want to hear such stories, but it is not part of the fabric of their lives, it is not a sustaining force like science, nor is it as real and as inspiring as the stories about Martin Luther King Jr. and Nelson Mandela, the true gods of the modern Europeans.

The history of the European people is quite different from the history of the non-European peoples. The colored heathen have remained with their pagan gods. Granted there are some Christian converts within the heathen cultures, but those minority groups have not been able to derail the pagan fabric of their heathen nations. In contrast to the colored heathens stand the Europeans. They rejected paganism for Christ and changed the course of European history. Any attempt to change the Christian center of European culture would be disastrous for the European people, because you cannot change your gods without destroying your people. Of course that is what has happened. Liberalism is the Europeans’ attempt to return to Baal. Their worship of the colored heathens is a tragic repudiation of 2,000 years of European history. By labeling white pietas undemocratic and racist, the liberals have successfully stopped all conservative opposition to liberalism. The European people now live in a liberal theocracy where the worship of the colored heathen is mandated.

Kipling developed a hopeful myth about his beloved English people. He claimed they were slow to anger, but when they were aroused, “when the English began to hate,” then the enemy was in trouble. But I think Kipling took years and years of Christianity for granted. It is the love of Christ, the Christ who took flesh amongst the European people, that gives a man the passion to hate those who attack his kith and kin. Without the love that once was there for the Son of God, the English and all the European people do not have the capacity to hate the devil and all his works. They can’t do what they must, which is to drive the liberals and the colored heathens from the European nations. They must send the liberals to hell and the colored heathens back to heathendom.

Let me come back to the God whom the liberals claim is not there. When Moses went up to Mt. Sinai, his people returned to Baal. They did not have enough faith in the living God, who was more than nature, to forsake the nature gods. The same thing has happened in modern Europe. When the churchmen, under pressure from their bastard children, the mad-dog liberals, banished the God-in-man culture of the antique Europeans, the European people no longer had a God who was there, so they made new-old idols of the colored heathens. When we look at the modern European nations and their offshoots, such as the United States, we see in the mixture of the post-Christian liberals and colored heathens, images of hell more gruesome and horrific than Dore’s illustrations for Dante’s Inferno. And still the work of the devil continues. Our children are taught, in church and school, the catechism of liberalism – ‘Thou shalt love the sacred negro and the colored races with all thy heart, soul, and mind; and thou shalt hate the white race with all thy heart, soul, and mind.’ The liberals’ gods are jealous gods; they shall have no other gods before them, and every last remnant of the antique European culture and the heirs of that culture must be eradicated from the face of the earth. That is the one great commandment of the rulers of Liberaldom: “So it is written, so it shall be.”

Where is the diversity in liberalism? There is nothing diverse about heathenism. Whether it is the heathenism of the Moslems and the colored races or the heathenism of the technocratic liberals, it is all the same – the worship of sex, blood, and power. There can only be diversity when “the soul knows its worth.” When the European people took Christ into their hearts and made Him the cornerstone of their culture, they displayed a diversity of gifts. Certain traits were associated with the Swiss character, the English character, the Italian character, and so on. But all those diverse national traits were grounded in one unifying love, the love of Jesus Christ. Can we look at the vast panorama of European history prior to the 20th century and still proceed suicidally onward to the liberals’ hell on earth?

Throughout the Christian centuries there were always men like Julian the apostate, who wanted the European people to return to paganism. But the European people always resisted the apostate intellectuals of Europe in order to stay with the God-Man. Now, they too, the European peasants, have left Christ to join with the blasphemers: “If thou be the King of the Jews, save thyself.” He did not save Himself; instead He saved us. How can we leave Him, once again, alone on that cross? Why have we forsaken Him for nature and nature’s Gods, the colored heathens? He will never compel us to love Him, not because He is too proud, but because He does not want the love of slaves. He wants us to love Him as our Lord and kinsman. The liberals’ “diversity” is the work of the devil. We should reject that world and champion eternal Europe, which is a “land of pure delight,” because our people and our Savior reside there. +

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The Forgotten and Condemned Europeans

Jasper was to have been tracked remorselessly to his death by the man whom he supposed he had slain. Risen from his grave, Drood was to have driven Jasper to his tomb, there to seek for the dreaded evidence of his guilt: but to find there instead, alive and implacable, the man whom he had doomed to a sudden and terrible death, and in whose dust he had come to seek for the dreaded evidence of his guilt.

– Richard A. Proctor, Watched by the Dead: A Loving Study of Dickens Half-Told Tale

Let me begin with C. S. Lewis’s description in The Last Battle of the effects that the preaching of a false Christianity has on the belief in the one true God:

Tirian had never dreamed that one of the results of an Ape’s setting up a false Aslan would be to stop people from believing in the real one. He had felt quite sure that the Dwarfs would rally to his side the moment he showed them how they had been deceived. And then next night he would have led them to Stable Hill and shown Puzzle to all the creatures and everyone would have turned against the Ape and, perhaps after a scuffle with the Calormenes, the whole thing would have been over. But now, it seemed, he could count on nothing. How many other Narnians might turn the same way as the Dwarfs?

The organized Christian churches set before us a process which was called Christianity, but that process was put in motion by a demonic intellect far greater than the theologians. In the Roman Catholic Church, the Christian Everyman was told he could only obtain access to God through a complicated system of checkpoints and interrogations. At each checkpoint, the religious devotee is examined to determine if he has truly emptied his heart of all passions so that his brain is ready to receive the faith from the men of reason. But what if the living God does not choose to enter human minds? What if He chooses to come to mankind through the human heart? The laity yearn for intimacy with Christ; that is why there are litanies to His Sacred Heart. But the laity also have an intense fear of intimacy with the living God, which is why they permit the clergy to rationalize the mystery of His Sacred Heart. “We give you a rationalized Christ and you check your passions for intimacy with the living God, and for intimacy with your kith and kin at the door of the church.”

The Protestant theologians repeated the Roman Catholic theologians’ process. They made the Bible a mere rubber stamp for their theology, rather than the living testimony of the Son of God. In point of fact, the Protestant churches that were founded on “Biblical principles” have united to deny that the Word became enfleshed in the hearts of men. For what is the denial of the European hearth fire but a denial that His word can be made flesh?

The race war is a war of faith. The church men claim they have abandoned the Christ of the European hearth fire in order to give us a new and better Christ, a Christ shorn of the racist trappings of old Europe. But is there a better Christ than Rembrandt’s Christ? Did the European people get it right? Was Christ, the Son of the living God, at the heart of their culture? If He was, then it is to that church, which consists of hearts united to His heart through their kith and kin, we must look to for salvation.

I made a determination in my early twenties that I lived in Satandom. When you make such a determination early in life, the economic problem always looms large. In order to make a living, you must go among them. How do you make a living without becoming ‘of them’? God will judge how well I managed the balancing act, but even now, in my old age, I have to be careful that I do not go among them too often, lest I become of them. The problem is not with the hardcore or mad-dog liberals, whom I avoid, to coin an old phrase, like the plague. The problem I have, in maintaining my guard against the powers of hell, is with the European enablers of the mad-dog liberals: the neo-pagans and the Judaized Christians of organized Christianity. The people in those camps retain some of the old Christian European virtues but mix those virtues with something hideously liberal. I am drawn to the old virtues and revolted by the liberalism.

Let’s start with the neo-pagans. No man is an island; we all need communion with our fellow men. But if it is not communion, if we are not one at heart, is it not better to remain alone? I recently viewed a video by someone who brilliantly dissected the insane white-hating policies of the mad-dog liberals and exposed those policies as the policies of sick, demented individuals. My heart soared – here was a kindred spirit. But then the speaker concluded with an apologia for the blood faith of the pagan Europeans. “Oh, what a falling off was here.” I try to be understanding – “Isn’t this the effects of the constant blasphemous preaching of organized Christian Jewry? Haven’t they given us an image of the false Aslan?” Yes, they have, but still, hasn’t He planted a desire for truth, a desire to know the living God, in our hearts? The sheer moral beauty of old Europe and her people has been buried by the modern Europeans, but isn’t it still there for the noble souls who seek that beauty? It is a fatal blindness, the blindness of intellectual pride, which keeps the neo-pagan from embracing the antique Europeans and their God. One thinks of St. Paul’s statement about the Athenian philosophers, “To the Greeks foolishness.” When your disgust with the mad-dog liberals stems from your disgust with their thought processes and not their rejection of Christ, you are only in love with your own mind, not your own people. Such a love will not conquer the mad-dog liberals.

The ‘Christians’ of organized Jewry are the other side of the neo-pagan/Christian Jewry coin. The neo-pagans see the European fairy tale as foolishness while the Christian-Jews see the European fairy tale as a stumbling block. They don’t believe that the European Christ, the Christ of the Gospels and St. Paul, was the Son of the living God; that Christ was racist, Islamophobic, sexist, and an anti-Semite. So they give us a new Christ, a Christ who can be blended with liberalism. Such Christians might break with the mad-dog liberals on the subject of Islam, but they will stay in the fold because of negro worship. They do not believe the Word was made flesh in old Europe. But if He wasn’t made flesh in the hearts of the antique Europeans, then is it really possible to know Him? If their testimony is wrong, then who is right? Is it to church councils and Bible experts we should look or is it to the people who loved much?

What unites the neo-pagan and the Christian-Jew? They are united in their rejection of the human heart as an organ of sight. They both cling to their intellects as protection against Lear’s wheel of fire. But our reason will not save us from the wheel of fire. In fact it is our reason, divorced from our heart, that will place us on the wheel of fire. Our Lord enjoined us to enter into the romance of the Cross, forsaking the philosophical systems of the Greeks and the theological systems of the Jews. “So be it,” said the antique Europeans. “We will follow the poetic of the Star of Bethlehem even it that star leads us to the Cross.” How can we refuse to see the moral beauty of those people and their God?

The devil has drawn the neo-pagans and the Christian-Jews into his world in order to envelop them in his reptilian coils of abstract reason, which is what he excels at. And they, the neo-pagans and the Christian-Jews, are not great reasoners even though they consider themselves to be godlike in their reason. Their world is a world we dare not enter, lest we be enveloped in Satan’s coils. Is this the promised end?

There is one, and only one, option for the European people. They must reject Satan’s world, the world of science and the dialectic, and return to Christ’s Europe, the Europe of Walter Scott, Handel, Rembrandt, and the people who loved much. But they can’t return without a human conduit; someone from old Europe must draw them back. I call upon the remnant band to enter Satan’s world, not in the spirit of compromise, not with the intention of dialoging with the devil and his minions, but sword in hand, determined to conquer in the name of the Christ of old Europe. But you must believe in that Christ and His world before you enter therein. If you waver in your faith, you will be devoured by the devil.

In 1887 Richard A. Proctor wrote a book called Watched by the Dead: A Loving Study of Dickens Half-Told Tale. It is indeed a loving study, the only type of study that should be written about authors who gave us their heart’s blood. In the book, Proctor tells us how he thinks Dickens intended to finish his unfinished novel, The Mystery of Edwin Drood. I agree with Proctor’s vision of the completed novel, but that is not what I want to focus on. I want to pick up on a point Proctor makes about Dickens. He points out that in most of Dickens’ novels there is a character, seemingly dead, as is the case in Edwin Drood and in Our Mutual Friend, who is not really dead; or there is a character, such as Wilkins Micawber in David Copperfield, seemingly on the periphery of society and of no consequence. But before these novels end, the seemingly dead characters and/or the seemingly inconsequential characters step out of the shadows and defeat the evil antagonists. Proctor is mainly concerned about the novels of Dickens, but he also points out that the same process is in effect in the novels of Walter Scott. As a lifelong devotee of both authors, I can attest to the truth of Proctor’s observation. I would add that the same thing he observes in the works of Scott and Dickens is present in Shakespeare’s plays. Edgar, thought to be dead, turns the tables on his evil brother Edmund, and the inconsequential, simple-minded Dogberry defeats the evil machinations of Don John the bastard and his henchman, Borachio: “What your wisdoms could not discover, those shallow fools have brought to light…”

Now, let me go into territory where Proctor does not go. I think all great European poets – and Shakespeare, Scott, and Dickens are three of the greatest – weave the Gospel of Christ into the fabric of their stories. They do not do this in a rational, planned, didactic manner, they do it because the Christ story has entered their hearts. When they write from the heart, His story comes alive before the eyes of our heart. So let me repeat, all great European poets depict Christ interacting with His people, the Europeans. Christ is the inconsequential character, thought to be dead, thought to be a simpleton, who enters human history and defeats the enemy of mankind, the archangel Satan. St. John tells us even before he knew the Scripture that Christ must rise again from the dead, that “he saw and believed.” Why did he see and believe? Because he, the apostle whom Christ loved, laid his head on Christ’s sacred heart at the last supper. And so did they, our people, lay their heads upon His Sacred Heart. They saw and believed, and so shall we, if we follow their way, and not the way of the prophets of reason, science, and Christian Jewry. We who are about to die demand a miracle. We cannot exorcise the demons of liberalism from Europe unless we go within. The liberals have a local habitation and a name. They inhabit modern Europe and their name is legion. We must look to our God, who also has a local habitation and a name. He lives in hearts of flesh and His name is Jesus. The European people will only survive as a people if they love Him in and through the forgotten and condemned white people of old Europe. +

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