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Rejecting the Demonization of the White Race

“He was a man, take him for all in all.” –Hamlet ___________________________ On the same day last week, I heard a radio preacher going on about the necessity of “defending Israel” and read an article by a conservative-traditionalist Catholic pundit … Continue reading

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The Dark Night of Ebola and the Light of Europe

Hell is empty And all the devils are here. –The Tempest _______________________________ Considering that Ebola has reached epidemic proportions in Liberia, it is criminally insane to allow tens of thousands of Liberian refugees into this country. But CNN recently aired … Continue reading

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Returning to Our Home

Pausing there a moment and looking back, they saw the whole mass of the Wild Wood, dense, menacing, compact, grimly set in vast white surroundings; simultaneously they turned and made swiftly for home, for firelight and the familiar things it … Continue reading

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Two Separate Worlds

In the liberals’ bible there is a Satan just like there is in the Christians’ Bible, but the liberals have a different version of the Genesis story. The liberals claim that the earth was once a wonderful paradise, a self-sustaining … Continue reading

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The Return to Our European Hearth Fire

“I will arise and go to my father, and will say unto him, Father, I have sinned against heaven, and before thee.” Luke 15: 18 In my twenties, shortly after legalized abortion reared its satanic head in America, I used … Continue reading

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White Genocide

“Love, like charity, not only begins at home but perishes without one.” – Anthony Jacob Like Badger in The Wind in the Willows I’ve always been fond of children. A few days ago I saw two cute, blond and blue-eyed … Continue reading

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The Homing Instinct

I am dreaming of the mountains of my home, Of the mountains where in childhood I would roam. I have dwelt ‘neath summer skies, Where the summer never dies, But my heart is in the mountains of my home. I … Continue reading

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